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By My Side Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:56:57

With unerring precision, he pumped his cock into her welcoming pussy. She whimpered and moaned. She begged, mindlessly calling his name and melding her soul with his. The next time she came, she screamed and thrashed and carried him over with her.

He collapsed on top of her, burying his face in her hair, too spent to move. After some time, he jerked awake. The light cast by the reading lamp showed that she had fallen asleep as well. With a supreme effort, he loosened her bindings so that she could move and rolled his body so that he wasn’t crushing her. He drifted to sleep with one arm around her waist.

Marcella woke to the feeling of Sean pushing his cock inside her pussy. In the darkness of the room, she could only make out his shape. She lifted her arms to draw him closer, and the nylon bindings whispered across the silk of the pillow above her head. She realized he had loosened the lead, but he hadn’t freed her from the cuffs. Immediately hot juices flowed to her pussy, and she involuntarily clenched around him.

In all the years she’d been active in the lifestyle, she’d never once wanted to wake up bound. Yet the idea of sleeping in restraints next to Sean just made her feel safe, secure, and loved. And it turned her on a lot.

The restraints he used would be easy to undo. She could get up in the morning and take them off by herself. She could release herself right now if she wanted. The restraints didn’t keep her bound to this bed. Sean did. His presence, his approval, his affection, and his authority kept her here. The cuffs were only a symbol of his power.

He lifted her legs and hooked her knees over his shoulders, and he pounded into her harder and harder. This quick fuck marked her as his. He had been generous earlier, and now he took what he wanted. She wondered if his permission to come as many times as she wanted still stood.

Heat and pressure built in her core. She gripped his biceps and held on for the ride. “Master, please may I come?”

“Yes.” His voice had that growly, half-asleep sound.

He slammed into her one last time. His body went stiff, and his hot semen shot into her pussy, setting off a new round of convulsions. She uttered a pleased sigh and loosened her tight hold on his arms as he released her legs.

Shifting to the side, he collapsed half on the bed and half on top of her body. In moments his even breathing told her he had fallen back asleep. She smiled in the dark, pleased that she was able to be here like this for him. Her mind wandered as she wondered what it would be like to be here with him like this every night.

She thought back over the past year, remembering that he’d never had a woman spend the night. Surely it meant something that she was here in his bed. The way he’d looked at her and the way he’d touched her all hinted at strong feelings. Perhaps Oasis would deliver more than she’d asked for. Maybe they could deliver what she really wanted from Sean.

When she woke again, the darkness of the room didn’t hide the stillness that marked waking up alone. She groped for the bedside light and hoped she didn’t knock anything over with the lines of the restraints leading to the headboard. If this were her room, she wouldn’t bother with light. She knew the topography well enough to stumble around in the dark.

A notebook lay open on the table under the lamp. She rubbed the bleariness from her eyes and read his note.

The idea of a typical morning left her a little deflated, especially after the events of the past twenty-four hours. She returned to her suite, showered, and dressed. He hadn’t left instructions about what she should wear, but she didn’t really expect that. Sean let her manage his life; he had never once tried to manage hers.

She chose pale pink dress pants and a white, low-cut blouse with a pink flower-print design on the lower half. He seemed to prefer her in delicate, overtly feminine outfits. The white pumps she usually wore with it remained in her shoe rack. She went downstairs for breakfast, her feet bare.

She checked e-mail while she munched on a bagel and sipped her coffee. If things kept up the pattern of a typical morning, he would breeze into her office in about an hour with his hair still wet from his shower.

After she confirmed everything for the next day, she checked her phone for the string of “to-do” texts Sean always sent during his run. For a physical exercise he did to clear his head, he sure thought up a lot of things that needed to be done during that time. Today was no exception.