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By My Side Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:56:51

He pushed in again, stopping once the crown of his cock breached the welcoming heat of her mouth. She wanted to lick the rim around his head and dip her tongue into the small opening that leaked evidence of his desire. She wanted to suck him deeper. She struggled to keep her tongue still as he withdrew again.

No matter what the cost, she would pass this test. The glass dildo slipped an inch. Because of its smooth surface, she barely felt it move. Flexing her muscles, she urged it back inside, but gravity proved stronger. At least she stopped it from sliding completely out. She let a moan escape, the inevitable result of her struggle.

Sean worked his cock into her mouth slowly. Each time, he pushed in just a little farther than he had before. When he bumped the back of her throat, he paused while she fought her gag reflex. The phallus in her pussy slipped a little more, drawing her attention away from the cock in her mouth.

“Swallow me, my darling slave. Show me how much you want to please your master.”

With perfect timing and rhythm, he thrust as she swallowed. “Fuck, Cella. You feel so fucking good. Put your hands on my hips so I don’t knock you over. Hold still while I fuck your mouth.” He gripped the sides of her head and growled the words in a voice that betrayed his lack of control.

His warning meant he wouldn’t be gentle or considerate. She wanted neither. The thought of him using her mouth excited her like nothing else, except perhaps the thought of him using her pussy or her ass for the same purpose. She was proud to make her master lose control.

He thrust into her mouth without fooling around with a slow tempo or a long buildup. The muscles of his hips, so tense under her fingers, trembled as he pistoned. He tightened his hands on her head, and his seed coated the back of her throat. She swallowed her reward. He thrust twice more, and then he went still.

She took the opportunity to finally use her tongue on his softening cock. He pulled from her slowly, and she cleaned him as he went.

He released his hold on her head and pushed her hands from his hips. “Lie back, but keep your knees on the pillow. Can you bend like that?”

Once, her knees had been able to do that. To do so now would lead to tearing something important. Passing twenty-five had meant losing some of her flexibility. She shook her head. “I’m sorry, Master.”

“That’s okay. Lie on your back on the floor with your ass on the pillow. Put your legs in front of you, but keep them bent and out of the way. I want to see the dildo in your pussy and the beads in your ass.”

Moving slowly, she managed to comply without losing the glass dildo. Though she didn’t take the time to look, she knew it had slipped almost halfway out. Another millimeter and gravity would win the battle. She breathed her thanks at the change in position.

He stared down at her, and she saw that he had fastened his jeans. The flush spread across his chest and neck left the only evidence he’d recently found his release. “No clothes for the rest of the day. You’ll spend the night chained to my bed.”

Marcella started. She hadn’t seen that coming. To her knowledge, he’d never chained a woman to his bed before. Questions whirled through her brain, but she shoved them away. He’d just ordered her to spend the night in his bed. That meant he didn’t plan to end the scene any time soon. This, her dream, had come true. She would neither question nor argue.

Satisfied she had no protest to voice, he jerked his chin in the direction of her head. “Lace your fingers under your neck.”

She complied, wincing as the clamps shifted and dug in a little differently due to the slight change in position. Now her entire body lay splayed and open. She looked to make sure Sean approved.

Possessiveness and desire flared in his eyes, two emotions she never thought he’d direct toward her. He turned and walked away, but Marcella didn’t panic. She knew he wasn’t going far. The position in which she lay alleviated any need for her to hold a certain form. She relaxed against the surprisingly comfortable wood floor and waited for her master.

He settled on the floor, his feet near her head and his ass next to her hip. He leaned over her body and set a tray of items on the other side. A tall glass filled with ice towered above the other things on the tray. She couldn’t quite identify anything else without moving.

Fishing out one ice cube, he placed the small round piece in her navel. Marcella shivered and clenched her pussy tighter around the dildo, which no longer felt cold.

He ran his hand over her stomach and caressed the rounded globes of her breasts. “Don’t move, Cella.”

Before she could process the order, he removed one of the nipple clamps. Blood rushed back to the little tortured peak, stinging the starved capillaries with liquid heat. Marcella cried out and arched her back, instinctively trying to escape the sweet pleasure-pain. Sean closed his mouth around her nipple before she managed to relax her back.