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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:55

Unfamiliar warmth filled his chest that Kyra came back to them. These past weeks had left Brock miserable. Kyra gone from their lives was nothing he could tolerate, and something he wouldn’t endure.

He vowed tonight, and every night onward, that he would continue to show her why she needed to stay. He needed her, Smith needed her, and they wanted her to need them back. He poured his love for her—mixed with the heat and primal desire to keep her—into his kiss. He gripped her hair tight in his fingers, and she melted beautifully under his touch.

When she leaned farther into Brock’s hold, molding herself against him, Brock heard Smith’s jeans hit the floor. He also recognized the sound of a wrapper tearing, indicating Smith was applying a condom.

Kyra’s warm breath through her nose became harsher against his face, and Brock smiled against her mouth, knowing that Smith stepped in closer to her. Breaking off the kiss, Brock backed away. She looked to Smith with wide, glossy eyes, her mouth puffy from Brock’s kiss. Reaching down, Brock unbuttoned the top of his jeans and lowered his fly.

Smith took her hand, then lay down on the chaise.

Brock turned to the fireplace, grabbed the condom waiting for him and looked at Kyra. Smith had settled his hips off the end of the chaise, and she straddled him with her feet flat on the floor.

Dropping his hands to her hips, Smith grunted low and deep, and Kyra mirrored the sound as she took Smith’s cock inside. Brock hurried to rid himself of his jeans and sheathed himself in the condom.

Listening to Smith moaning and watching Kyra ride him, Brock settled in next to her. Smith pounded Kyra from underneath, and Brock watched her eyes widen as he tweaked her nipple. Her mouth dropped open, and her cheeks flushed pink, until suddenly her eyes screwed shut. She drew in a sharp breath before her eyes snapped open and her screams echoed against the stone walls.

Brock glanced down between her and Smith, and he smiled when he spotted the glistening wetness coating Smith’s pelvis. He also noted the strain along Smith’s pursed lips as he clearly fought off his orgasm. Brock was equally impatient—he wanted to love her and be as close to her as he could get.

He released Kyra’s nipple and grabbed his jeans off the floor. After he reached into his pocket, he took out the small plastic bag. He gathered the lube off the mantel and approached the chaise.

Smith shut his legs, bringing his knees close together and wrapping his arms around Kyra’s back. As Smith

pulled her down against his chest, Brock straddled Smith’s legs, settling in behind her.

When Brock caressed her bottom, she raised her head from Smith’s chest and tensed, no doubt aware of his intention. “Be calm, kitten,” he murmured, grasping the plug. “I’ll be gentle.”

Brock caught sight of Smith’s dark grin right before Smith grabbed Kyra’s face, kissing her with intent to keep her busy. Brock slid his finger inside the loop of the butt plug, and, with care, pulled the plug out. Then he placed it in the plastic bag.

Once he dropped the bag to the floor, he turned to Kyra, seeing Smith continuing to kiss her nerves away while he no longer thrust against her. Using the opportunity of her being preoccupied, Brock opened the bottle of lube and added a generous amount to her bottom. He repeated the move on his condom-covered cock, giving them both a shiny coat of lube.

Spreading her cheeks with one hand, he gazed over her puckered hole, his dick aching to be right there. Christ, she had a pretty ass…and now it belonged to him. He placed the tip of his cock against her anus, and Kyra stiffened beneath him.

He reached around her hip, placing his finger against her hardened clit, then circled the nub. As he pushed against her anus, the tip of his cock dipped into her easily, which pleased him. The plug had done what he hoped. He didn’t want to hurt her. He wanted this to be pleasurable. Though they would be all joined together tonight, of that he was sure.

Brock grasped her hips above Smith’s hands and he gripped her tight, pushing his cock farther inside. Smith stayed motionless from underneath, allowing Brock to enter her. Sometimes he pushed. Other times he waited for her muscles to stretch and relax.

Once Brock settled halfway into her, he murmured, “Push against me, kitten.”

She did as he asked, and it was all he needed to finish the job. He groaned as the rim of muscles tightened around his raging hard-on. He’d dreamed about this since the day he met her, being joined so intimately with both of them inside her.

Withdrawing to just the tip, he continued to work her, while Smith didn’t move an inch. Each passing second became easier for Kyra, and soon Brock took her beautifully. Kyra relaxed in Smith’s arms, and she moaned against each gentle thrust.

The sight of his cock vanishing into her ass, of her straddling Smith, and of her turning to look at him with a greedy, sensual gaze all made Brock grip her hips and thrust faster. His primal growl and response must’ve urged Smith on since he groaned just as deep, then thrust in short, fast movements from underneath.

“Oh, dear God,” Kyra gasped.

Brock was thanking God too. Thanking him for this woman, who accepted him and Smith for what they needed. Most women wouldn’t agree to such an arrangement, and it made him so damn happy that Kyra could break free from typical society to search for what satisfied her in life.

More than anything, Brock was thankful that they finally had a woman who simply made life better. Things had started out a bit rough for them as children. Now they had more than they could ever have asked for. They had a woman who loved them for them, who gave them everything they needed, and who wanted them not as a single, but as a pair.

The wet sucking sounds of Smith drilling into her from underneath filled Brock’s ears, hardening his cock further as Kyra’s ass squeezed him tight. Her sweet cunt was hot to fuck. Her ass blew his mind.

While Brock thrust much slower than Smith, every thrust Smith made only tightened Kyra’s ass around him. Brock clenched his jaw, continuing to shift into her and hoping to hell she reached her climax soon.

He glanced down at her ass and immediately regretted it. Seeing his cock surrounded by her tight rosette was nearly his undoing. She was beautiful, every sexy, tight inch of her. He looked at Smith, whose expression tensed, indicating his climax was close.

Intent on making them all explode into pleasure, Brock increased his speed, yet remained gentle with his strokes. Kyra gasped, and every soft thing about her became taut with tension. Her ass tightened with her climax, and her screams of pleasure washed over him in the sweetest embrace, drawing his balls up tight. Then he roared and bucked against her with such force he could feel the speed of his cum shoot from his cock. Smith’s loud shouts of release echoed almost simultaneously.