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The Perfect Gift Jessa Kane 2022/8/8 14:21:41

Nova has been my life since the night we met.

She has evolved into my obsession. My every waking thought. My beginning and end.

We started off splitting time between the island and New York, but I couldn’t bear having her away from this place. She belongs in the sunshine, her toes in the sand, a thong bikini tucked between her delicious ass.

A growl works its way up my throat.

I’m going to devour that sweet backside at the earliest opportunity.

My cock thickens in my shorts. I’m going to need her sooner rather than later, which is always the case. It’s why I can never concentrate on work. I’m insatiable when it comes to my wife. Not only her body, either. But her love, her laughter, her touch, her affection, the way she can soothe me like nothing else. Her heart is the purest thing on this earth and she proved it five years ago. As I carried her home on the beach from the restaurant where I took her virginity—in admittedly unconventional fashion—she asked me to keep the doors of her parents’ restaurant open, to preserve their legacy.

After everything her sisters did, my wife’s incredible heart forgave them.

I added a second story to the restaurant, complete with rooftop seating, modernized the kitchen equipment and flew in a world-class chef. Anything she asks me for I will lay at her feet—with upgrades. And I wish like hell she would ask me for things more often. But no, my angel is content as long as she has sunshine and coconuts.

Yes, she definitely needs that to be fulfilled.

Just this morning, I woke up to her choking on my morning wood, her fingers stroking her clit through her wet panties, her tight tush up in the air. Fuck, that little whining sound she makes has been ringing in my head ever since. I created a fiend five years ago and there is no happier man than myself on this planet. That is a fact.

With that in mind, I pick out a safe distance in the water below and jump, my wife’s delighted laughter greeting me as I hit the water. She throws herself into my arms as soon as I surface, her legs cinching around my hips. As always now, I lay into her with a ravenous kiss, making up for the full twenty-four hours I went without kissing her when we met. My tongue plows into her mouth and she opens for it, her wet, pliant lips pillowing against mine.

“Hey there,” she whispers, when I go for her neck, biting it with a growl.

My children squeal, splashing us, amused but not surprised by the physical display.

No, they’re well aware of my need to touch Mommy. Constantly. They’re also aware that sometimes I need to fly her to New York for a week. They might not realize Daddy needs seven days of uninterrupted fucking, but that’s why we have three nannies, isn’t it?

“I sensed you watching,” she whispers against my mouth.

“Did you?” Beneath the water, my palms glide up her thighs and squeeze her hips. “Could you sense that I was unable to concentrate on work because I never stop thinking about being balls deep in my wife?”

Her lips tilt flirtatiously. “I did sense that.” She trails a finger down my bare chest. “You need me so bad, don’t you, Daddy?”

“Always,” I rasp, my dick rising to meet her tight, little pussy. “Do it.”

Nova doesn’t even have to ask what I mean, she simply puts two fingers between her lips and blows, bringing two nannies into view. They scoop our children up and ferry them away with promises of ice cream at the beach—and I can barely wait until they’re out of view before throwing my wife over my shoulder and wading through the water toward shore.

As soon as we’re on land, I position her on hands and knees, legs spread wide. She pouts at me like a naughty girl over her shoulder, tilting her beautiful butt up toward the sunshine and giving me no choice but to rip the thong down her legs, leaving it bunched around her knees. My cock is already spurting in my shorts and I barely get it out in time to thrust into her too-tight cunt, falling on her like a beast and pumping for everything I’m worth.

“You rule my world, Nova,” I growl into her neck. “And I rule yours. Say it.”

“You rule my world, Daddy,” she whimpers, her pussy flexing, pushing me to the edge. “My husband, my hero, my Lincoln. I love you.”

I see her as she was that first night, practicing what she would say to me, her body wrapped in a bow, and my heart strings yank tight. “I love you, too, Nova. With no end.”