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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:49

What concerned her was the self-assurance they portrayed. Arrogance she’d seen all too often in the form of her best friends’, Marley and Bella’s, boyfriends. After another quick look at their stern expressions, she nodded with conviction. “Yes, you both act like doms.”

Smith appeared to fight his smile, but his voice was rich with amusement. “Would you like us to dominate you? I’ve never refused an orgasm, or expected submission, but if you wish—”

“No, I do not wish.” Kyra’s fingernails dug into her palms. “I’m not looking for a dom.” She hesitated. “Or I should say, two of them.”

Brock gave her a long look. “Beyond being the most peculiar conversation I’ve ever had with a woman, why would you assume we live that lifestyle?”

“Well…” At Brock’s question and Smith’s amusement, her cheeks warmed. Now, she was horrified to her bones, realizing her assumption was wrong. “My best friends from the pact live the BDSM lifestyle, and you both seem”—she hesitated, then shrugged—“bossy.”

Brock’s grin remained. “You’re safe with us, kitten. We want to give you orgasms, not refuse them.” His smile faded. “Besides, if I, or Smith, physically hurt you in any way you didn’t want, I’d hope you’d have us arrested.”

She relaxed her fists. “You realize, then, if you give me orders and if I respond, it’s not because I’m submissive.”

“A kitten who hisses.” Brock winked with a dark, seductive look. “I like it.”

Smith’s mouth twitched. “It appears your friends are big players in the BDSM lifestyle, since you’re so adamant in pointing that out. But yes, Kyra, we understand you’re not submissive to us.”

Brock added, “You’re more than welcome to boss around right back. In fact, we expect it and would enjoy some interplay from you.” His eyes positively glowed. “We prefer a spunky kitten than a timid one.” His head tilted. “Can we move past this BDSM issue?”

She nibbled her lip, glancing from one man to the other. “Yes, of course.” With her point made, embarrassment crept up. “You were bossy, and I assumed—”

“We wanted a sex slave.” Brock smirked.

“Right, silly,” she muttered.

Months ago, she wouldn’t have accused anyone of such a thing, since she’d never heard much of the lifestyle. But after hearing endless stories of D/s relationships, it seemed her mind just went there, even if she’d rather not. “Perhaps I need to stop listening to my friends’ stories.”

“Perhaps,” Smith agreed.

Brock still grinned. “Now then, since we’ve moved past that interesting conversation, I suspect I won’t forget any time soon, it’s time to get your sweet ass on the desk, kitten.”

While their intention for putting her on that desk was clear-cut, she had signed up for this, hadn’t she? Small talk had been out of the question. She didn’t want to know these men after tonight. She wanted…wham, bam, thank you, two hunks! The less she knew, the better. For whatever reason, she felt emotionally rattled by the men. That if they got too close, she wouldn’t be able to run.

Never get emotionally involved, especially when you’re dealing with fancy men. A lesson she’d learned from working at the PR firm. Tonight she was down to all business. She’d fulfill the pact, live out her fantasy, and never look back. Besides, these two men were hot, and she planned to let the wild part of herself come out and play.

With that mission in mind, she approached the desk. When she reached the l

arge cherrywood desk, she turned to the sexy beasts behind her. Two men, who no doubt planned to devour her. Desire flickered through her.

The contrast between them startled her. Who were the men behind the photos she couldn’t stop looking at? Smith seemed reserved and strong, while Brock appeared playful and arrogant. The mix of the two provided stimulation without any foreplay. As if one man lacked a quality on his own, but together, they were perfection.

A dangerous situation, reminding her to shut her heart down.

She settled her bottom on the edge of the desk, the tips of her high heels supporting her weight. Her skirt rode up slightly on her thighs and she didn’t have to look down to see her garters showed.

Brock’s gaze went straight to her thighs, and his eyes flared with heat. “Stop right there, kitten.” He stood from the couch, slow like a predator ready to pounce. “I do believe some of your clothing needs to go. Don’t you, Smith?”

Two could play at this game of seduction. “Skirt off, then?”

“No, Kyra,” Smith murmured. “Entire outer layer.” His eyebrow arched in a silent challenge. “Unless you’re too shy to undress while we stay clothed.”

Both men approached her with the same controlled power and settled in front of the desk. Shyness had left her the second she signed up for this insane pact and joined the Castle Dolce Vita. One promise she’d made to herself tonight: no holding back.

The fantasy she’d always dreamed of would only happen once in her life. She’d never be so ballsy to do anything like this again. Here, she held her chance to be sexually free with two drop-dead gorgeous strangers she’d never see after tonight. That meant she’d push herself to limits she never would dream to go.

Leaning away from the desk, she steadied herself on her heels, then reached for the first button of her blouse. Smith’s gaze held hers, as Brock’s examination did a full sweep of her body, stopping on her fingers.