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Bet on Ecstasy (Pact of Seduction 3) Stacey Kennedy 2022/7/22 13:50:50

He froze a moment, lost in the depths of her eyes—innocence, compassion, and strength. He read all those qualities within her, and he found himself compelled to be closer to her. Time slowed around him as he brushed his thumb over her cheek.

She leaned into his touch, and then her pretty eyes widened. Brock didn’t have to look at Smith to know he’d pushed his cock inside her. Kyra’s flushed cheeks told him enough, and that look on her topped anything he’d seen so far, making all bets off. Right now, he didn’t give a shit if Smith won; he simply wanted her mouth on his cock.

He slid his hand along her cheek and then tangled his fingers into her hair, guiding her down toward him. Once again, she drew his greedy dick past her lips and sucked, bringing him pure pleasure. He reached down between them and cupped her breasts. He pinched and teased her nipples, and she moved even quicker now. Her lovely moans washing over him.

Brock raised his gaze to the reason for her noise, and Smith fucked her ruthlessly from behind. The hard slaps against her fine ass echoed in the office and hardened Brock’s cock between those amazing lips. His teeth clenched, and his need to be deep inside her erased any patience he possessed.

He brushed his finger over the side of her face, drawing her attention to him, then as he stood, her mouth popped off the tip of his cock. Moving to the side, he put the foil package in his teeth, and as he opened the condom, Smith pulled out of her. He positioned himself in the chair, with his hips resting off the seat, and Kyra straddled him.

Smith winked before he thrust his hips and pummeled her from underneath. In defeat, Brock took the foil from between his teeth and closed his fist around it. He moved in next to the chair, positioning himself by Kyra. If he wasn’t going to bury himself inside her, he’d definitely take anything he could get.

Oddly enough, the distance bothered him. He liked being close to her. Almost as if the air was just a little bit warmer with her near.

He settled in next to her, and Kyra grabbed his cock. She stroked him in the same rhythm that Smith set, rapid, urgent strokes. The scent of her arousal sped through his nostrils, and he clenched his jaw, watching Smith fuck the woman boneless. Neither Smith nor him were gentle lovers. They had no time for it. Anything they did, they put 100 percent in to, and that extended to a woman’s body.

While Kyra continued to stroke him, Brock nudged on her shoulder to straighten her. In an instant, her tits jutted out, and the image he thought he’d see of her breasts resting atop her bra didn’t compare to the real thing. She had great tits with hard rosy nipples, and a tight body he wanted beneath him.

Smith gripped her hips while he continued to bang her savagely. Brock slid his fingers down the center of her chest, and he loved the feel of her soft skin. He continued to the middle of her bra, slid his hand lower along her toned abdomen until he found her swollen clit. The noises she made entranced him—soft moans, yet sounding rich with desire.

Beneath her, Smith pumped hard, each thrust building in intensity. Brock saw the effect it had on her and that she enjoyed this position. Her screams drew out thicker, raspier, before her eyes screwed shut.

She gripped Brock’s cock tighter as if to carry him along with her, but he wouldn’t come this way. No way in hell. He’d be buried deep inside her when he blew. He pulled her hand off him and placed it on Smith’s chest, while Smith continued to slam into her.

Her scream elongated, and Brock rubbed harder against her clit, swirling faster, until she shouted, “Stop.”

Brock jerked his hand away from her clit, and Smith had her off his cock, standing over him almost in the same instant. A long silence followed, as Smith exchanged a look with Brock. Kyra, with her hands on Smith’s chest, panted.

Smith tangled his fingers in her hair, drawing her head up. He asked in a soft voice, “What’s wrong?”

Kyra gasped, breathless. “You’ve already had me, so now let Brock have a turn. I want you to finish”—she slid her fingers over her mouth—“right here.”

Smith’s eyes searched hers, and Brock stayed silent, knowing Smith hated what she proposed. He didn’t enjoy coming in a woman’s mouth, nor did Brock. Buried deep inside was where they both preferred to finish.

Though Kyra had cornered Smith, hadn’t she?

Brock restrained his chuckle, seeing the fight Smith suffered. Typically, Smith would flip the woman over and fuck her until they both lost themselves in orgasm, but Kyra made it a point to say that she wanted some of the control. He wondered what Smith’s move next would be.

It came only a second later when Smith assisted Kyra off him. He removed the condom, put it in a tissue, then deposited both in the trashcan beside the couch. “All right, we can do this your way.”

Smith settled into the seat again, legs spread wide, and Kyra bent over as she reached for Smith. Her long hair draped over Smith’s thighs as she took his cock into her hands.

When Smith raised his hand to grab her head, she said with a sly grin, “No touching me. Put your hands on the armrests. D

Smith exchanged a bemused glance with Brock, who chuckled at the bossy woman. Kyra, without any doubt in his mind, held her own against them, and Brock found that endearingly sexy.

Apparently, so did Smith, since he gave her a sly grin. “By all means, darlin’…” He rested his forearms on the armrests. “Please, indulge yourself.”

Brock didn’t wait for an invitation. He wanted to feel Kyra squeezing him to climax. Without hesitation, he opened the condom wrapper and sheathed himself. He settled in behind that sexy round ass, decorated in the garter belt. He rubbed his hand over her fine bottom before he gave her cheek a slap, loving the pinkish color it left.

Each rub against her bottom had Kyra wiggling her hips; every firm grab of her cheek had her arching up into his grip, and every slap against her flesh had her moaning. Unable to wait any longer, Brock placed the head of his cock at her slit, and slammed home.

She threw her head back as he no doubt startled her, but he didn’t give her a chance to recover. He gripped her hips and pumped into her with the intention of spilling himself inside her.

Skin slapped against skin, and their moans all morphed together as she also worked Smith’s cock. Brock held a determination to get one more climax out of her. With that mission playing on his mind, he pressed against her lower back, angled her, and shifted his hips to rub against her G-spot. He cursed Smith, because he looked into Kyra’s eyes while he took her this way, this hard, this raw.