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Counsellor (Acquisition 1) Celia Aaron 2022/8/8 15:03:07

After a few moments of silence, a door slammed somewhere far away in the house. Her door.

The sound jarred Lucius into motion. He followed Stella’s trail like a seasoned hunter, smooth and focused.

I wanted to stop him, to work the same violence on him that I had on Stella’s heart.

“Leave her alone, Lucius.” Though my soul was gone, my rage still burned.

He glanced over his shoulder, triumphant and vicious. “She’s mine now. I know the rules. I call the shots, and I have no intentions of ever leaving her alone.”

“I will fucking end you.” I forced myself to move and followed him into the hall.

He flipped me off and took the stairs two at a time.

“Game on, big brother.”