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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:51

Warmth slid through Brock. “A challenge?”

Smith gave a crisp nod. “She’s…different, hmm?”

Brock considered Kyra, and she was different. By all appearances, she wanted nothing more to do with them. Never, in all the years that Smith and Brock enjoyed women together, either dating or merely as lovers, had one left them after sex. In fact, it’d always been the other way around, and women tended to be clingy.

He and Smith were two of the wealthiest bachelors in Baltimore, which usually brought women who were after status and money, more than anything else. That reason had been exactly why they’d joined the castle. It kept their sexual preferences private, and they never intended to find a woman worth a deeper look, or had plans to settle down.

He wanted a longer night with Kyra, and she’d just walked away without giving him the chance to ask. Though did he want anything more with her? Did her confidence and independence somehow bring forth a hunger to see her again?

The answer was glaringly obvious. “I’m not done. You?”

“Not nearly finished.” Smith got up from the chair and gathered his clothes off the floor. After he grabbed his slacks, he threw Brock his pants. “There’s something about her that’s—”

“Unique.” Brock dressed, leaving his shirt off, as did Smith. Oddly enough, Brock felt used by her…and Christ, he liked it. More so, she had no idea how intriguing she was, to have the both of them pawing after her. A very interesting development, indeed. Little did Kyra know neither he nor Smith took no for an answer. “Besides, she didn’t let us finish the bet.”

“Quite unfair of her.” Smith gave a firm nod, arching an eyebrow. “We need to settle the score.”

Brock grinned. “And kitten just upped the ante.”

The next night, Kyra sat atop her bed with her laptop, reading an article on Smith and Brock. RAGS TO RICHES: THE STORY BEHIND THE TWO ORPHANS WHO BUILT AN EMPIRE. She scanned the article, now understanding their closeness—even if it didn’t explain why they enjoyed ménage encounters. They’d been adopted by the same woman and had grown up together, and they’d taken their self-made software company and made themselves multimillionaires.

Kyra clicked on another article: SAD NEWS FOR BALTIMORE’S WOMEN. MDR SOFTWARE’S TWO TOP BACHELORS ARE GAY! She burst out laughing and read some ridiculous tabloid that claimed Smith and Brock were homosexual. While she could understand how someone would come to that conclusion, since she doubted they'd had many relationships considering their tastes, the tabloid had it so wrong.

Shaking her head, she continued to search. After a minute of clicking through some boring business articles, she landed on another tabloid: GAY? DREAM ON. LADIES, THE TWO MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELORS ARE BACK ON THE MARKET!

Kyra wondered over the tagline. Was that what they were…back on the market? Were they even eligible? Could they have a proper relationship? How could they share a woman so easily?

She heaved a sigh, knowing exactly why these questions remained so heavy on her mind. For th

e hundredth time, she picked up her cell phone off the mattress next to her and read the text message that Brock had sent just after nine o'clock.

We’d like to see you again, kitten.

She pursed her lips at the message from Brock before she placed her phone on the nightstand. Using her mouse, she opened the original e-mail from them offering the night that had brought them together.

Once the e-mail popped open, she scrolled down to their photos. Brock’s piercing blue eyes pooled heat low into her body, which only increased as Smith’s deep, warm chocolate-brown eyes stared back at her. Her night with the men flashed into her mind, making her temperature rise. Their hands on her, their voices seemingly still whispering in her ears, and the sheer pleasure they’d given her all made her mindless.

Her fulfilled fantasy ended up being so much more than she had expected. Maybe she thought it was naughty having two men at the same time, but more happened that night. Rightness settled deep into her soul, giving her clarity that she needed two men instead of one.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

How confusing was that?

She shouldn’t want two men in her bed.

“Still staring, huh?”

Kyra gasped. “Oh. My. God. Bella.” She gripped her chest, attempting to control her hammering heart. “You scared the frickin’ crap out of me. Don’t do that!”

Bella chuckled, leaning against her door frame dressed in her pink nightie. “I knocked twice.” Her blue eyes held more happiness and contentment than Kyra had ever seen in her friend.