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By My Side Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:56:50

Now she felt only the heat of his caress. “No, Master.”

Abruptly, he stepped away from her body. The heat vanished, leaving quivering need in its wake. “We’re going to play, Cella. I’m going to tease you a lot. You aren’t allowed to come without permission. That will earn a punishment.”

Marcella shivered. His threat had been vague. Punishment meant different things to different people. Just from what she’d overheard, she knew Sean had used a cane on Gretchen. Marcella had never experienced a cane, but she had seen it used on another submissive. The large man had cried like a baby and begged his mistress for forgiveness. By the time she’d finished with him, his back had been a series of striped welts. Marcella wanted to remind Sean she wasn’t into that kind of pain.

“Punishment isn’t meant to be pleasant.” He continued as if he’d heard her internal monologue. “You won’t enjoy it. If you enjoyed it, then it would be a reward.” He stepped closer, coming up behind her when she thought he was still in front of her. He nipped at her earlobe. “Do you trust me, Cella?”

Her fears fell away as her iron will reasserted itself. She would not fail. Did she trust Sean? Absolutely. “Yes, Master. I trust you.”

“Good. You’ll need that trust because I’m going to test you.”

Silence again. The sounds of drawers and the clink of ice. She waited, using years of practice to control her desire. The need pulsing between her thighs dissipated.

Wet heat closed around her nipple. Sean laved the tiny bud with his tongue and stretched it with his teeth. Marcella moaned and arched closer. He released her, but his fingers were there, pinching and pulling. She gasped and tried to move away, but the chains held her in place. When he finished, the sharpness of the remaining pinch indicated a nipple clamp. He did the same thing to her other breast.

Marcella loved wearing nipple clamps as long as they weren’t tightened too much. Sean played with the tension, easing it back a little. She sighed when she got to the point where pleasure outweighed pain. “How’s that, slave?”

“It’s perfect, Master. Thank you.”

The clamps moved and grew heavier. Cold metal slid along the skin of her breasts. An image of a delicate chain flashed in her memory. The chain had a series of larger hoops in the middle where weights could be attached. It also had a longer attachment with another clamp at the end that would connect her clit to her nipples. The tissues between her legs swelled, begging silently for attention.

He tugged on the chain and claimed her lips at the same time, swallowing her gasp. She melted into the firm softness of his lips, but that didn’t stop her from noticing that he ran his fingertips lightly along her slit. Without warning, he plunged two fingers deep. He massaged her vaginal walls, exploring instead of stimulating, but the effect devastated her nonetheless. Orgasm threatened.

She moaned into his mouth, begging for a reprieve. Her body trembled. He withdrew his fingers. At odds with her mind, her pussy pulsed, chasing the feel of his fingers again.

“Mmmm.” A slurp and a popping sound came from inches away. “I think we’ll have to get to the licking part of the night sooner rather than later. Your flavor is distinctly addictive.”

Marcella prayed he would remove her blindfold before that happened.

The air in front of her lost that electric feeling that came whenever he stood nearby. When she sensed him again, he stood behind her. He probed her anus with gel-covered fingers. She breathed into the sensation, relaxing the tight muscle because she knew the joys that awaited her.

The first small bead barely made an impact. The second stretched her a little wider, and the wand connecting them thickened. Each bead, successively larger, brought a little more pleasure than the one before. By the time he inserted the sixth, her body trembled and her pussy threatened to spontaneously orgasm. She inhaled deeply and let it out slowly. She tried to think about boring, nonsexual things, but her mind fixated on the things she felt and refused the distraction.

Her head fell back, and she lost control of her breathing. Sean cradled the back of her skull. He licked a line up the column of her throat and sucked on her lips.

“You’re close, aren’t you, my sweet slave?”

No sense in hiding anything from her master. “Yes, Master.”

“I want to see you come, Cella. I’m going to finger you. I want you to hold off for as long as you can, honey. Ask first.”

Any other master might have just fingered her until she begged. She liked the way he sometimes told her what he was going to do and sometimes didn’t. When he penetrated her with three fingers—it had to be three, he stretched her so wide—all thoughts of gratitude fled.