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Billionaires in Paris Cynthia Dane 2022/8/3 13:56:28

With Ian, I truly feel like I’m his one and only. That creates a powerful reaction within me. This isn’t a man who only makes me feel the driving need to dominate him. I’m fully aware of how amazing it is to have him surround and control me.

We’re called switches because we, well, switch roles. What if it went beyond that? What if it was like a switch inside of us that could be flipped at will?

“Come get me,” I gasp, on the edge of my next and final climax. I want to fall off the cliff. Or would it be better to be pushed? “If you even can.”

I’ve seen this change in his eyes before.

From here on out, I will know what we’re truly capable of. No other man could do this with me. That is, no other man could one moment be completely at my whim and the next shoving me down onto the bed while he drives himself into me. Hot sweat slides between us. The heady scent of his cock inside of me, working my whole body from within, has taken over my brain. I don’t want to think now. I don’t want to concentrate on what position I’m in. I don’t want to think about the words falling from my lips.

I want him and nothing else.

No matter how many times he begs me to flog him, no matter how good he comes on command… nothing will ever feel as wonderful as Ian pinning me down and slamming his hips against my thighs. It has nothing to do with dominance or submission. Sometimes a girl just wants to get fucked!

Now I’m the one begging. Talk dirty to me, Ian. Tell me what you’re going to do to me. Call me names like I called you names. Get back at me for what I did to you earlier. Make me scream.

His cock drives right into my G-spot. Once, twice, goodbye, I’m gone.

It’s funny how a few seconds can feel like a few minutes when you’re writhing in ecstasy and you’re becoming one entity with the love of your life. My nails scratch his body. My voice peals. The core of my being is opening… opening… opened. Hair is in my face. Is it mine? Is it his, as his orgasmic grunt echoes in my ear and his cock fills me with heat?

Our lips are together and then apart. Our bodies refuse to part, unless it’s momentarily enough to keep thrusting through this mutual orgasm that has me gasping against his sweaty face because I’m too daft to figure out how to kiss when my whole body is shaking.

He kisses me to make up for it. Ian’s tongue is in my throat. His cock is still inside me. Grunts and groans sneak past his lips and onto mine. When did my bra get torn off? Holy shit, my nipples are so hard! Probably because they keep disappearing beneath Ian’s tongue when he’s not kissing me.

I forbid him from pulling out. I may be on the bottom, and he may have rammed me until we both lost our damned minds, but I’m far from submissive.

“You’re a part of me now,” I whisper into his ear. “I’m never letting you go.”

Ian nestles his face into the crook of my neck, his breath steady. “Good,” he mumbles. “Because I don’t want you to. Ever.”

I swear I’m not crying because I’m a big baby. It’s probably the endorphins releasing in my brain. Or the fact we had an intense scene that I barely had time to prepare for. Or, or…

Time to stop thinking. It’s time to simply enjoy the presence of the only man I could ever see calling my husband.

It’s our last night in Paris. Tomorrow morning we hop on a private plane back to America, back to our usual lives.

That’s not so bad. It’s nice to know we don’t have to be somewhere special in order to enjoy one another’s company.

Since the night I completely gave myself to her, things have changed. For the better. I didn’t think our relationship could get even stronger. I thought we had already reached our happy medium. Boy, was I wrong. For the past few nights I’ve wanted nothing but to make love to my woman. That may be a strange thing to call her, but simply saying girlfriend feels so wrong. We are beyond boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t know what else to call her, though.

So when I say “my woman,” I don’t mean that I own her. Far from that. Kathryn is a woman who could never be owned, if there is such a thing. If anything, I’d sell myself to her first. If it meant we could be together forever? Yes.

Tonight is a bit wary, though. After many frivolous days and nights making love in the city of romance, we’re back at a French restaurant. This time, we’ve come completely clean to one another.

It started with me confessing that I had met with her mother. Obviously, Kathryn was unhappy, and it was the first time since our fateful night she became too upset to talk to me for a few minutes. When the information sank in, however, she came to me and opened up that she had seen her too. By then we both knew that.