I Never Knew Love 'til You (I Never 4)

author:Stefanie Jenkins Genre:romance|newadult Last update time:2022/7/22 11:54:50

When Kate Lawson meets her new neighbor, Jaxon McAdams, they instantly clash. This single dad may be sexy as sin with his dark eyes and broodiness, but his rude attitude lands him in Kate’s bad graces within moments of meeting. Kate is hit with a new reality when she discovers Jaxon also happens to be her brother-in-law’s best friend. He is now everywhere she turns, burying himself further and further into her skin.


When Jax needs Kate’s help, she sets aside their differences for the little boy that is slowly capturing her heart. The more time Kate spends with Jax and his son, both of their walls begin to crumble and things begin to change from hostile to explosive. But when things get hard, will their love be strong enough to survive?