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By My Side Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:56:53

Shaking away that thought, he kissed the top of her head. “Well done, my beautiful slave. Now go get dressed. I might like to see you naked, but I want it to be for my eyes only. Wear a skirt that stops above your knees. No underwear.”

She started at his pronouncement, and he used a kiss to silence her before she could utter a word. If he tried to rationalize his declaration, she would realize the reasons for his reticence, and she would put an end to their blissful day. If he betrayed her trust by refusing to use her, he would lose her completely. Somehow he had to find the courage to push aside his desires and do the right thing.

Swiping the robe from where it had fallen on the floor, he grunted. He held the robe open. After she threaded her arms through the appropriate holes, he tied the sash.

“Fuller will likely stay for dinner. Whether he does or not, you will sit on my lap and feed me as you did this afternoon. Do you understand?”

Her eyes widened, and he knew visions of the way she had ridden him afterward occupied her thoughts. “Do you want me to call you ‘Master’ or ‘Sean’ while he’s here?”

A grin split his face so wide it ached. The way she said his name had changed, subtly altered to reflect his new role in her life. “It doesn’t matter which you use when we’re not in this dungeon.” He would use her choice of address to gauge her mood and her receptiveness. “Now go get cleaned up. I’ll expect you to sit in on the meeting. I need my assistant with me.”

Really he didn’t. He just wanted her close to him.

She bowed her head, inclining it as a show of deference. “Yes, Sean. I’ll be ready.”

Marcella shivered as the lace on her pink bra brushed against her swollen nipples. He’d left the clamps on so long, they were going to be sore for at least a day. They’d heal just in time for the performance. A note of panic thumped deep in her chest. She didn’t want to be put on display, but if that was the only way she could be with Sean, then she would do it. At least he’d promised to blindfold her. She hoped to God she didn’t disappoint him.

She tugged a shirt over her head. The soft fibers of the fabric caressed her shoulders and chest as the shirt fell into place. After her session with Sean, every nerve in her body stood at attention, overreacting to the slightest stimulation. Glancing in the mirror, she smiled. Light pink suited her. The low-cut neckline plunged so far it nearly revealed the place between her breasts where her bra came together.

Would wearing a bra earn a punishment? She frowned. He hadn’t said anything about it one way or the other. Beneath her skirt, which fell to midthigh, she wore nothing. Those had been his only instructions.

She ran a brush through her hair and slipped on a pair of sandals. Sean’s reasons for wanting her at the meeting remained a mystery. He didn’t need her there. Though the meeting had been a scheduled event, Fuller was Sean’s best friend. The two of them were apt to spend far more time discussing matters not related to business than planning their new movie project.

Voices in the foyer drew her notice as soon as she came down the stairs. Fuller Dunne’s deep baritone had always garnered attention. A man with a voice that deep was extremely rare. Marcella preferred the pitch of Sean’s voice, which wasn’t so deep that it reduced to a rumble when he lowered his volume.

Fuller had made a career out of his unique voice. In addition to acting, producing, and directing, he enjoyed the benefits of a lucrative contract as a paid spokesperson for a prominent insurance company.

The man towered over Sean by a few inches. He wore jeans and a startling pink button-down shirt. Friendly blue eyes sparkled from beneath blond bangs that fell over his forehead, and a smile split his face when he caught sight of Marcella.

“Marcella! This is a treat. I almost never get to see you.” He held out his hand as if he wanted to shake, but Marcella knew his game. Once he had her hand, he would pull her close for a hearty embrace.

She opened her arms and slipped into his welcoming hug. “It’s good to see you, Fuller. How was New York?”

“Fabulous, but it’s good to be home.” He pressed a kiss to her cheek and released her.

The strange expression on his face as he stepped back made Marcella glance over her shoulder at Sean, who was frowning. She started, unsure of what had caused him to react that way. Fuller had hugged her in greeting from the first time they’d met. He often flirted with her as well. She didn’t take it personally. Fuller flirted with everyone.

“Marcella, go make your phone calls and then meet us in the living room.” Sean’s tight voice matched the way he pressed his lips together. He turned and headed across the foyer. “And lose the shoes.”