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Billionaires in Paris Cynthia Dane 2022/8/3 13:56:24

I say it with so much conviction that I feel like I’m at church!

There’s no way to tell if she believes me or not. At this point? I don’t give a shit. She could think I’m a woman-eater out to destroy her daughter’s life. She could think I’m telling the truth. I’m done. Now I have a taste of what Kathryn deals with all the time. Shit, if this woman was my mother, I’d have a mess of issues too!

Our appetizers arrive. With her eyes still locked on mine, Marilyn stabs her food with a fork and rips it open with her teeth.

Ah, I firmly see how they’re related now. Kathryn makes that same face when she’s about to tear me a new asshole. Only difference is that I like it when she does it!

“How did it go?” Kathryn asks from the couch in the middle of our hotel room. I shut the door behind me and instantly rid myself of my coat and wallet. When I was marching up here, all I could think of was the burning anger inside of me. Not only did Marilyn Alison say a bunch of baseless shit about me, but she kept insisting that Kathryn would never be happy married. As the man who wants to marry the woman now lounging in front of me…

Good sparkling heavens, she is an ethereal woman.

Somehow, gazing upon her, fresh from the bath and dressed in a clingy black T-shirt and jeans has calmed me. Kathryn still has the same aura that I left her with an hour ago. Actually, it’s stronger now. She’s had more time to stew in her moment. After a full day of doing nothing but waiting on her and letting her take the lead… she knows what she’s about now.

When I told Marilyn that it went both ways in our relationship, I didn’t mean we equally agreed on our bedroom practices. Not from the perspective of a Dom and his female sub, anyway. I meant what I said. Kathryn submits to me, and in return…

My body eases from the tension gripping every muscle. “It went well. How are you?” Good. I’m not betraying the anger still bubbling inside of me. “You look quite cozy in here.”

She slinks off the couch and comes to me, hips sashaying and hair tossed behind her shoulders. That’s not a sex kitten come to make me comfortable, though. That’s a seductive vixen who has chosen me as her target.

Soft, feminine hands full of strength are on my chest, clutching my shoulders, and then wrapping behind my neck. The hungry demeanor in front of me wants to gobble me up – and probably spit me out. Would I let it? Hell yes. “I’ve been thinking of nothing but you since you left.” One arm pulls back, her finger tracing the outline of my lips. “Have you been thinking about me?”

“Yes.” It’s the truth. I simply don’t tell her that most of those thoughts have been filtered through her mother. “I’m always thinking about you.”

She has to slightly reach up to kiss me, but she feels stronger for it. What has she been thinking about since I left her? Hopefully me. Doing things to her. For her.

Kathryn’s teeth nip my bottom lip and drag it as far as it can go. A purr escapes her as she finally releases it. I don’t flinch. “Do you know what I want to do to you, Ian?” Her hands are all over me. Here I am, standing like a stoic bastard, replaying that horrible scene with my future mother-in-law over and over in my head like a bad movie… and Kathryn is clearly trying to arouse me.

“No. What do you want to do to me?” I now know how she felt the other night. Coming back, licking wounds she didn’t know existed, hoping I would be the answer to her discomfort. It’s enough to make me want to hold her until we’re both locked together in a never-ending swaying motion. “Please don’t leave anything out.”

Now she’s biting her own bottom lip, eyes glazing over as she imagines the raunchiest things imaginable. I kinda wanna know, and I kinda don’t wanna know. “I want to do things that I’ve never had the chance to do with you before.”

“Hmm.” I dare to touch her. Wispy hair falls through my fingers. Her skin is warm from the bath. Or maybe that’s the blood surging through her as she becomes aroused long before I do. The only question my cock asks is whether or not she’s wet enough to take it yet. He has no appreciation for foreplay.

“I’m open to a lot of ideas today,” I say.

“Oh, I’ve noticed. I’ve never seen you like this before.” There’s a hand under my sweater now. Kathryn’s nails always know how to wake up my skin. “I like this side of you, though. You should show it off more often.”

She doesn’t have to elaborate. She likes making all the decisions sometimes. She likes looking at me with nothing but the eyes of a sexual being. If Kathryn firmly had her way, this would probably be our lives once a week. Many times a week.