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Buying Beth (Disciples 3) Izzy Sweet 2022/8/8 14:59:01

James pushes past me with the unconscious asshole who he drops to the floor with a heavy thump. “Fucking guy is heavy as shit. Fucker been eating too many twinkies.”

At James’s voice, Beth’s eyes snap open in stark terror before she spots me.

There is a small look of hope there in those hazel eyes as she slowly comes off the bed. Her lip is split and she has a big black eye from where her father must have struck her.

I can’t believe a man would do something like this to his own daughter. It makes my skin crawl with disgust for him.

“Johnathan?” she asks as if she can’t believe it’s me.

Nodding my head, I sweep her into my arms.

She feels absolutely right here in my arms. I don’t like the ‘love’ word, but I sure feel something like it in my chest as I hold her as tight as I can.

Her hands grab my cheeks as she pulls me down to a deep kiss. She shows absolutely no hesitation as she kisses me with all the passion inside of her soul. I’m momentarily stunned before I find myself returning the kiss with everything I have.

Pulling away from her, my cock is semi-hard as I say, “We need to get moving. Still gotta visit your old man before we get out of here.”

Eyes wide, she shakes her head. “He’s never going to let me go, Johnathan, not if he can help it… I’m so sorry I made a mess of…”

“Don’t start. It is what it is. This just speeds up the process of taking control of your father’s life.”

“Is Charlie okay?” she asks.

“Yeah, our boy is good. Passed out right before we left the house. I got your friend Sophia there watching him.”

“Time to move, guys. We need to secure the old man so I can get to stealing some shit. You got anything in here you want to take, Beth?” James asks as he looks around the barren room.

She goes to the nightstand and pics up the picture frame. Holding it to her chest, she shakes her head. “Nothing. He’s taken anything I ever held dear away from me already. I just want to go home.”

Home. She called my house home. Fuck that makes my dick swell. She’s going to look so good at home with a big, fat pregnant belly.

Pulling her into the hallway, we move slowly towards her father’s area.

Reaching the corner, I murmur to Beth, “Tell the men you need to talk to your father.”

She nods her head and sets the picture frame down on the floor before straightening herself out.

Turning the corner, she slumps her shoulders and her head goes into a meek, little submissive posture as she asks, “Can I speak to him please?”

“He’s sleeping. Come back in the morning,” I hear one of the men say.

“Go away, or we’ll have to let him know you’re misbehaving again.”

I see Beth just barely turn the corner before she falls to the floor in an almost believable act. She makes it look like she tripped on something.

“Oh god… my ribs,” she gasps as she looks right at me and gives a small wink.

“Fucking hell,” I hear the other guy say as they move towards us.

She crawls past me, saying, “Please don’t hurt me… Please.”

One thug passes around the corner and stops in shock as I lift him up off his feet with a vicious uppercut to his chin.

The second man falls back as he gets slammed into by James. I’ve seen James tackle people before, and he’s not the biggest of Lucifer’s men, but when he slams into the second guy it looks like a NFL linebacker is taking out a junior high kid.

The man slams into a wall with his head leaving a sizable dent in the plaster.

Running over to the guy, I lay into him a couple of times with my knuckles before he’s out like his buddy.

Panting just slightly, I look over at Beth. She’s pulled herself into a sitting position and she leans against the wall we were just hiding behind.

“You okay, baby?” I ask as I kneel down in front of her.

Wincing, she holds her hand out for me to help her up. “Yeah, but my ribs really do hurt. They like to hit me where it won’t show.”

Growling, I pull her into my arms. “I swear I’m—”

“Remember the rules, John, no killing,” James says as he zip ties both guards before gagging and duct taping their mouths shut.

Begrudgingly, I nod my head. I don’t have to like it; I just have to do it.

We walk to the Senator’s door, and with hard kick from me, the lock shatters the wood holding it shut and the door flies open.

“Wake the fuck up, asshole,” James calls out as he runs into the room.