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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:51

“Sure you do,” Kole stated. “It’s time to stop stalling.”

Kyra lifted her head, and while his tone held a sharp edge, warmth rested in his features. She’d grown to like that about Kole. Part of him scared her with all his intensity, but there was depth to him that if she hadn’t seen him with Bella, she doubted she’d ever noticed. She also expected most people never saw the softer side to Kole.

There, in his fierce gaze, was a strength telling her to make a decision. She thought back to why she made the pact in the first place. With no prospects of love and a few boring one-night stands, what did she have to lose?

Another sexual experience that equaled no other.

In the arms of one man, she found no fulfillment. In the arms of two men, she tasted satisfaction. The thought of Smith and Brock focused entirely on her made her shiver, sending heat rushing from head-to-toe.

Kole’s mouth twitched. “And there it is.” His voice took on a sharp edge as if stating for a fact he recognized her desire for the men.

She exhaled a long, slow breath, still trapped in his stare. “But how can this work between us?”

“They’re not asking for your hand in marriage.” Bella patted Kyra’s leg. “Just more hot and sweaty sex.”

There was the other problem. She couldn’t stop thinking about them all day. Was it just se

x to her? Unemotional play that kept her safe? She rubbed her eyebrow, knowing the answer was staring her dead in the face. “But what if I start”—she swallowed—“liking them?” This was the serious problem—something about the men made her feel so safe, so comfortable. Becoming attached didn’t seem difficult, and that scared her.

Kole leaned his shoulder against the door frame and folded his arms. “So, what if you do?”

She looked to Bella, waiting for her to agree that a ménage relationship could never work, but Bella remained silent. Kyra finally looked to Kole. “How can a woman want to date two men? It’s wrong…weird.”

“Get normal out of your head,” he replied with little heat to his voice. “Is my liking to restrain Bella and flog her normal?”

Her immediate response was no, but that’d just be rude to her best friend since for Bella it was normal.

At her silence, Kole inclined his head. “In the context of our lives, it’s right because it’s what we want. Just as, in your life right now, you want these two men.”

“Besides,” Bella cut in. “From what you’ve said they’re stinkin’ rich, which means fancy dinners and presents.” She slapped Kyra’s thigh. “Enjoy it. You deserve to have some fun.”

Kyra glanced down to the string on her bed that she fiddled with, and she contemplated. Why was she rejecting the idea of spending more time with men who could satisfy her to her bones? Sure, she entered dangerous territory since it’d been a long time since she had this kind of chemistry with a man…or two men, for that matter.

Would she have regrets if she ignored Brock and Smith’s offer? Could she keep herself distant enough to not let feelings get involved? Part of her doubted it. She felt butterflies thinking about the two men she didn’t even know. The other part of her—the stronger part—declared she could keep this strictly sexual.

“All right.” She raised her head to Bella, then said to Kole, “I’ll message them.”

“Glad to hear it.” Kole gave her a direct, probing stare. “Nothing wrong with going after what you need, Kyra.”

“Right, what I need,” she muttered, which were two gorgeous men, two hard cocks, four hands, and…

Dammit, she needed to stop shivering. Kole’s smile widened, and he clearly fought against his laughter.

Bella bounced on the bed. “I bet once you get sandwiched between those two hotties again, you’ll wonder why you sat here staring at them on the computer for so long, contemplating this instead of fucking them.”

Kyra grunted. “Bella, you’re such a pervert.”

“I know.” Her grin was sure-as-shit satisfied before she jumped off the bed and leaped at Kole, who caught her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist while he tucked her nightie over her butt to fortunately hide a view Kyra didn’t want.

Kyra shook her head, laughing. Her heart warmed at their happiness. Maybe she was slightly envious of their relationship; she wanted that—to find true love. Nonetheless, she was thrilled that Bella had found Kole. “Night, guys. Thanks.”

“Send that text,” was all Kole said before he took a giggling Bella back down the hallway.

Once she heard Bella’s bedroom door shut, Kyra placed her laptop on the floor and tucked herself into bed. She grabbed her phone off the nightstand and drew in a deep breath. Before she could chicken out, she got right to it.