Billionaires in Paris

author:Cynthia Dane Genre:billionaireromance Last update time:2022/8/3 13:56:32

This is a romance novella that can be read on its own or in conjunction with the rest of the Dom Vs. Domme storyline. Hot on the heels of a huge blunder in Vegas, heiress Kathryn and billionaire boyfriend Ian escape to Paris for that romantic getaway they still crave. They're not the only ones. Kathryn's ex-boyfriend and sub Martin is also in Paris with the new Domme of his life, a stark reminder of who Kathryn used to be and the role she played before hooking up with Ian. While old urges resurface, Ian has to ask himself a very important question: how far is he really willing to go for the woman he loves? With Martin, nosy paparazzi, and Kathryn's aloof mother gumming up Paris, there's only one thing that's for sure - it's going to be a very memorable vacation!