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By My Side Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:56:48

Sounds of his uneven breathing drifted over her shoulder. She wanted him to press his body against hers so she could know whether this aroused him as much as it did her. “You’re a very mouthy submissive, Cella.”

She loved the way he shortened her name. He’d only ever done it those few times he’d indulged in spirits enough to make him relax his normally iron control. She liked to think it revealed the way he really thought about her, an unguarded moment when she could see the parts he kept hidden.

“You haven’t agreed to use me, Sean. I thought we were still negotiating. You’re laying out the conditions I have to accept before you’ll agree to use me as your sub.”

He chuckled, a distinctly unhappy sound. She wanted to turn, to take him in her arms, but she knew he would issue an automatic refusal if she pushed him too far. “And you’re okay with the conditions so far?”

He inhaled softly, and she had the distinct impression that he was smelling her hair. He gathered her tresses and arranged them to fall over one of her shoulders, but he kept his hand tangled in her hair. “Round three fulfills a promise. You’ll be bound to a table, spread out as an offering. After you’re teased and denied, every person there will get to come close and see your naked body. Two donors will be allowed to touch you. You will be brought to orgasm twice, and not necessarily by my hand.”

Shock robbed her brain of any coherent response. The original program, the one she had so carefully prepared according to Sean’s specifications, didn’t mention anyone else being allowed to participate. Marcella didn’t know how comfortable she would be with a stranger touching her intimately.

“It’s the ultimate gift a slave can give her master, Cella. Complete trust. You would have to trust that I won’t let anyone harm you, that I won’t let anyone violate your hard limits.” Bitterness tinged his voice, making his words ring hollow.

They hadn’t discussed hard limits. Marcella hadn’t thought she would be allowed to have them. The progression of torture had been decided already. It should have been a matter of her agreeing to a specific order of activities.

She swallowed the lump in her throat. She trusted nobody more than Sean, but his tone didn’t match his declaration. “It would please you to have another dom fuck your submissive while you and a roomful of people looked on?”

He made a strangled sound. “Please me? Do you really care about pleasing me, Cella? Or are you just volunteering to do this because it’s for an important cause?”

Moisture evaporated from her lips. She licked them. “Both. We’ve been over this. Why can’t you believe me, Sean? Why is this so difficult for you? You didn’t hesitate for a second when Gretchen volunteered. Are you really so opposed to the idea of seeing me naked? Of having actual physical contact with me?”

He tightened his grip on her hair and turned her around. The ferocity of his expression made her knees weak. “I know Gretchen. I know what she likes and doesn’t like. I know what turns her on. I know what makes her climax. I don’t know any of your triggers, Marcella. I don’t know your limits, and you don’t know mine.”

She searched his eyes, looking for the source of his irritation. It hadn’t taken her long after she’d first begun working for him to determine that Sean’s words rarely indicated the true cause of his upset. When she spoke, she kept her voice soft. “Including other doms wasn’t part of the original agreement. I have no record of any extra donations. Is Gretchen making a power play? Is that why you’re so angry?”

He jerked his head back, lifting his chin and pressing his lips together. Bingo. She’d found the true cause of his anger. Releasing his hold on her hair, he blinked away his surprise. Five steps put him near an expensive vase. She watched, uncertain where his temper might take him. This could derail their negotiation.

He flexed and relaxed his fist, repeating the motion several times as he brought his temper under control. “She went behind my back and solicited two more donors for this. When she told me about it yesterday, I let her have her way. She presented it as a gift. I honestly don’t care if she wants to have multiple partners. We’re not exclusive. I don’t even see her that often.”

“She’s the one who framed it as an expression of ultimate trust.” Marcella didn’t need to know more to understand how Gretchen had manipulated both Sean and the situation. “That doesn’t sound like something you’d come up with.”