Untamed Fate (Magic Side: Wolf Bound 2)

author:Veronica Douglas Genre:romance|fantasy|adult|paranormal Last update time:2022/7/22 11:41:56

Last week I was a waitress. Now I’m turning into a monster. No one knows the truth, except the faceless man—a twisted sorcerer who’s hellbent on stealing my soul. With secrets and danger close on my heels, the only one who can help me tame my inner beast is Jaxson Laurent—the Chicago alpha. Our chemistry is explosive, but the rift between our families runs too deep. Do I dare trust him? The last time we worked together I barely escaped with my life. And if it comes down to choosing me or his pack, I know who he’ll pick. Time is ticking, and my life is hanging in the balance. We must unmask the faceless man before he brings darkness down on us all.