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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:55

Smith admired the view of Kyra standing in only red high heels and a lace thong before he closed in on the other side of her. “Is it really so odd to see that eventually it would come to this? That possibly we could find a woman who needs us both, as much as Brock and I are more comfortable together.”

She shivered as Brock trailed his fingers along her spine. Her eyes fluttered closed before she visibly forced them open. “Yes, I can see that.”

Brock arched a brow, firming his voice. “So, then, we’re in full agreement”—he pointed between him and Smith—“we need this, but this isn’t good”—he pointed to her—“unless you are with us.”

Smith brushed his fingers over her jawline, adoring how she melted into his touch. He truly loved that about her. “We love you, Kyra.”

Brock slid his fingers along her neck. “Let us love you, kitten.”

Tears welled in her eyes, and she cupped their faces. “I know with everything that I am that I love you both too.”

Smith grabbed the rectangular black velvet gift box off the fireplace mantel and offered it to her. “For you.”

Kyra stared at the box, and he witnessed her warmth vanish and her eyes narrow. “My father apologized with presents. Please don’t. No gifts.”

“Don’t be difficult, kitten.” Brock trailed his finger along her neck, and Kyra’s pupils dilated, and her mouth parted. “Open it.”

She looked from Brock to Smith. Her lips finally pinched as she took the box, opened it, and her mouth dropped open.

Brock chuckled, as did Smith.

But shiny and silicone.

Kyra snapped her head up, laughing. “You’ve given me a butt plug?”

Though Smith expected her surprise over their choice of present for her, Kyra wasn’t the type of woman who’d needed fancy things, and Smith respected that about her. “Ah, I’m glad you know what it is.” He winked. “That would have been an interesting conversation.”

Reaching forward, Smith caressed her breast and tweaked her taut nipple. Stepping in behind her, Brock kissed her neck, and she moaned. Smith allowed the play to warm her up. Though he didn’t doubt if he touched between her legs, she’d be soaking wet.

He waited for her to look at him again, then took the gift box from her hand. “Turn around. Place one foot on the chaise.”

She glanced at the butt plug before a heated smile rose to her face. Turning away from him to Brock, she placed her foot atop the chaise. Smith looked at Brock as he lowered down to one knee, settling in front of Kyra. Brock hooked his fingers in her thong and exposed her pussy as Smith watched Brock skim his mouth from her knee up to her slick heat.

“Bend over,” Smith murmured, placing the box on the mantel. She did as he asked. He grabbed the plug out of the box, and beneath it was a small bottle of lube. He returned to her and lubed up the plug. “Have you had anal sex before?”

Smith knew the moment Brock licked her clit, because Kyra quivered beneath his hand on her bottom. With the plug in one hand, he allowed Brock to have a few minutes to get Kyra focused elsewhere.

When her moans deepened, he used his free hand to pull the back of her thong aside, and he spread her cheeks. “I’m glad you’re not an anal virgin.” He rested the plug against her anus and gave a steady push. “You’ll take this easier.”

He chuckled. “Or maybe not.”

Kyra quivered against Brock’s mouth as she came, and he would greedily welcome her to climax against his tongue anytime she wanted. Her sweet taste drove him mad. Once all her hard quaking turned into soft whimpers, he laved her hot slit, lapping up the evidence of her orgasm.

While Smith had stolen her moans with his kisses, Brock knew Smith couldn’t wait to take her either. His tight expression was proof enough, and Brock craved with an equal fervor to be deep inside Kyra…now.

With that intent strong on his mind, Brock gave her hard clit a light kiss before he backed away. Looking up at Kyra, he found her staring down at him with hooded lids. He tucked his fingers under the sides of her thong and removed it.

Once he stood, he nudged Kyra’s thigh so she lowered her foot to the ground. Then, without pause and acting on total need, he pressed his mouth against hers. Kyra’s lips were heaven. Her smell perfection. Her taste addictive.