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Billionaires in Paris Cynthia Dane 2022/8/3 13:56:26

I never thought of it that way. The only time I think of confessing is when I go by a Catholic church – and my family isn’t even Catholic!

“So tell me what’s going through that head of yours. Why are we doing this out of nowhere?”

Is it really out of nowhere? For as much as we’ve dabbled with this role reversal over the past year, you’d think she would’ve caught on. “Today I woke up with thoughts of you giving me a taste of my own medicine. Does it have to be any deeper than that?”

The suede is still brushing against me. “No.” Kathryn touches my ass. I flinch. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to strike you, even though I should. A little payback for all the times you smacked my ass and made me like it. Besides.” That flogger in her hand gently lands where her hand once was. “You’re lying.”

“I will not tolerate liars. Do you understand me? I know what you were looking at on your phone.”

“I told you not to worry.” Her voice softens, but I don’t feel relieved. “I didn’t find out until this afternoon. You think Eva didn’t tell me what you were having her send you?”

Once a rat, always a rat. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Eva was born in the Year of the Rat. “I wanted to understand.”

“What you’re like when you do this.”

Kathryn hesitates. Then, “Well? What do you think? I was really rough on that guy. Those subs usually like it like that. It’s good for one-night stands. We both let out a lot of pent up energy.”

I nod. She kneels beside my head, hand folding over the back of my neck.

“It’s different with someone you love.” Kathryn almost sounds like my tender Katie, the one who wouldn’t go anywhere near my flogger… unless it’s her ass begging for it. “Things change. Everything has a different, deeper meaning. Can’t you at least agree with that?”

Kathryn fluffs my hair and pats my back, her long, slender legs standing up again. “I’m going to ask you one more time.” That edge in the air is back. Damn. Something better happen to my cock soon. I know Kathryn loves to edge me when she gets even the slightest bit of control, but this isn’t going to work. I want my reward, damnit. “Why do you want to do this, Ian? Why are you asking me to dominate you?”

“Because I fucking love it.”

Silence, again. I’ve even startled myself.

I see her confused countenance. My head turns over my shoulder, getting the full look of her. Tall, strong, bare legs and naked thighs. Our favorite flogger, a gentler piece made of short-string suede, dangles from her hand.

“Say that again,” she whispers.

It’s easy enough to do when I’m looking up into that face of hers. “I. Fucking. Love. It.”

The revelry spreading through her body is enough to make me want to topple her to the floor and resume taking control. I could do it. She wouldn’t say no. It’s not unusual for us to start off playing like this and then me reclaiming all control halfway through. Yes, yes, I know what that looks and sounds like. I’m insecure. I can’t stand the thought of my girlfriend controlling me all the way through a scene.

Her blond tresses fall over her shoulders as she runs her hand through them. The flogger dangles at her side, but she’s itching to pick it up.

“Did you get turned on watching that video?” I don’t believe the sweetness in her voice for one second. “Did your cock get as hard as it is now?”

Sarcasm will not win me any favors here. “Yes, ma’am. It was hot. I didn’t realize how hot you could be doing that.”

The flogger traces a long, heavenly line along my spine. Right where it’s the wettest, not that the flogger is a stranger to Kathryn’s wetness. I’ve spanked her pussy plenty of times with that thing.

“I’m going to make you beg for me, Ian.” She taps the bottom of my ass with the flogger. “When you can’t beg any more, I’m going to fuck you like you always fuck me. Like I’m not even there.”

Boy, do I want to protest. “I don’t fuck you like that.” Except I know what she’s talking about. Once in a while, I completely cut her off from the world. I gag her. I blindfold her. I cuff her to the headboard and tie her legs so they’re spread wide open for me, her dripping center begging me to fuck it. And I do. I completely let go and pound her until I’m emptying everything into her. That usually happens on days I’ve been pushed to some kind of limit elsewhere in my life. Work. Family. Someone being a total ass to me and damaging my ego. I take it out on Katie. She tells me to since she also gets something out of it, but sometimes I wonder how fair it is.