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Olivia (Babysitter’s Club 3) Jordan Silver 2022/8/3 13:57:08

Maybe I shouldn’t have started this shit. Fucking your kids’ babysitter probably isn’t the brightest idea, but damn. The little short shorts that cupped her ass and those tits that she never covered with a bra were damn near impossible to resist.

At least that’s what caught me out there the first time. I have no excuse for the other twenty or more times we’ve fucked since. These days it seems all she has to do is breathe and I’m in her.

I loved my wife, at least I thought I did, no I know I did. But it was nothing like the fiery emotion I feel for this girl in my bed.

She’s awakened something in me that’s either going to send me crazy as fuck at some point, or make me the luckiest guy on the planet.

I’m still navigating my way around this shit. Still trying to figure out what the fuck happened, how we got here? When I first hit it, I had no idea she was packing this kinda heat between her thighs; but fuck.

I open my eyes and she’s the first thing I think about. My heart starts to act funny as soon as I feel her warm body draped over mine.

And fuck forbid she’s on the other side of the king sized bed because she got hot in the night; I fucking pout like a two year old and drag her back to me.

The problem is, we never discussed where this thing was going. We never had any kind of conversation about relationships. It’s like we just fell into each other and have been fucking like minks ever since.

For some fucked up reason I’m a bit hesitant to open up that door with her. First time in my life I’ve backed down from anything.

I’m not sure if I’m afraid of her answer if I ask her where she sees us going? Or if I’m just satisfied with the way things are between us. Either way, some shit’s gotta come to a head before I lose my shit entirely.

I felt the change in her breathing and knew she was finally awake. I’d been laying here with my eyes open for at least ten minutes, just breathing her in like the sap she’d turned me into.

I tightened my arms around her and kissed her hair. “Morning beautiful!”

“Umm good morning.” She got closer, kissed my nipple and tightened her arm around me.

“I have to get up soon, my first class starts in an hour.” She tapped her fingers on my chest and looked up at me with those amazing cat eyes. I think it’s the eyes that trapped my ass in the first place.

After spending the last six months in a hell battle with my ex, I wasn’t really looking to get tangled up with another female right off the bat, but I knew the moment she walked through my door that I was in deep shit.

Everything about her called to me. Her face, her ass, her scent, every damn thing. I can’t even tell you half of what was said in that interview because my dick was screaming to get at her from the jump.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a dog who goes around chasing every skirt he sees. Well, I haven’t been for the six years that I was married, but before that, oh yeah.

But while I was married I stayed true to my vows. I didn’t even look at another female because that shit would’ve been foul. But now that I’m a free agent again, hell yeah I’m back in the game and in a big way.

The thing is this one’s kinda young. I have her by ten years, which is something I never did before. Before Melissa, who was three years younger than me, my women were always my age or a little older.

I like brassy broads who’ve been around the block a time or two. But Olivia, though she may be young in years, has enough brass for any ten women. Something else about her that pulls at me.

The girl don’t fuck around. She knows what she likes and ain’t afraid to say it. Unlike Melissa who expected my ass to be a mind reader. The two women are like night and day.

I’m not gonna lie and say my ex was a bad person or any of that other shit. We just got to a place where we both wanted different things in life. It happens I suppose, but people do change.