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Billionaires in Paris Cynthia Dane 2022/8/3 13:56:27

Once my head clears, I collapse. Kathryn drops the flogger and kisses my forehead.

Then rolls me over, because why the hell not.

“So close,” she proclaims. “If you came a few seconds sooner, I would’ve counted it as being on time. So you know what happens now, right?”

I’ve got about one ounce of strength left, but okay, I’ll use it on her – and on holding my breath, because I’ve got one second before her pussy is on my face, riding it until I drown again.

It’s been a good life. I have no regrets!

I ride this man’s mouth until he knows that my word is law and there are no negotiations. It’s not just about me extracting pleasure from his tongue, although that is a huge bonus. It’s about making him recognize who I am.

You think I’m some kind of goddess, Ian? Prove it. Worship me.

I’m riding high. Here, there, high above, down below. It’s been way too long since I last escaped into the mind of a badass Domme who gets absolute servitude from her men. Too. Long. Ian’s been holding out on me! Who knew that this kind of man existed inside of him? Where has he been? Why has it taken him so long to appear? The Ian who dabbled with me before was nothing like this. That guy was only meeting me halfway.

I. Want. All. The. Way.

The room spins. I’ve become nothing but a bitch who is going to get her sexual satisfaction and make sure this man knows his place. That place? Right here beneath my pussy.

I call him every name in my book of dirty names. He’s called me these names many times. I won’t repeat them. You can hear them for yourself as I slam my thighs against his face, forcing his tongue inside me and his lips to kiss mine. This man is going to get acquainted with every fold of my body. Watch me as I brace my hand against the carpet and grab his head with the other. Who’s in charge now?

This is the third time I’ve come tonight. This is the second time I’ve come on his face. As I cry in bitter ecstasy, my body does its best to use up the last of his air. I want to hear him gasp for it when I finally climb off.

I’m not disappointed.

“Look at you.” I could have five more orgasms and still have the ability to step on his cum-covered muscles. “You think I’m done with you yet? You’re lucky I’m giving you a breather. I’m not convinced you’re the perfect man for me yet. You’ll get one more chance. Understand?”

I do love a good ultimatum and the way it gets his ass in gear. I was already disappointed by him miscalculating how many flogs he could take before he had no choice but to come. Six, Ian! One more and you would’ve been perfect. I’m disappointed, but not angry. There will hopefully be plenty of opportunities in the future to train him like he trained me. First thing on that list will be to get him so acquainted with his body that he’ll know exactly how many cock strokes he can take before he bursts.

Oh… he said five, didn’t he? Oh well! He needs to swallow a whole bottle full of his medicine, anyway!

Weary, Ian gets to his feet, his softening cock still a thing of beauty as he obeys. A thousand muscles work to pull him onto the bed. Good. He’s on his back. He better not fall asleep.

Even if he does fall asleep, at least I have the vision of a lifetime. My boyfriend – the handsome and presumably alpha Ian Mathers – is passing out from what I’ve done to him in a role reversal that better repeat itself sooner rather than later. This is what I’ve been fantasizing about for the past year. Ever since we started hooking up, my mouth has watered at the thought of truly making this delectable specimen all mine.

To know he has wanted this all day? That he woke up knowing this is what we would be doing tonight? No wonder I’m still horny as hell and hoping he didn’t come so hard he won’t be able to get it back up!

“You’ve been a good sport, I’ll give you that.” I sit next to him, wiping away his hair from his sweaty brow. At least he’s not asleep. “Don’t worry. I’ve never met a man who did everything perfectly his first real time. Like I said, you were really close. Yet like you would never go easy on me anymore, I couldn’t go easy on you.”

I slowly stroke his cock. It’s warm, somewhat rigid, and really, really wet. That’s all him. That’s a problem.

“You take it easy for a few minutes. I’m going to take care of you.” And me. Let’s not forget me here.

I’ve been in Paris for about three days, and I think I’ve had my mouth on his cock as many times. What can I say? I’ve got an oral fixation that needs quenching when I’m around handsome men with sizable dicks. There’s nothing like filling my mouth and teasing my throat with a man’s musky cock. Doesn’t matter if he’s been itching to fuck my throat or if he needs me to clean him up after a rough round of play. I’m hard pressed to never do it. Some Dommes don’t like giving out the head candy too often because it makes their subs lazy. Those Dommes want their subs to always work for their rewards. I never felt that way, even if that was a parameter for a scene. If I want my man to love going down on me, I better be generous too!