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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:50

With leisurely slowness, she undid each button, her body heating as they watched her.

Once the garment draped open, she pulled the hem of her silk top out from her skirt. She slid herself out of the fabric, placing it behind her on the desk. Under their stares, she realized it wasn’t the act of her undressing turning her on, it was the power in the depths of their eyes.

Smith smiled. One of those I’m about to eat you, dear types of smiles. “You look lovely, Kyra.”

Marley had picked out Kyra’s lingerie for her tonight. The black lace balconette bra made Kyra feel sexier than she ever had in one of her push-ups.

With the aroused masculine gazes on her, Kyra drowned in confidence, and she reached back to unzip her skirt. When the garment pooled at her feet, Brock gave her a full once-over again—more than a study of her, an outright appreciation of the micro black G-string only held together by the two bows laced low on her hips, and her garter belt and stockings.

Kyra paused, glancing at them. When neither of the men said a word, she peeked at their crotches, noticing big bulges. She smiled, loving the moment of control she owned, and the sexual kitten inside purred with pleasure. “Back on the desk, then?”

Smith’s eyes darkened. The brown wasn’t so warm now, but fierce and attentive. “Yes, Kyra, get on the desk.”

Once she obliged him, pressing her bottom against the cool wood, Brock took the final step, closing the distance between them. A charming smile grazed his lips that no doubt won his way into many beds. “Widen your legs.”

She did as asked, and if it weren’t for the appreciation flaring in their eyes, she never would’ve been so bold. Their arousal fueled her bravery. Brock reached toward one bow that held her panties in place at her hip, while Smith took the other. In almost the exact moment, they pulled on the ends, and the light fabric lowered to the desk, exposing her heated flesh.

Kyra couldn’t breathe; being touched by them moistened her lower lips.

Brock removed her G-string, dropping it to join her skirt on the floor. He stared at the junction between her thighs, as did Smith. While Bella had talked Kyra into going to the spa a few days ago, the entire Brazilian wax wasn’t an option. Kyra had settled on a triangle shape of trimmed pubic hair, leaving her to feel like a woman, not a girl.

The men didn’t seem to mind her not bare, since their nostrils flared as they gazed over her mound. Then as both men glanced up the length of her body with hungry looks, something in how they watched her, in a way so ravenous, made her hot. At the same time, emotion she attempted to force away struck her hard in the chest, hitching her breath.

What is it about you two?

Kyra had never been the clingy type. She had never chased after a man. Since seeing their pictures she couldn’t get them out of her head. She’d wondered if their appeal would fade when she actually met them, but that was not the case. They consumed her.

“Let’s see to this problem of yours,” Smith murmured, raising his finger to her mouth. “Suck.”

A slow delicious heat slid low in her belly as she wrapped her lips around his thick finger. She drew his digit deep into her mouth and sucked with a hard pull. The side of his mouth curved when he withdrew his finger from between her lips, her saliva coating his skin.

Brock offered his finger next. She repeated the move, adding a little swirl of her tongue, which made him groan. Hell, she liked playing with the big boys, and these men were two very big boys.

Smith’s touch came first. He slid his hand up her knee and continued his journey to her inner thigh, all the while watching her. As he travelled higher she held her breath, unable to move. His gaze turned hotter, intense. “Kyra, you make me want to fuck you in every way I can.”

She found herself equally affected. Both men were made of dreams. In appearance, they were her type, athletic and handsome, but not too pretty.

Each man had a feature that melted her bones—Smith with his warm eyes, and Brock with his charming smile, which he used in full force as he placed a hand on her opposite thigh. She shivered, as for the first time after fantasizing for so long, she had two men touching her. Brock’s body temperature ran higher than Smith’s, the warmth of his skin burning straight through her.

Smith’s hand never stopped, still slow and measured, making her tremble in anticipation. Brock nudged her thigh when he reached the top of it. “Nice and wide, kitten.”

She widened her legs, craving their hands all over her. She wanted them inside her, touching her, and pleasuring her. The scents lingering in the air around her were confusing, at best. Brock smelled like citrus. Smith held a sandalwood scent. The combination of the two intoxicated her. She couldn’t decide which one to focus on, so she drowned in both.

Smith’s touch neared her lower lips, but Brock didn’t hesitate. He placed his thumb directly on her clit. Her eyes fluttered closed as he swirled the swollen bud.

The mix of Smith’s patient touches and Brock’s determined advances spun her with an incredible force. No doubt these men could turn her world upside down, and tonight, she’d happily allow it.

Brock grunted, a low primal sound, as she circled her hips in time with the movements he made on her clit. She opened her eyes, and the hot-as-hell grin he offered took a turn straight to devilish. “Fuck, you’re sexy, kitten.”

The tip of Smith’s finger teased her slick heat, and her breath whooshed from her lungs. Each swipe of his finger against her slit sent sparks of desire across her hot flesh, filling her with desperation.

She didn’t know much of anything except for the two men focused on her. The intensity in their stares became potent stimulation, driving her wild.

“Ah, now that’s a look we love.” Smith’s smirk was pure sin. “Wicked and greedy.” He slipped one finger inside, removed it to moisten another finger, then pushed both inside with slow precision.

A scorching hot shiver raced through her from head to toe. The pressure on her clit increased as Brock caressed her nub harder. She read in his superior stance he planned to win this bet. Not as if she cared

. If they wanted to use her body to win some testosterone fueled contest, she’d play along.