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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:53

With a heavy feeling forming in her stomach, she pushed the thoughts from her mind, knowing tonight wasn’t about her. Standing on the sidewalk, she inhaled the scents of stale air mixed with car exhaust.

The hotel, which was located in the Ohio Railroad headquarters of Baltimore, had been the annual spot for the charity gala hosted by both MDR Software and the hotel, which benefited Baltimore’s foster families. The silent and live auctions, as well as the three-hundred-a-plate dinners, helped foster kids attend camp and join sports teams, and some even received scholarships to go to college.

Kyra noted that carved into the stone was 1906 indicating the hotel’s age. She'd been in this hotel before, and it was five stars all the way.

The greeter standing at the revolving door with the earpiece and clipboard in his hand told her enough that tonight the hotel was completely off-limits to the public and had been rented out for the evening. She approached, and when she reached the young man, he said, “Name, please.”

“Kyra Garner,” she replied.

Holding a piece of paper in his hands, he read for only a split second, indicating Smith and Brock put her name at the top of the list. “Enjoy your night, Ms. Garner.”

She entered and stepped into the three-story lobby with its original marble floor and Tiffany stained-glass windows. Kyra thought the hotel looked modern and slick, yet somehow timeless too.

Striding down the hallway lined with crystal chandeliers, she passed other attendees and smiled when she caught people watching her. No doubt, the Valentino dress Brock and Smith had delivered yesterday drew some attention.

The floor-length dress was backless, and the black lace on the gown was gorgeous. It surprised her how attentive the men were to her size. The dress fit her like a second skin and appeared designed for her body.

Bella had demanded Kyra go to the spa, and she listened. She had her hair done in a romantic braid updo, had a manicure and pedicure, plus her makeup applied too. Bella had said, every time Kyra objected to being spoiled, that a dress this nice needed to have a woman in it who looked equally as beautiful. While Kyra had felt fussed over, she happened to think the final look was all worth it.

Tonight, she did feel beautiful.

Kyra entered the main ballroom, and her breath instantly became trapped in her throat. Brock and Smith had clearly spared no expense for the event. She strode forward passing people enjoying cocktail hour. Luxurious and historical, the ballroom stunned her with its gorgeous gold chair covers and large centerpieces of fresh flowers.

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The venue, however, didn’t hold her attention long. The two men standing near the bar straight ahead made her heart race.

Brock and Smith were both dressed in tuxedos, and they were gorgeous. As if they sensed her arrival, they turned to her. The space between them became charged with sexual heat.

Needing to touch them, she forced her feet to move.

As she drew closer, she spotted raw desire in the depths of their eyes, causing a shiver to tickle low in her belly. Those intoxicating looks had held her captive these past weeks. She liked how they looked at her as if no other woman could possibly compare to her. It’s what kept her seeing past the dinner cancellations and the always being late. When she reached the men, Brock and Smith took a step forward, their gazes doing a full sweep of her body. Under their stares, her nipples puckered, which of course made Brock smirk.

“My God, Kyra,” Smith murmured. “You look ravishing.”

“All thanks to the both of you. You have amazing taste.” She smiled at Smith, then at Brock. “Thank you for the dress.”

“You’re welcome.” Brock raised his finger and did a circular movement. “Let’s have a look at it all.”

Kyra complied, spun on her heels, and the men groaned behind her. Then as two warm, hard bodies rested against her, the air thickened. Smith’s lips pressed against her shoulder, as Brock’s slid over her cheek. Her eyes shut of their own accord as awareness of the two men consumed her. Smith’s hand tightened around her hips while Brock’s finger gently slid over her spine.

Heat flooded between her thighs and she squeezed her legs together, relishing in the ache there. The mood flowing around her was charged with sexual electricity, and she wanted to turn up the voltage.

As her nipples puckered tighter, she opened her eyes to see a distinguished man watching her. That’s all it took for her to blink into focus as she remembered they weren’t alone. Quickly scanning the room, she noticed the man hadn’t been the only one looking. There happened to be quite a few people watching their exchange. With a blush to her cheeks, she took a step back, making Brock and Smith narrow their eyes.

She pulled herself together and slid into professional mode. “Would you like a drink? Some wine? A beer?”

Smith shook his head. “Nothing for me.”

Brock gave his classically light smile, even if his eyes were guarded. “I’m good for now, kitten.”

Kyra understood they had their business faces on tonight, and she doubted they’d be drinking much. Her father’s professional attitude was so different from the father she remembered. Fun, sensitive, and goofy, no one in the PR world saw him like that. And at the sudden reminder of him, her heart clenched. Her father had loved donating, and attending charity events…just like this one.

Smith took a step forward, his eyes searching hers. “Are you all right?”

She forced the memory away. “Of course.”

In truth, this was her first charity event since her dad had died. Perhaps with her being on edge with the men, feeling emotional wasn’t all that shocking. “Let me grab myself a glass of wine.”

She turned, exhaled a long breath, so glad neither Brock nor Smith had stopped her. Glancing around the room, she noticed many people giving her curious looks. No doubt they wondered who she was and why she had two men touching her at the same time.