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By My Side Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:56:54

Sean eased her legs farther apart, opening her to him completely. Wet fire seared her slit. He licked long trails and short flicks, unhurried strokes that casually explored every fold of her pussy. His tongue teased around her clit and pressed it flat. The light touches triggered an avalanche of heat as cream rushed to her pussy.

She moaned, a low sound that broke the silence to plead for something more. Teeth, lips, and fingers would all be welcome. This slow foray would drive her insane before long. If he increased his pace or his pressure, she could counteract the urgency with breathing and reminders to please her master.

But this seduction by degrees would drive her over the edge whether or not she wanted to go. It would rob her of every ounce of control. She didn’t have the skills to survive this kind of onslaught. She breathed deeply and cautioned herself to be patient. No man could or would keep this up for very long. Even men who professed to love oral sex never spent too much time worshipping a woman’s pussy. Sean might be an exceptional man, but he was still a man.

Minutes passed. Heat built, a measured inferno that lacked friction and violence. Her thighs shook, and the tremors spread through her body. He seemed singularly focused on enjoying her texture and flavor. The soft moans vibrating from him every now and again attested to exactly how lost he had become between her legs. She wanted to thrust against his mouth, but she knew it would only prolong the torture. Had she earned a punishment she’d forgotten about? He’d been very clear about administering her punishment earlier.

Behind her neck, she dug her fingers into her skin as she struggled to stay still. Oh, why hadn’t he tied her down?

A whimper escaped, and a moan followed. She lost the battle and thrust against his face. “Master, please.”

He bit her clit. Her pelvis tilted, jerking away from his mouth, but he held her down with a firm grip on each thigh. She went nowhere, and he didn’t ease the pressure of his bite.

“I’m sorry, Master. Please, oh please. I’m so sorry.”

The pressure eased, indicating he’d accepted her apology. He closed his lips around her tender clit and sucked away the pain. He eased two fingers into her waiting pussy and finger fucked her cunt as gently as he sucked her clit.

Tears escaped the corners of her eyes and were swallowed by the blindfold. How dare he be so gentle with her? She’d craved this kind of treatment from a dom, but she’d never thought it would happen. For some reason, dominant behavior and sadism seemed to go hand in hand with every dom she’d ever met. Though she’d fantasized about Sean and how perfect they seemed for one another, she had never thought he would turn out to be everything she wanted in a man.

Suddenly the solidity of her emotional foundation fell away, and she faced the edge of the cliff far sooner than she thought possible. Her panted breaths took on more and more volume as she struggled to stave off her orgasm. “Oh fuck. Master, please let me come.”

He didn’t answer. Her body shook with effort and emotion. The pleas falling from her lips came faster and louder, each cry more desperate than the last.

At last, at long last, he lifted his mouth away, releasing her for a brief second, but he didn’t stop the slow thrust of his fingers. “Come, my slave. Scream it out for me.”

Deep pulses began in her pussy the moment he gave the order. When he resumed sucking her clit, the mad rush of pleasure only increased. The world shook and screamed down around her taut body. She arched from the table, and the blindfold no longer mattered. Nothing mattered except Sean and the way he mastered her body and soul. Reality splintered as she ceded control of her pleasure to her master.

When she came down, she found herself enclosed in Sean’s arms. He had tucked a blanket around her back. It curved around her hips and fell over her legs. Her cheek rested on his shoulder, and his hand traced reassuring paths up and down her arm.

She opened her eyes. Someone had removed the blindfold, but she had no idea when that had happened. Sean smiled down at her.

He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You performed beautifully, Marcella.”

She hazarded a glance around the dining room. Fuller and all the dessert plates were gone. “Did Fuller leave?” Heat crept up her neck as she asked the question. Really she wanted to know whether or not she would be able to face him now that he had seen something she had shared with very few people.

“He’s giving us some time for aftercare. He’s waiting downstairs.”

The last vestiges of her orgasmic fog lifted. Though she had aced this part of the test, she knew she wasn’t out of the woods. Even if things weren’t weird now when she saw Fuller again, submitting to her master in front of one person wasn’t the same as submitting in front of a room full of people.