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Billionaires in Paris Cynthia Dane 2022/8/3 13:56:25

Does she know how sweet her voice is? How good she is with money? How appealing her independence is? The fact that she can take anything and turn it into a good thing?

The more I talk, the more she touches me. I’m not just talking about my cock, either. She’s rubbing my chest, both on top of and under my sweater. She’s caressing my face, mussing up my hair, entwining her fingers with mine, and stroking the length of my legs. It’s like being touched by the kindest ghost to haunt your hotel room, she’s that otherworldly. Yet like I said, she deserves nothing less than to be treated like a goddess who has deigned to walk Earth with us mere mortals. She knows that, doesn’t she?

I see I have a lot to repent for.

“It’s hard to make me blush,” she says. Kathryn’s in my lap, legs straddling mine and hands smoothing down my hair. I want to stay like this for as long as possible. Me, sinking into this couch. Her, sinking onto me. If she took off her jeans and rode me right now, I wouldn’t think anything of it besides that feels amazing. “Yet you’re somehow managing to do it. You must be a pretty special guy after all.”

Excuse me while I blush now.

“Let’s make one thing straight.” Kathryn’s not talking about my cock, which is pretty straight right now. So much so that my natural inclination is to unzip my trousers and let it spring free for someone – even if it’s me – to take care of. Kathryn is barely acknowledging it, though, and I keep my hands where they currently are. “If you want to serve me, Ian, you’re going to have to go above and beyond. I don’t deal with mediocrity. This isn’t a one-night stand that is for fun and laughs… maybe a bit of an escape or a crazy fantasy coming through. This is an ongoing relationship. One I intend to nurture as the years go by. If I’m going to be with you forever, then I want to know that this is what you want. The first time we did this, you only came to me out of desperation.”

I open my mouth to rebut.

“No, I’m talking right now. Do you understand?”

“Nothing supports the idea that you want to make this a regular thing, but I hope that you’ll at least appreciate the beauty in it. I can appreciate you and all that you do for me. Will you do the same for me?”

“Yes.” There is nothing to hold back. Don’t I trust her? “Yes, ma’am.”

Her shining smile nearly kills me. I don’t care if she’s smiling in subservience or in blissful dominance. I’ll take all the smiles she wishes to share with me. “Good. Now tell me what this fantasy means to you.”

I’ve been waiting for this. “It means I see you at your rawest. There is nothing holding you back from me. Don’t think for one moment that I also don’t fantasize about letting go and giving my poor heart a rest for a change.”

“That’s a good way to look at it.” Kathryn hooks her fingers beneath my sweater. “That way you can live longer and we can have lots of fun for the rest of our long lives.” She nods when I go to lift my arms up. “Now let me have a look at you. If I’m happy with that I see…”

I can tell from the look on her face that she likes what she sees. My sweater hits the floor, and her eyes are instantly drawn to my hard nipples and harder muscles beneath my skin. My breath is deep, but quick. As her hand travels down my chest, circling my nipples on its way to follow my happy trail, my cock goes on high alert.

“I hope that I am to your satisfaction, ma’am.”

Her fingers dance on my erection, straining against my clothing and begging to be let out. Hello, Kathryn. We know each other well by now, don’t we? Don’t you think it’s time you and I have a talk again? Come down here and put your hands and mouth all over me. Barring that, you could simply open your legs for me. I haven’t seen your own friend in about a day. A very long day, hasn’t it been?

He needs to shut up. He is not in charge today!

“You are very satisfying.” My zipper slowly descends. “Is this your offering to me? Is this what you want to bring to me?”