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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:51

In fact, he wouldn’t stand for it.

He grabbed her hair, then angled her head to the side. “Who’s fucking you now, kitten?”

“You are,” she gasped. “Oh God!”

Locked in her stare, he spotted the heat she experienced from his cock, only his touch. He liked knowing it was him bringing her to this level of arousal. He loved being the reason why her eyes were so rich with desire, so much so he didn’t want it to end.

Though when Brock looked at Smith, he stared at Brock with the dark look he’d gotten used to seeing when Smith was on the brink of his climax. Kyra might think she controlled Smith now, but she’d be wrong. Smith had allowed her that control, even if she didn’t know it. Smith could’ve easily persuaded her, yet he allowed her to think she owned his choices.

Both Smith and Brock needed control in their lives and craved to control their women. That didn’t mean they couldn’t allow a woman some freedom to think she owned the show…for a little while. They weren’t successful in life by luck. They knew how to get what they wanted.

Now, Brock saw in Smith’s gaze, he fought off his orgasm. Brock wasn’t nearly done with Kyra tonight. He wanted more time with her. Having sex once wasn’t enough to get his fill of her. Though he suspected Smith wanted the same, by how he looked at Kyra with such fierceness.

Releasing his fingers from her hair, Brock murmured, “Finish Smith, kitten.”

She wrapped both hands around Smith’s cock and lowered her head, but the intensity with which Smith looked at Kyra shifted. The control he’d given her a moment ago, he clearly wanted back. To ensure she forgot what she had asked Smith to do, Brock slammed forward to steal her train of thought. In the same instant, Smith wrapped his hands around her head, then thrust up from underneath.

With Smith taking her mouth, Brock continued to pound against her sexy ass. Each thrust forward gave him quite the view as her bottom jiggled. Each withdrawal showed his cock glistening in her arousal. Her inner muscles tightened around him almost immediately after he started thrusting, which didn’t surprise him.

This was her fantasy.

While Kyra loved to be a bit bossy to show her strength, she clearly also loved being sexually dominated by two men, even if she didn’t want to admit it.

Smith tightened his fingers in her hair, and she moaned which sent her inner muscles clamping against Brock’s cock. He gripped her waist and thrust forward, ruthlessly. His balls drew up tight against his body, causing a hot wave to rush over his spine, making him thrust faster. The squeeze of her inner walls against him made him pump into her harder. The moans she made around Smith’s cock encouraged Brock to render her cross-eyed from her climax.

His muscles burned as he pumped into her mercilessly. Kyra stiffened under Brock’s hands and around his cock. Her body quivered and shook as Smith bucked and jerked against her mouth.

The moment her lips popped off Smith’s cock, she screamed, exploding into a thunderous orgasm that, without warning, brought Brock’s climax. Flickers of flames rushed up his spine, making him roar as he blasted into orgasm.

Beneath his hand on Kyra’s back, he sensed the aftereffects of her release. The little jerks of her sweaty sexy body milked his spent cock. Unable to support his weight, he pulled out from inside her and dropped to his knees.

Smith panted, as deeply as Brock. Kyra now lowered to her knees, her head against Smith’s leg, as if she couldn’t possibly move. Brock concluded he couldn’t either and rested his forehead against her damp back.

Long minutes passed as all their panting turned into quieter breathing, before Kyra shifted away from Brock. She stood, looking down at them with a dozy grin. “Jesus, that…was amazing!” She approached her clothes, which gave Brock a great view of her ass wrapped in that sexy garter. “By the way, boys, who won the bet?”

“The bet isn’t over,” Smith muttered.

“Oh?” She reached for her skirt, glancing over her shoulder, her eyes twinkling. “Why would that be?”

Brock looked at Smith in curiosity, wondering the same damn thing, since his brain hadn’t fully recovered. Smith’s eyes narrowed. “You know as well as I do, you sassy thing, that it’s a tie.”

Kyra laughed as she dressed in her skirt. She put her shoes on in no time, then finished up with her blouse. “Is that what you think?” She gave a smart-ass smirk, which included a wink. “Interesting.”

Brock counted and now realized her orders hadn’t been without purpose. She had stopped Smith earlier because she knew she was going to come, and that would’ve tipped the scales in Smith’s favor.

She hadn’t asked Brock to take her because she wanted it—or maybe that had been part of it too—but more so, it evened the score. She’d ordered Smith not to touch her at all, meaning Brock had made her come, not Smith. Brock believed any way this played out, she would’ve ensured the result was exactly what had happened.

Saucy little woman had outsmarted them.

“Thanks for the fun night. I’ll never forget it.” She blew them a kiss, spun on her heels, and her laughter followed her out of the room.

“Brat.” Smith grunted.

Brock stared at the empty doorway in stunned silence. She was a smart kitten, not only in regards of the bet, but… “Did she just walk out on us?”