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By My Side Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:56:51

The additional stimulation sent electricity zinging straight to her pussy. A glance down showed Sean’s jaw working as he took more and more of her breast into his mouth. He grazed his teeth along her skin, and then he sucked hard. She watched, fascinated, as he released what he had been able to get into his mouth. It didn’t immediately resume its original shape. Her nipple and areola remained squished to a stiff point.

He studied it with the same expression she’d seen him use when he perused art. Abruptly, he reached between her legs and removed the glass dildo. Her empty pussy ached for his hot, hard cock.

“Tell me about a time you enjoyed being whipped.”

Before she could answer, he rocked two beads out of her anus and back in. She gasped at the sudden sensation.

He glanced back at her face. “Cella.”

In all her fantasies, she hadn’t thought he would try to carry on a conversation while in the dungeon. When they encountered one another during the course of a regular day, he conversed with her on a variety of subjects. However, when they worked, he did not fill the time with unnecessary chatter.

“It was a flogger. One with short falls. I barely felt it, but afterward my skin was so sensitive.”

The rest of the beads stretched her as he rocked them back out. Each smaller than the last, the diminished pleasure gave her the feeling of things ending. She searched his face for signs he was finished with her.

His gaze heated a path along her splayed thigh. “I like the delicate areas of a woman.” A small point of cold traced along the tender, sensitive skin of her inner thigh. He added his hot tongue, thrilling her with a contradictory sensation.

He moved the ice cube up her side, leaving a trail of cool water behind. He pressed the flat of his tongue to her skin and cleared away the water. Then he shifted his body, stretching it out next to her, and continued his exploration. She shivered when he made it to the underside of her arms. Lying on the floor with her hands tucked behind her exposed the most tender skin of her arms to him.

“Tell me about another time you enjoyed the flogger, my slave.”

Marcella racked her brain. To her, the whip had always been a punishment. “I heard it can feel like a massage, but I’ve never experienced that. I’m sorry, Master. That’s all.”

He trailed ice and licked the track across her neck to her chin. He traced her lips, and then he seared them with his kiss. He thrust his cold tongue and the remnants of the ice into her mouth. She greeted him eagerly. Marcella wanted to feel him on top of her, inside her. She wanted him to claim her in all ways, and she’d never felt this way with another man before. Every other time she’d played a scene, she had always held back the most precious pieces of herself. With Sean, she didn’t want to hide anything.

The kiss went on and on. It stoked tiny flames into larger ones. The length of his body pressed along her side, providing accelerant. Burning pain seared her breast as he removed the other clamp. She bucked, an involuntary reaction, but he held her down with the hand that cupped her breast and massaged her sore nipple.

Her body trembled under his onslaught. Nerve endings fired and short-circuited when they reached the juices flowing from her pussy, begging for attention.

He broke the kiss and raised his head. The hazel of his irises had darkened, and his taut muscles shimmered with repressed wildness. “Cella, get on the bed. Now.”

In the far corner of his dungeon, a futon sat on a pedestal frame. In her mind, she called this his porn-star corner. Floodlights, pointed at the bed, illuminated every angle. Sean allowed no shadows in his play area.

Heeding the urgency in his tone, she scrambled to the bed as he headed for the light switch.

She crawled to the center of the bed and lifted her head just in time to see the curtains on the walls part to reveal floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The reflected brightness of the lights caused her to wince. She blinked to get used to them.

He climbed onto the bed from the opposite end. Marcella nearly fell when she realized he had undressed completely. Pausing, he knelt up and let her look at him. Strong thighs led to his thick cock, which jutted from a nest of light brown curls. She followed the sprinkling of hair up his abdomen to his navel. Broad shoulders topped his magnificent chest.

Fever glittered from his eyes, and uncharacteristic desperation strangled his voice. “Say you want this, Marcella.”

She rushed to assure him. “I want this, Master.”

“No. Fuck the benefit. Say you want this.”

More than anything in the world. Wordlessly, she nodded.