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Billionaires in Paris Cynthia Dane 2022/8/3 13:56:18

Martin may be gone, but another man has taken his place.

My head drops to the bed and I sob, loudly, shoulders jerking and hair almost falling in front of my face. Ian steadies me. We share a large exhale, purged of those feelings.

That edge in his voice is nothing but a command. Turn to him. Lavish him with attention. Serve him. Make him feel like the king of this Parisian palace. Blow him, take him, do whatever he wants. There’s nothing we haven’t done. There are fewer things I haven’t enjoyed.

I turn. Of course I do, because I am his obedient sub he has carefully trained. My body and heart call to him to the point I’ll do anything he commands. Anything.

My head slowly lifts, anticipating a heavy gaze that will fill me with more desire. Instead, I’m met with wild hazel eyes that change between brown and green in an instant.

Both of his hands clutch my face.

It’s a question, and yet it’s a demand. Tell me you love me. Tell me I’m the only man you could possibly want. Tell me this is what you want.

“I love you.” Gingerly I sit back on my toes, careful to not irritate my spanked flesh. “Would I do this with you if I didn’t love you?”

His gentle touch to my forehead lulls me into a half stupor. “I love you,” he tells me. “No one loves you as much as I do. Do you know how I know that?”

“Because like you would do anything for me, I would do anything for you. You only have to say it.”

“Right now I need you to free me, sir.”

I can’t believe how fiercely he kisses me. Just like there was no way to brace against him spanking me, there’s no way to brace against the power infused in his body. So hungry. So passionate. So… I’m about to completely lose my mind and enter the perfect headspace. The one where I eagerly pleasure him and do whatever he commands. The two go hand-in-hand.

“How badly do you want to submit?”

“As badly as you want me to.”

Everything comes undone. Not only my hair, or the straps of my negligee down my arm, but the aura around us that makes Ian and me better than the animals. Every day we play a role in society. We have to meet the expectations of our stations. He’s the only son and heir of a multi-billion dollar fortune. Likewise, I’m the only daughter of my family’s. We carry the weight of those expectations on us, knowing that no matter what our parents say, we have to perform. They’re counting on us. Our families, the thousands of employees, the residents we serve, and the lives we don’t even know we touch on a daily basis. To falter is to knock down a house of cards.

The pressure is extraordinary, and sometimes even he needs reminding that it’s okay to let go.

Whatever we want. Whatever feels right. He’s kissing me, and I’m tearing apart his clothes in the hopes that it gets him inside me faster. Do it, Ian! I’m purged of my negative thoughts! I’m yours to heal and build up into a more perfect person. I’m here to not only love you, but to show you that you’re worth loving and serving. All I ask in return is that you show me the same thing.

“You’re going to be mine,” he grunts right into my ear. “You’re going to completely give yourself to me.”

I squeal in surprise and delight as he paws my breasts, grazing my nipples and making everything come alive. “Yes, sir,” I whimper. Can he sense my eagerness? I’m desperate to completely escape this world and enter the one where it’s only him and me… and what our bodies can do. These captive shells that force us to act and look certain ways. When we reach the pinnacle of our abilities, such things no longer matter.

“Do you understand?” He’s breaking our kiss, pushing me back down onto my knees, and unzipping his pants. “I am your Master. You belong to me.”

“Yes!” I know what he wants. Even if I had never done this before, a woman knows when a man is about to shove his cock down her throat. Nevertheless, I want to hear him say it. I need to hear that voice command me to sexually serve him the moment his musk hits my nose.

“You’re no longer yourself. You are mine. Nothing bothers you. Nothing matters. Your whole existence is to serve and please. Don’t think. Obey.”

Can I convey any more how much I want to follow through?

“Suck my cock, Katie.”

Something I’ve done a hundred times already shouldn’t feel this new, but the rush I’m getting as I respond to his command has me acting like the most fervent, most obedient sub to ever come before him. That’s what I want, anyway. If I’m going to be his one and only for the rest of his life, then I better live up to that potential. If he tells me to suck his cock, I don’t just whip it out and put my hands and mouth all over it. I turn it into an event that will shatter every perception he’s ever had of me.