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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:52

Watching her strip and be so bold, and her allowing him to blindfold her, was all-powerful fuel to erotic pleasures. Smith pressed against her bare bottom and tangled his fingers into her hair, then pulled her head back. “I’m going to take you hard.”

“Yes,” she rasped, angling her head farther to whisper, “Take me.”

Smith didn’t need her to say another word. He wanted to be deep inside her. His cock throbbed in his pants and was uncomfortably hard. He reached for his wallet in his pocket, grabbed a condom, then rid himself of the rest of his clothing within one breath.

Using his teeth, he ripped the foil open, and in quick time, he sheathed his cock. With her legs still spread wide, he stepped behind her. He rested his cock against her slit right before he thrust forward.

Kyra arched her back, screaming a sound rich with pleasure. Smith wanted to hear more. He gripped her hips, and, with no sense of care for his own muscles, pounded against her. His pelvis smacked her sexy ass, and his groans mirrored Kyra’s screams of ecstasy when only minutes later, her pussy clamped against him.

Knowing that Brock had already made her come once tonight at the restaurant, he could only even the score tonight with their ongoing bet. He hadn't forgotten the bet hadn't been settled, but tonight it would remain that way. He needed to make her come twice. The first, he’d let her build on her own. The second, he’d force right out of her.

With the full intent of making her see stars, he slammed against her with hard lunges. His sac caressed her clit with every thrust forward, and he angled his cock at just the right spot to call to her climax.

His tie wrapped around her head was a damn spectacular sight, and it fueled his power. Right now, she could only feel, and only be in the moment. There was no visual to distract her. And that’s why it didn’t surprise him she came with only a few more strokes.

Her tight heat convulsed around him with such hard contractions that he had to grit his teeth to offset his pleasure. The scent of her arousal rushed through his nostrils, causing him to breathe even heavier through his mouth to fight off his rising climax. The sound of her screams echoing in the large foyer made him proud. And the act of his cock being drenched in her increasing moisture tensed his muscles.

When her shouts of satisfaction turned into quiet whimpers, her pussy massaged his cock through her climax, and he slowed his thrusts. Sweat dripped off his nose and onto her back as she trembled beneath him. He waited her out, gave her the time to relish her blissful state, and continued to bite his lip to focus away from his hunger.

Only a few seconds passed before she wiggled her hips and pushed against him, offering more. He ran his hand up her spine, then over her ribs and reached for her breast. He played with her nipples, tweaked them until they tightened into firmer buds.

The feel of her breast heavy in his hand, and the way it seemed undeniably right to touch her, even how she squirmed into him, and how beautiful she looked, once again made his cock ache to blow. Her pussy seemed permanently clamped on his cock. Each thrust seemed more forced than the last.

Pulling out of her, even if he cursed doing it, he positioned himself next to her. He ran his hand down her ass until he reached her slit. The tightness of her pussy when he inserted a finger indicated she was ripe and ready for another orgasm, just sitting there and waiting for him to gift it.

He slid another finger inside her hot wetness and angled both against her G-spot. Her inner muscles squeezed at his fingers, and she gave a low moan as he rubbed against the sensitive area.

When she whimpered in a near beg, he enjoyed the sound, almost as if she knew he could give her another orgasm. He liked that she thought he was capable, because in this regard, he was. Some men didn’t understand the G-spot, but luckily for Kyra, both of them excelled in everything they did. With his free hand firmly pressed against her bottom, he slid his fingers inside her hard and fast, in up and down movements. After two strokes, Kyra attempted to move away from him, but Smith wrapped an arm around her waist and pinned her to him.

He continued pumping them inside of her, and Kyra screamed so loud that Smith’s cock throbbed in acknowledgment of the sexy sound. Wetness spread over his fingers and dripped down onto his palm. But he didn’t stop his determined thrusts until her voice had gone quiet.

As he yanked his fingers out, she wobbled and whimpered, and he preferred seeing her that way. Blindfolded with his tie, unable to sta

nd properly, cheeks flushed, and satisfied. Though he wasn’t nearly finished with her.

He turned her to him, pushed her back against the staircase, and hooked one of her legs over his arm. He stared at her parted lips just under the blindfold and positioned his cock against her slick heat. Then he unleashed the strength behind his muscles onto her body.

Right now, he didn’t care about her pleasure. He only cared about his. He fucked her how he wanted to—raw and dirty. Fast strokes slamming against her repeatedly, which sent all that lovely wetness of hers spreading out between them.

He inhaled her feminine scent mixed with the rich musk of her arousal, and that’s all it took to send him over the edge. Heat rushed down his spine, carried into his sac, then coursed like flickers of flames into his groin. With a loud roar and a final thrust forward, his cum shot from his cock, leaving him jerking and bucking.

By the time his mind returned to a state of coherent thought, he discovered he rested his forehead against hers and her deep pants sent warm breaths over his chin. Yet, the sound of a door closing brought his focus. He lowered her leg from his arm and backed away from her. “Stand there. Don’t remove the blindfold.”

She straightened, her lips pressed into a firm line. “You’re not leaving me, right?”

He smiled, wiping the sweat off his forehead. “Sweetheart, leaving you is the last thing on my mind.”

WITHIN THE DARKNESS, Kyra heard footsteps, but she couldn’t tell if they were Smith’s leaving or Brock’s returning. She could only stand near what she knew was the staircase as the warm air caressed her naked flesh. Her entire body shook from the inside out. Even her muscles were weak, and her body hummed in happiness from two impressive orgasms. The inability to see left her somehow excited and frightened.

Part of her wanted to remove the blindfold to see the view around her, the other—naughtier—part didn’t. She’d always wanted someone to blindfold her, but none of her ex-boyfriends had ever asked. Smith had asked her permission, yet he’d also held the tie in his hand as if he’d planned to persuade her if she refused. Somehow, that confidence he had exuded mixed with the naughtiness excited her.

The footsteps drew closer, and Kyra tilted her head, trying to identity who approached. Then she heard someone walking around her and her heart hammering in her ears, and that was about it. The warm air brushed over her skin as the person settled in front, and then the blindfold tightened with her smile as she recognized the who by her now.

She hadn’t expected to know the difference, but even with the blindfold, she discovered she could tell the men apart. It surprised her how connected she felt to them, how comfortable she was standing there naked for them. When a finger slid over her shoulder and down her arm, she knew Brock stood with her.