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Buying Beth (Disciples 3) Izzy Sweet 2022/8/8 14:58:54

His wails and moans coming from him in great, gasping heaves and sobs.

He’s been so fucking tough through his shitty role, but I think he’s finally breaking down to the bottom.

I need to build him up now.

Lifting his tiny body back onto his bed, I tuck the covers around him loosely. I don’t want to put any constriction around his body.

Looking around the room, I see how bare and Spartan it is.

In my life, I’ve lived pretty close to having no ties. Nothing that I couldn’t leave behind without a second thought. But this kid can’t do that, not yet. It isn’t healthy.

He needs ties, he needs things to call his own besides a bed and blanket. I know there are kids out there that don’t even have that, but then most of ‘em haven’t had their parents murdered and almost got sold off to some sick fuck.

I want to shake my head at his lot in life, but that ain’t going to fix the shit.

Turning away from my kid, I look straight into the eyes of Beth. She’s staring at me with those wide doe-like eyes, deep pools of tears primed to spill down her cheeks.

A hitch in her voice gives me pause. “Was that true?”

“What you said about being in a Mexican prison?”

“Yeah,” I say, and I walk towards her. I didn’t give the kid the full truth, but it was close enough to suit my needs on what he needed to hear. That he wasn’t alone, that you can get past it all.

Closing the door, I grab Beth by the hand, pulling her with me.

There, against the wall just inside our bedroom, I push myself against her supple body. She’s wearing one of my shirts, and while she’s a little taller than most women, it still hangs down low on her body.

She fights me momentarily as I grab her hands, but I’m not in the mood for games and subtlety right now.

Holding both hands over her head, I smash my mouth against hers. Those eyes stare at me in shock. She’s not aware of just how much I need her right now.

How I need the feeling of her body against my own.

Kissing her with the rage inside of me, I try to slow myself, but I can’t.

My free hand goes to my pants. Unfastening the button of my pants, my cock goes from just awakening to a full-on rod of steel as I push my knee between her thighs.

I need this connection. I need to be a part of someone, of something, anything. I don’t know what stops her fighting, but when I pull away from her mouth she is breathing heavily.

My own breath comes out in gasps.

Slowly, her thighs spread with the help of my hand. The slickness there is growing as I rub my hand against her silky folds.

She’s not going to run now, not when I rub my fingers through her growing heat.

Finding the little bundle of nerves, I stroke my fingers across it in small, circular brushes. Her leg wraps around mine as I shift myself between her thighs, pushing my cock against her wet pussy. I know she’s going to be sore from last night but I need this.

I need to take what’s mine in this world.

Pushing the head of my thick cock to her opening, I drop her hands and feel them latch around my neck as I lift her up, pushing her back against the wall. Her legs wrap around me as I hold her there, my cock slowly pushing into her oh-so-tight folds.

She’s as tight as she was last night, and I feel some guilt as I give a hard push.

Bottoming out inside of her, the gasp she lets out in my ear makes my cock jump inside of her.

My hands holding her ass cheeks, I lift her up and then drop her back down again, over and over. My cock almost leaving the molten hot squeeze of her tight pussy.

This isn’t enough for me; I need more of her.

Pulling away from the wall, I kick the door shut and walk us to the bed. My thrusts all but stopping as I focus on us not falling to the floor and breaking my dick. There must be some friction, though, as she moans quietly as the base of my cock rubs against her little clit.

She has absolutely no clue what the sounds of her being pleasured do to me. It makes my balls ache with the need to plant my seed deep inside of her womb.

Reaching the bed, I fall with her, and we land with me slamming deep down inside of her.

“Fuck!” she yelps, and my moan of pleasure makes her giggle.

“Jesus, you’re fucking tight,” I growl out.

Her giggles are having the most wonderful fucking effect of helping her already sinfully tight pussy clamp down on me.