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Better than Sexy (The Sexy 3) Carly Phillips 2022/8/10 15:05:12

After sharing a glass of champagne and enjoying toasts, Landon excused them and dragged her upstairs. She was glad he hadn’t thrown her over his shoulder in front of friends and family, but she was grateful to finally be alone.

She looked down at the crazy glitzy ring he’d bought her and sighed with pleasure. “I wouldn’t have thought I was a girl who loved bling, but this ring is gorgeous.”

“When you’re out there performing for the world, I just want everyone to know you’re mine.”

She lifted herself to her toes and pressed a warm kiss on his lips. “Yours and only yours. Forever.”

The double wedding of Tanner and Scarlett and Landon and Vivi took place the weekend before Vivi was due to leave on tour. Knowing the dates ahead of time, Vivi and Landon had snuck off to Tahiti for a pre-wedding honeymoon alone, then returned in time to get married. The venue was Club TEN29, where, they all agreed, Levi’s presence would be felt the most.

When Vivi walked down the aisle to Landon, her mother on one side, his father on the other because she had no one else to give her away, she literally took his breath away.

Her hair fell in a tumble of dark waves around her shoulders, the shawl-like top of the dress draping around her forearms, her face shimmering with excitement and love. Love Landon reciprocated tenfold.

“Breathe,” Tanner muttered, much as Landon had said to him a few minutes ago when Scarlett had made her way toward him on her father’s arm. Her mother was still in the assisted living facility, where she was nonverbal and nonresponsive. But today was about celebrating.

As Scarlett faced Tanner and Vivi looked to Landon, holding hands, they said their vows, promising to love, honor, and cherish, in sickness and in health. Landon barely heard the words.

All he cared about was making Vivi his. And after he kissed the bride, dipping her low and covering her lips with his, he did just that, joining them together for the rest of their lives.

Considering the obstacles they’d had to overcome, he was pretty damned happy and satisfied as they strode back down the aisle, following Tanner and Scarlett out.

Next week they had a concert tour to begin. Tonight he’d make Vivi his in every way that mattered.