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Buying Beth (Disciples 3) Izzy Sweet 2022/8/8 14:59:02

I blink at Lucifer, not understanding the hidden meaning, before another grunt draws my attention.

I look to the center of the room and see Andrew bending over someone seated in a chair. At first, all I can see is their hairy legs, and it strikes me as being strange that they seem to be completely bare. Are they not wearing any pants?

Andrew straightens and turns. “’Bout fucking time.” He shakes out his right hand as if it’s paining him and then he walks up to Johnathan and gives him a friendly slap on the back with his left hand. “He’s all yours, buddy.”

“Thanks for keeping him warm for us,” Johnathan grins and once more tugs me forward, but as soon as I see who is sitting in the chair I freeze in shock.

Sasha, the man who killed Lindsey, groans and slowly, as if he’s in a great deal of pain, lifts his head and his eyes lock on mine.

I see my own shock reflected in his eyes before they fill with hatred. “You…” he hisses.

I glance towards Johnathan, my heart fluttering with panic. “Why is he here?”

Johnathan opens his mouth to answer me, but before he can Sasha yells out, “I knew you would be trouble.”

Johnathan’s face hardens and he releases his grip on my arm.

“I should have killed you and all your worthless friends!”

Johnathan reaches into his pocket and walks up to Sasha in three big steps. Pulling his hand out of his pocket, his knuckles glint in the overhead light before his fist connects with Sasha’s mouth.

There’s an awful crack and I can’t help but wince.

“Shut your mouth, you fucking waste of flesh.”

Sasha moans and as Johnathan pulls away, I can see his mouth is now a bloody mess. Johnathan punches him again, this time in the ribs. Sasha doubles over, all the air whooshing out of him.

Johnathan looks over his shoulder, towards Lucifer. “You get everything you need out of him?”

Lucifer nods his head. “Yes, he was surprisingly easy to break. By all means, carry on Johnathan,” he grins.

Sasha gasps for air and makes all kinds of horrible wheezing noises.

Lucifer points to a cart covered in a variety of shop tools and medical instruments. “You’re welcome to use my personal collection if you wish.”

Johnathan glances towards the cart and makes a disgusted face. “I don’t need all that shit when I’ve got my fists.”

Lucifer smirks and nods his head. “True, but your wife might find something of interest.”

Both men look at me expectantly, and I feel like the floor was just yanked out from beneath me.

Do they expect me to torture Sasha? Have I somehow given them the impression I’m capable of such a thing? I know I expressed my hated for the men who hurt my friends and me, but this…

I don’t know what to do. The world around me is spinning out of control. How could Johnathan possibly think I’d want this? That I’d be okay with this?

This is evil and sick.

Johnathan hovers over Sasha as the man tries to breathe.

After a few minutes, Sasha finally draws in a couple of deep breaths and straightens. I cover my mouth with a gasp as I catch sight of his mangled mouth. His teeth are broken and he’s bleeding profusely. Steams of saliva and blood drool down his chin.

Sasha mutters something but it’s a completely unintelligible, slurred Russian mess.

“What was that?” Johnathan asks.

Sasha spits out a wad of blood and a couple of teeth before sneering at Johnathan. “I said your wife is a dirty whore.”

Johnathan punches Sasha again in the stomach. Again, the air seems to go out of him, but he recovers more quickly this time.

Sucking in a breath, Sasha wheezes out, “So dirty and ugly, even my men wouldn’t touch her.”

Johnathan takes another swing at Sasha, aiming at his head, but stops at the last second.

Sasha cringes, expecting the hit, as Johnathan looks back at me. “You want a piece of this, baby?”

I shake my head slowly back and forth and take a step back.

No, I don’t want a fucking piece of this. What I want to do is run far, far away from here and pretend it never happened.

Sasha starts laughing as if he finds this hilarious. His bloodshot eyes lock on me and there’s a manic quality to them. “They wouldn’t fuck your disgusting pussy, but they fucked the shit out of your pretty little brunette friend.”

Oh my god, is he talking about Amanda?

“Shut the fuck up,” Johnathan bellows and punches him in the head.

Sasha’s head goes flying back and for a second I think Johnathan might have broken his neck.

I hold my breath, wondering if it’s over now.

But then Sasha’s chin drops back down and he spits out another thick wad of blood and spit.

Sasha can’t seem to look up when he groans, “They fucked her in her mouth.”