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By My Side Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:56:54

Heat crept up her neck. She hadn’t known he’d noticed her recent diet. “I have five pounds left to lose.”

Gabriella rolled her eyes and left the room. Fuller regarded her with an amused quirk to his lips.

Sean growled and slung his arm over the back of her chair, leaning so close the electricity of his body jumped the gap to set excitement racing along her nerve endings. “I’ve seen you naked. You can’t spare five pounds.”

The blush deepened. She focused on the grains of rice and resisted the urge to fan her face. Her personal weight goals were really none of his business. “Sean, don’t—”

One word, a warning and a reminder. She couldn’t argue with him today, tomorrow, or the day after. “Yes, Master?”

“Eat all the food on your plate, or you will be punished.”

Gabriella had given her a reasonable portion. Marcella nodded. “Yes, Master.”

Fuller chuckled as he loaded another bite onto his fork. “Dessert should be fun.”

Sean dropped his overbearing pose, and they settled into the easy rhythm of conversation they had enjoyed all afternoon. A little later, Gabriella cleared away their empty plates and brought German chocolate cake for dessert.

“Thanks, Gabby.” Sean sank his fork into the soft, moist cake. “Are you guys taking off for the evening?”

“Yep.” Gabriella shot a sly smile in Marcella’s direction, making her wonder how much the chef’s assistant knew about what had happened in the dungeon earlier. “Make sure those plates get to the sink, or there will be hell to pay in the morning.”

Marcella twisted her napkin in her hands, trying to resist the pull of the cake. It wasn’t a large slice, but she had been doing so well following the plan her nutritionist had recommended. She was proud of the progress she’d made so far, and her stomach was pleasantly full. At last she pushed her plate aside.

“I ate dinner, Sean. I’m full.”

He narrowed his eyes at her, but he didn’t pursue the topic.

Fuller leaned across the table and took her plate. German chocolate cake was his favorite dish. “You know, Sean, it occurs to me that you’re asking Marcella to do two things she’s never done before at the same time. That’s not exactly playing fair. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes subs need for things to not be fair. I’m just urging you to consider the scope of what you’re asking.”

Sean sat back, his mouth puckered in a frown. Marcella worried that Fuller’s point would make Sean decide he couldn’t use her at the benefit. The idea of someone—anyone—taking her place as Sean’s submissive made the satay churn in her stomach.

He pushed his chair back, sliding it smoothly across the wood floor. Pointing to the place on the floor between him and the table, he snapped his fingers. “Cella, stand here and face me.”

The tone of the order commanded a place deep inside her soul. It amazed her how quickly she could transition from thinking of him as Sean to thinking of him as her master. “Yes, Master.”

He fingered the delicate lace edging the hem of her light pink shirt. A small smile played around the corners of his mouth. “Remove your shirt.”

Shocked, she failed to react. She had assumed he wouldn’t ask her to undress until they were in the dungeon. He had promised her a blindfold. She hazarded a quick glance back at Fuller. He’d seen her in a string bikini. Her bra covered more of her flesh than her bikini top did.

And within the hour, he would see her completely naked. He would see her splayed out. He would watch her being whipped, and he would witness her orgasm if she managed to have one under those conditions.

Sean didn’t hurry her, and he didn’t seem to grow impatient with her hesitancy. He watched her silently, with a steady gaze that held an expectation and a promise. As her master, he would keep her physically and emotionally safe. He would push her boundaries. He had asked for her trust. She couldn’t take that back now, not when he’d been every bit the master she’d wanted.

Gripping the lace between her fingers, she lifted the shirt over her head.

“Fold it and put it on your chair.”

When she had done that, she stood before him wearing only a bra and a short skirt that would flare out to show everything if she twirled in a fast circle.

His gaze roamed her body, an electric caress that prickled every inch of her skin. Desire flared green in his eyes, and the juices between her legs thickened in anticipation.

“Take off your bra and put it with your shirt.”