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Billionaires in Paris Cynthia Dane 2022/8/3 13:56:28

“Whoa, whoa. Are we finally moving in together?”

I’m answered with another kiss.

We may not be getting married tonight (this isn’t Vegas, after all,) or tomorrow, or even next month. Maybe we won’t get married for another year or two. Yet I’m confident that what I have with Kathryn Alison is the most forever thing I’ve had in my life. There’s no such thing as anyone else. I don’t even care about the men in her past. They’re gone. Distant memories that don’t mean anything anymore. I’m it. I’m the one.

I’m going to spend every day of my life making sure she feels like the goddess she is. I’ll be waiting a while for Marilyn to give us her blessing, but if there’s one thing being with Kathryn has taught me, it’s that I’m a very patient man.