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Billionaires in Paris Cynthia Dane 2022/8/3 13:56:19

“Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.” The black tie encircles my face, covering my eyes. The purple one tickles the corner of my mouth. I don’t say anything. I wouldn’t want him to think that I don’t like this.

Although I can’t see him, I can certainly feel him. Ian squeezes my breasts, coaxing the lingerie cups down until my nipples and mounds spill from them. His tongue lashes against my nipple, and I can’t help it – I’m writhing, responding to how he sucks, licks, and nips with his teeth. He must like the way I squeal.

Ian asks if I remember my safe word. After I confirm, he says, “I’m going to devour you.”

My thong rips away. His finger ascends my slit, not only rubbing against my clit, but teasing my entrance as well. Fuck! One moment his clothing taunts my skin, and the next it’s only his skin that I feel. Sometimes I hear him taking his clothes off. Sometimes I’m shocked to feel what I do.

It’s all of him coming for all of me. I barely have time to register it before the head of his cock is coming for me.

Restraint isn’t about thrills. It’s not about turning him on, although that’s an excellent side-effect. It helps me let go and simply enjoy sex for what it is. I don’t have to worry about touching him enough. I don’t have to concern myself with what goes where and how I do it. I’m the passive one here. Everything’s being done to me. Some would say that’s boring. To be sure, I used to think the same way. Now I know. How liberating it is.

His strength always takes me by surprise. No man has ever thrust into me like Ian does. You would think we were made to fit together, like two pieces of a complicated puzzle. It’s not always easy. It’s not always meant to be. But it always feels so good once it happens.

The sounds I make are wild and needy. More, more, give me more! Don’t stop! Do it harder, faster! Kiss me, bite me, grope me until my flesh is covered in bruises! His cock is already swelling as it surges into me, pounding me right in my core over and over, dragging me to the brink of orgasm and then refusing to let me have it. I don’t care. I know I’ll have it eventually. Ian always delivers on his promises, and he’s promised me the pleasure I so desperately want.

My hips rock back. My ass tilts into the air. My blindfold slips down far enough for me to see the sweat on Ian’s forehead and the part of his lips as he exhales every groan.

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I want to come, but he hasn’t given me permission. If I come too soon, I won’t get what I really want.

Two years ago I would’ve smacked you if you even suggested that I would love to have a man come inside of me. That was before Ian, of course. Since then I’ve changed my stance considerably.

“Please let me come,” I whine, voice trembling from the movements and my needs. “Please, sir!”

His thrusts slow, but do not stop. A hand covers my mouth. With him lodged deep inside, Ian says, “You get to come if you tell me what you are.”

The hand moves. “I’m yours,” I immediately say. “Do whatever you want to me!”

“Is this what you want? For me to fuck you?”

“Do you want me to come in you?”

“Do you want me half as much as I want you?”

I gasp, almost mishearing him. Every part of me is trembling. He’s so swollen that it’s a miracle he can move inside of me at all. “Yes,” I whimper. “I love you!”

His mouth slams against mine. Ian is everywhere at once. Fucking me, kissing me, squeezing my body as if it’s his most precious thing. In a split instant I experience the most blessed epiphany I can have as a sub. It comes right before I climax, when Ian is thrusting oh so hard into me, his every inch filling me.

I’m yours. Nothing else matters, because I belong to you. The world could end right now, and I wouldn’t care… because we have this moment, and I’m so damn happy.

My orgasm has arrived. I’m falling off the bed, off a cliff, off the edge of the earth and into an abyss that means everything and nothing at the same time. My heart withers and blooms again. My soul is rejuvenated. My stupid brain alights in pure ecstasy. It’s finally happened. We’re one. Even so, my body was meant to do one thing to him.

“Fuck!” Ian finally succumbs to everything he’s been holding back. “Katie!”

He cradles me with one arm and unleashes the voice of his orgasm right into the crook of my neck. His relief spills into me, not once, not twice, but three times, each wave thicker than the last. What was once so foreign to me is now one of my most cherished moments during sex with my Dom and boyfriend. I know he agrees, because even after he lets me drop back to the bed, he’s slowly thrusting in and out of me as he softens.