Chapter 482 - The Clash of the Eyes

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Chapter 482: The Clash of the Eyes

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“S-S-Shadowless Movement? That means you’re Qing Zhang Tian of the planet Lunarnyx!” Upon hearing the word “Shadowless Movement”, Ma Long couldn’t help blurted out as she jumped in shock.

Ma Lie jumped even higher at her sister’s words, his face completely paled as he yelped, “You?! You’re… You’re Qing Zhang Tian?!”

“Oh, good, at least the troglodytes knew me—so tell me why the hell are the two of you still here? Get your arse out of here lest you want me to turn you into minced meat!” Qing Zhang Tian snapped, his sunken eyes glinting belligerently.

Ma Lie and Ma Long shot each other a look—it was plain to see from their expressions that they were too powerless to retaliate against his words. However reluctant they were to quit the hunt for treasure, they would still rather not meet their grave right there and then. Fortunately, that Qing Zhang Tian seemed to be completely disinterested in their Qing Shan Order either, as he did not specify the pair to crush their jades and forfeit the test.

Not wanting to outstay their welcome, the two of them left without a single protest.

Shi Mu’s expression did not change much, but internally, this hooked-nosed youth had become even more dangerous than he was earlier. He knew quite a bit of the pair of brother and sister’s powers and skills, and he knew, for a certain, that to threaten the two of them and succeed without them even attempting to retaliate… only spoke volume of the sort of power this youth could possibly possess.

After the pair had left, the battle of lights in the sky intensified by the seconds.

That shroud of green fog in the air shimmered brightly in the air, with the center of the fog extending into two sides to form a pair of gigantic green wings flapping wildly in the air. Each stroke it made produced new tides of green fogs from its wings.

As the wings flapped faster and faster, parts of the green fog pouring into the center became more and more tangible; There were even sparks coursing throughout the center of the fog, making the whole thing looked like an enormous jade-green bird.

Opposing the green fog, the red fireball suddenly expanded to one size larger than it was, its centermost flame no longer crimson red but golden, which started to swirl to its own core like a whirlpool. As the golden light flared brighter and brighter, the whirlpool spun faster and faster like the eye of a storm; Gradually it brightened to a color of searing white as untamed energy roared from within.

The gigantic green wings of the fog flapped forcefully and large streams of green fog sprung out from behind, propelling the vaguely bird-shaped fog to dash towards the fireball.

On its opposite, the flame-whirlpool like gigantic fireball seemed to have collected enough destructive energy to its absolute maximum; With a spinning motion, it lunged towards the puff of green fog!

There was a racket not unlike the sound of earthquakes exploding in midair as a result of that violent clash. A spherical puff of dazzling light cracked open and exploded instantly while the green fog and the golden flames merged together before undergoing violent fission, pushing each other away over a large distance.

On the left half of the sky, the green fog rolled and tumbled like a green tidal wave drowning the earth. On the right half, the sky was completely set aflame, with countless smaller fireballs showering downwards to the earth like a meteor shower.

Shi Mu’s eyes never took off from the storm of fire while he tapped his foot lightly at the earth and leaped a hundred steps backward dexterously, escaping the harm.

Boom krroommm krroommm…. A hundred off enormous trees in the jungle had fallen prey to the fiery destruction. Many of them tumbled after being forcefully severed from their trunks, their falls rendering the chopped trees into rubbles and pieces while fire danced on their surface. As the trees fell and the flames on them joined together, that part of the earth was soon transformed into a harrowing sea of flames.

Qing Zhang Feng, who had previously stood in the middle of the emptied plot, had vanished from his spot without a single sign before mysteriously reappearing under a colossal tree nearby undetected where Shi Mu stood. His eyes were positively straining towards the edge of the sea of fire.

There, the green fog, taking up about ten-odd yards of area, floated gently down from the sky and shrouded several hundred colossal trees in its embrace.

Shi Mu first heard a string of uneasy sounds before noticing that, way beyond the flames sea, all of the gigantic trees were withering and toppling as if every single mote of the tree’s substance had been sucked dry. The trees quickly became much like slush, pouring down from where they stood limply before turning into a pool of thick green goo.

This pool of thick green goo slowly flowed on the earth for a while before seeping into the earth completely, merging into it. The air was thick with an indescribable smell while that plot of dark green earth started to bob faintly as of the earth had gained a pulse.

Shi Mu watched, bemused. The earth had been converted into a dark-green quagmire with a thick shroud of green miasma escaping into the air above it. Sometimes, bubbles popped out of the surface of the mire and burst.

With the formation of that sea of flames and a brand-new bog, the battle in the sky seemed to come to a halt.

With the sky cleared of the green fog and that large fireball, Shi Mu could finally see that hovering in midair above the fire sea and the bog respectively, were two figures.

The one standing above the sea of flames was one Shi Mu had already met—the big, buffy, bald man with jujube-red skin, Chi Ni Zi. But the opponent who was hovering above the bog was someone new.

This person was wrapped in a large, baggy green long robe, with their face covered by a green cloth enough to obscure their expression. The only thing anyone could see from them was their eyes, which was shining with an uneasy brightness.

Chi Ni Zi was obviously exasperated. He was giving a dirty look at the man in the green robe.

“Chi Ni Zi, you may be the best of all geniuses Planet Fireborne has to offer, but fire can only dispel that much of my venom,” the man in the green robe said flatly as if he couldn’t see the mean glare Chi Ni Zi had tossed at him. “I, Lu Jing, the direct disciple of one of the three most powerful houses from the planet Skybane—is not one you can defeat even through a battle spanning three days and three nights.”

“Fie!” Chi Ni Zi scoffed, but he did not rebut the man’s words, implying that Chi Ni Zi, indeed, agreed with the man’s assessment.

“Let me ask you this: are you really that willing to allow the Wu Brothers to claim the Holy Tree Fluid?” The green-robed man, not getting a direct response from Chi Ni Zi, frowned a little as he asked.

“Fine! I hate seeing you worms from Skybane, but I bloody loath the Wu Brothers and their vile home planet even more… The people of Planet Fireborne would never pass up a chance to destroy Avian-Terra! It gives me no delight, but our battle for superiority will have to wait,” Chi Ni Zi finally suppressed much of his steely fury enough to agree with his opponent, yet the moment he looked down at the ground, his expression darkened again. “What the frack, Qing Zhang Tian? Why is a human standing there? Aren’t you supposed to cull the numbers of idiots?”

“Haha. Boy, if he were someone that easily culled, I would have done that already. Don’t you dare look down on him just because he’s human now, Brother Chi… His powers are no less than us,” Qing Zhang Tian replied with a few chuckles.

“Ho? Can he seriously be that good?” Lu Jing pipped before Chi Ni Zi could say anything as he inspected Shi Mu from head to toe quickly. Then, he narrowed his eyes and green light flickered in his eyes briefly.

Feeling the man’s eyes on him, Shi Mu raised his head to meet him.

Shi Mu’s expression froze.

The moment his eyes met with Lu Jing’s, a loud booming echoed in his head as if there was a strike of thunder right in his mind, causing his consciousness to roar and tumble so hard his vision started to blur while his tongue numbed.

It was as if someone had wiped away everything his eyes could see—he could no longer see the trees, the sea of flames, the bog, and even the green-robed man. All he could see was green, boundless dark green, stretching from the sky to the earth, from near to far.

Qing Zhang Tian stood not far from Shi Mu, his sunken eyes narrowing a little as he studied Shi Mu’s face thoughtfully. Chi Ni Zi, meanwhile, shot another dirty look at the green-robed man, his face completely filled with disgust; But when he turned to Shi Mu, a look of sympathy and pity crossed his eyes.

A human like him could not possibly be able to fight Lu Jing… Chi Ni Zi was sure of it.

At this moment, back in Shi Mu’s mind, a thick shroud of green fog started to rise, rolling and perforating Shi Mu’s mindscape. Amidst that green tidal wave was a single golden man floating and bobbing up and down according to the wave like a lonely boat in the middle of the tumultuous ocean. The green fog was edging closer and closer, trying to push itself into his mind—

Suddenly, the little golden man shone brightly and emitted a golden light. It was like a ring-shaped wave with the little man as the center, expanding farther and farther towards his surroundings and blocking the green fog from entering the man’s space.

Back in real life, a single golden ring suddenly appeared around Shi Mu’s pupils, glowing brightly enough to projected out of his eyes and formed a very faint shroud of light around his eyes.

Suspending in the air several inches away from his eyes was a sudden appearance of very, very faint green smog. This puff of green smog had extended itself into several fine strands invisible to the naked eye as they tried to extend themselves into Shi Mu’s pupils but the golden shroud from his eyes had blocked every single one of their advances.

These little green strands were like little flagella, wriggling and slithering, trying to break into the golden light shroud. The shroud, on the other hand, may look quite faint and thin, but it was virtually indestructible to the green flagella.

A few moments later the green flagella disintegrated on their own and turned into colorless smog trying their best to assimilate into the shroud.

It was this moment when Shi Mu had regained his clarity. He let out a shout, “Get away!” and his eyes blazed in blinding golden light pouring out of his eyes like tangible beams knocking the smog away.

The little sounds were very fine, but Shi Mu could hear them—that dissipated smog was then entrapped by the golden light before being evaporated completely.

The golden ocean before his eyes receded instantaneously, returning the real world back into his vision. The golden light in his eyes did not fade, however, and instead, it climbed upwards towards the green-robed man.

“Gargh!” The man suddenly shrieked, his body shaking.

His erstwhile unnaturally bright eyes were suddenly dimmed as two streams of black blood coursed down from the corner of his two eyes like a small snake gliding down his cheeks before sinking into his green cloth.

Lu Jing cupped his face and cried, his tone filled with half of shock and half of fury, “F***ing hell, this human punk possesses those Exemplar Eyes—he decimated my Eye-breaching Venom!”