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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:50

Quivers and tingles erupted within her. Moans she couldn’t control poured from her mouth. Smith pressed his free hand against her pubic bone when his fingers shifted in and out of her with a gentleness that didn’t match such an intense man. There, in the depths of his eyes, he held a look so sure she’d orgasm, she believed him.

Perhaps she’d never been with men who cared enough, because only one ex-boyfriend had ever brought her to orgasm. Her climaxes always came from her vibrator. However, she didn’t doubt for a second if they continued to give her those heated looks, her orgasm wasn’t that far off. Brock increased the circles on her clit to include pinches and quick flicks.

These men were intent on their mission, as well as damn good at it.

“Sweetheart…” Brock leaned forward, slid his nose against her neck. She shivered under their attack of pleasure as he whispered in her ear, “You’re much more responsive than you think.”

Smith applied pressure on her pelvis, angling her bottom. He wiggled his fingers, then grinned. “We’ll call this one a tie since you’re enjoying Brock playing with your clit.” The authority in his gaze made her heart skip a beat as his voice became as soft as velvet. “The next one is all mine.”

He increased the speed of his fingers, moved in hard and deep, and her breath caught in her throat. Her fingernails bit into the desk beneath her, and she held on to the wood in a death grip, overloaded with sensations. The fast swirls on her clit from Brock, and the hard pressure building inside her pelvis from Smith, all rocked pleasure deep inside her.

Their fingers were notably different in strength and force, and she couldn’t process the contrast. The sensations brought her to a state of incoherence. Her screams became nonexistent, stuck in the haze of her confusion. Now, only pleasure in its richest and highest form assaulted her.

Low in her belly, heaviness formed, and a new need rose, one she’d never experienced. She reveled in the sensation captivating her, well aware of what awaited her.

The men drove her higher, and on the very brink of shouting stop, she burst wide open. Pleasure flooded her in waves she shouldn’t be able to survive. Her eyes screwed shut, and now her unleashed screams became the only sound echoing around her as two hands belonging to different men pinned her to the desk.

About the time she noticed her scratchy throat, she realized she had dropped from her climax. She discovered Smith had removed his fingers, but Brock squeezed her sex tight. The pressure against her hot flesh eased the deep contractions still vibrating through her.

“Looks like our bet won’t be an issue,” Smith stated.

He looked down at his fingers as he trailed her moisture along her inner thigh, which had never come from her body in such delicious amounts. When he removed his touch, he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked on it.

All she could do was watch him as her satiated body shockingly awakened yet again under the promise of pleasure. More so, under the touch of these men. Brock squatted in front of her and used the flat of his tongue to lick up any evidence of her climax.

By the time he reached her clit, she had become a shivering mess. She craved more of them, of their talents, and of this dirty game. “My turn,” she said, shocked by the huskiness to her voice. “Gentlemen, all your clothes need to go.”

Their answering smirks made her wonder if she’d unleashed demons, but her soul wasn’t up for grabs; they wanted to own her orgasms. With an impressive speed, shoes and socks were toed off, jackets were gone, buttons were flicked open, pants, boxers, and shirts were off, exposing beautiful masculine bodies. Smith had the body of a man who spent hours in the gym. His shoulders were wide, biceps thick, and his squared pecs demanded attention from her hands.

On a deep swallow, she turned to Brock, who had the body of a runner. Thin, trim, and all muscle mass. But the slenderness of his frame made his muscles more defined, sharper, and damn well delectable.

As her attention drifted lower, she noticed their cocks. Brock was long. Smith was thick. And both cocks were aimed toward the ceiling, hard and ready to be buried deep inside her. Lord knows, she had confidence walking through the office doors, undressing in front of them, but now… She had doubts she’d survive her first ménage experience. Maybe even had doubts she’d come out of this not emotionally wanting more. Though the promises of the greatest sex of her life, the intensity in their features, and their robust bodies that exuded strength…

A quiver danced through her. “Bring it on, boys.”

Brock might’ve been stunned speechless over the woman if he wasn’t hard as a rock and ready to pump into Kyra until she writhed in pleasure. While he found her beautiful and so stunning in her lingerie, the playfulness in her personality, as well as her confidence, did more for his hard cock than her appearance.

When it came to Smith and him, women could be intimidated and usually were. He hadn’t had a past girlfriend who at first wasn’t a little vulnerable around him. Exactly why his relationships never lasted. He liked a woman who could be soft, yet held a confident twinkle her eyes. Even his lovers hadn’t had that spark, which is why they’d remained only lovers.

Kyra showed no hint of nervousness. Brock preferred a woman with a bit of a hard edge, kind, but not too soft. He liked her to be feminine, yet in a room full of men, she held her chin high. Kyra had proved in a matter of minutes she had all those traits. He found her strength and poise more alluring than her spread wide.

However, at her small smile as she pushed off the desk and slid onto her knees, he wondered if she had possibly bewitched him. His muscles tensed as he stared down at her on her knees. She crooked a finger. “Come closer.”

Brock took a step forward, as did Smith next to him. When she wrapped her hand around his shaft, Brock couldn’t restrain his groan. He tossed his head back and a deep rumble rose from his chest.

He forced himself to look at her. Kyra glanced from his cock to Smith’s. Her strokes were slow and light, playful. Brock could only assume she’d fantasized for a long time about having two cocks in her hands. And he liked how she looked when she touched him, determined to pleasure him, but enjoying the ride as much as he was.

She licked her lips before her head lifted, and her eyes had darkened. Christ, this woman loved having more than one cock to enjoy. Not all women did. Brock had seen some women play as if it had interested them. Some felt naughty being stuffed full by two men. But other women needed two men and found contentment and happiness under two hard bodies instead of one.

His groin tightened as he watched Kyra take Smith’s cock deep into her throat, and Smith moaned. Brock grunted himself as her hold tightened around his shaft and he closed his eyes, relishing in her soft strokes.

When he heard her mouth pop off and release Smith, he snapped his eyes open and equaled Smith’s near growl as she drew his dick past those luscious lips. He watched himself disappear into her mouth, and he enjoyed how her lips, painted with pink lipstick, looked around his cock.

Brushing his hand over her hair, the silky strands danced through his fingers, and he inhaled sharply when she sucked him hard. The scent of her arousal engulfed him, creating a wicked aroma from three hot bodies, all driving his desires higher.