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By My Side Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:56:54

Reaching behind her, she unhooked the bra. As it dropped away from her breasts, it took the body heat trapped there with it. Her nipples tightened and pebbled. They tingled as if he’d actually touched her.

A ball of tension pinged through her body and left trails of unfulfilled expectation behind. She waited an impossibly long time for him to do anything other than study her nakedness.

Finally he pointed to her skirt. “Slide it down your legs slowly. Bend at your waist, and don’t let it drop from your control.”

The dining room table came up to a height just below the bottom of her ass cheeks. Fuller would get an eyeful of not only her ass, but of her slit as she bent over. The day after tomorrow, a hundred people would see the same thing. Her juices flowed a little faster, and she knew without looking that her bare pussy glistened with moisture.

She hooked her thumbs under the elastic waist and pushed the skirt down over her hips. By sheer dint of will, she didn’t hesitate when it came to the point where Fuller would see her ass. She concentrated on watching Sean lick his lips as he caught sight of her slit. Bending as he’d dictated meant Sean’s view would be obstructed while Fuller still enjoyed a show. She told herself that the heat flaming her face had everything to do with the reverse flow of blood as she bent over and nothing to do with the shyness she felt.

At last she folded her skirt and placed it on top of her bra. With her hands at her sides, she stood in front of Sean, once again waiting for his next order.

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He didn’t make her wait long. Rising to his feet, he snaked one hand around her waist and used the other to grip the back of her neck. His lips pressed hard, demanding entrance. The soft steel of his insistence made her knees quake as the need to submit to this man she loved spread through her core. She opened, and he swept his tongue into her mouth. She wanted to grab his arms or wrap her arms around his neck, but she knew better than to move without permission.

She moaned and melted against him, tilting her head to help him achieve a better angle. He deepened the kiss. Fireworks, warm and tingly, exploded near her heart. When he ended the kiss and stepped away, she fought the urge to grab him back.

With his hands holding her firmly on her waist, he lifted her onto the tabletop.

“Lie back, my slave.”

Marcella eased herself back until she lay across the table. The cool wood sent a slight chill through her body. She chanced a quick peek at Fuller, to find him grinning down at her. He sat in his chair, less than a foot from the top of her head, enjoying the last few bites of her cake.

Fuller set his cake out of the way and folded his cloth napkin carefully. She lifted her head so he could ease it underneath. The world went dark as the soft linen molded to her contours.

He tied it on the side of her head so the knot wouldn’t cause discomfort. His breath sounded near her ear. “Don’t worry. I didn’t use it at dinner. A fortuitous circumstance.”

“Thank you.” Marcella wanted to ask if they’d planned this. Even though it looked like a spur-of-the-moment thing, Fuller was an excellent actor. This could have been staged, but she couldn’t think of a reason why they would feel it necessary.

“Fold your hands behind your neck, Cella.”

Sean’s warm hands caressed her thighs, a small weight of promise that made her swelling nether lips throb with remembered heat. She placed her hands under her neck and made a mental note about how much he seemed to enjoy this position. Perhaps when this fantasy ended, she could use this position in a casual manner to remind him of the incredible sex they’d shared.

He eased her thighs apart and slid her toward him to hang a little off the edge of the table. “Good girl. Remind Fuller and me of your safe word.”

She couldn’t hear the sound of snickering, but she swore the word made Fuller laugh. The future definitely held a private conversation with his name on it. She wondered about his association with the wish-fulfillment service. Had he used it? She hoped to God this wasn’t his fantasy. While she liked Fuller, she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of teasing him or turning him on, not in an intimate setting like this. As a one-man woman, she wanted Sean and nobody else.

Hot lips seared a path along her inner thigh. She shivered at the juxtaposition of the cool wood below her and the heat Sean generated.

He lifted his lips, but he retained his grip just above her knees. “Are you okay, Marcella? Too cold?”

Her nipples, still sore from the extended use of clamps earlier, had shriveled to such tight peaks that they throbbed painfully. While her skin might be a little chilled, she enjoyed the sensation because she knew once he whipped her, the heat would make her long for this coolness. “I’m fine, Master.”