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By My Side Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:56:56

She watched silently while he moved about the room getting ready for bed. He turned off all the lights except one reading lamp. Under the heat of her steady gaze, he stripped away his clothes and climbed into bed. He rolled until his body covered hers.

He could have pushed her legs apart and claimed her with one thrust and no kisses, but he didn’t want her that way this time. He needed to show her what she meant to him.

Her soft skin beckoned, and he heeded the call with his hands and his lips. Taking his time, he explored every inch of her body. He caressed her arms and kissed the tender skin on the underside of them. He worshipped her neck and drew soft circles around her breasts until she panted and arched to beg for more.

Sean loved the way she responded to his touch. She had wonderful breasts, just enough to fill his hand. He kneaded them both at the same time. Her nipples swelled to points under his palms. Flattening one hand, he ran it over the stiff peak.

Beneath his body, she shifted and sighed. He caught the musky scent of her arousal, but he resisted easy temptation. She would learn that he liked foreplay almost more than the main event. He could spend hours touching her body, playing with the sensual responses he seemed to effortlessly elicit.

When he finally closed his mouth around her nipple, she arched and moaned. He sucked lightly at first, running his tongue over the taut peak just as he had done with his hand. She whimpered, and he kept up the onslaught. When his own passion pressed too hard, he sucked her flesh into his mouth. The slow buildup and the sharpness of pain made her body jerk and arch.

He smiled at her physical reaction and at the increasingly loud moans that rumbled from deep in her throat. By the time he made it to the juncture where her thighs met her pelvis, she wiggled uncontrollably. He loved that she gave herself over to passion so completely. Bondage was meant to do that, to free her to surrender completely to her passion and to her master.

He didn’t give her what she wanted. Instead he continued experimenting with the way she responded to different pressures and sensations. Tomorrow night he would turn her over and worship her back the same way he was worshipping her front tonight.

At last he spread her wide and tasted the sweet cream coating the precious lips between her legs. Her hips thrust forward, begging for a firmer stimulant, but the restraints around her wrists prevented her from going too far. He lapped at her, savoring the power of lavishing this pleasure on the woman he loved. Trailing his fingers and tongue along her pussy, he memorized her textures and folds.

Bringing her to orgasm this way wasn’t his intention. Before too long, she writhed, trying to escape him and to stay put. “Master, please. Oh please.”

Sean lifted his head and gazed up her body. Soft light reflected from the sweat glistening on her skin. The slight curve of her stomach called to him, as did the twin round globes rising and falling with the rhythm of her panted breaths. Her pillow lifted her neck and head so that she had a clear view of everything he did.

He blew a stream of cool air over her mons. She quivered, her body trembling with need. “Please let me come, Master.”

With the tip of his tongue, he flicked her clit and tasted her passion. Her entire body lifted, strung with the same tension as a bow, and her mouth fell open. Her fingers dug into the top of her pillow. Reveling in the power he had over her, the power she’d gifted to him, trusted him with, he watched her struggle to hold off her orgasm.

At last he spoke the words. “Come for me.”

He locked his lips around her clit and sucked hard. She screamed, and her juices exploded. He lapped at them eagerly, smearing her essence all over his mouth. Rocketing up her body, he entered her pussy before it stopped pulsing.

Boneless and liquid, she offered no resistance. Her eyes widened the tiniest bit, and her pussy clenched him harder.

“Clean my face, slave. Use your tongue.”

She lifted her head to angle her mouth, and he felt the delicate flutter of her tongue against his skin. He thrust into her, establishing a slow rhythm that he could keep up for hours. The pulsing of her tight channel changed to match his pace, and he claimed her lips in a tender kiss.

“You have permission to climax as many times as you want, Marcella.” She had already submitted to him completely, and she had endured an unearned punishment just to please him. He needed to show her that her sacrifices would always be appreciated and rewarded.

He gritted his teeth when she convulsed around him only seconds later. Her already tight channel clamped down and nearly succeeded in milking him. Only his strong desire to give her more kept him from climaxing.