Chapter 483 - Shape Shifting

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Chi Ni Zi witnessed this and twitched his eyes a few times before his gaze fell on Shi Mu once again. He could not help but keep his eyes on him.

“Hey… Have I ever seen you before?” Chi Ni Zi snorted with some doubts before saying.

“Back in the Straying Savanna.”Shi Mu replied faintly.

“As I’ve said! It seems that I was blind at the time for underestimating you.” Chi Ni Zi slammed his head as he suddenly realized who he was.

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Qing Zhangtian who was watching the entire conversation from the beginning could not help but gloat at Shi Mu’s demise.

He and Chi Ni Zi both witnessed Lu Jing’s defeat and had apparently dropped the intention of trying to duel with Shi Mu once more.

Lu Jing blinked as his hands flashed green. After a while when he let down his hand, his eyes finally recovered. However, under anger, his body once again glowed in fading green, as if he was ready to duel again for the sake of his pride and ego.

Shi Mu saw this and found it amusing as he arched his eyebrows and his entire body began to glow in red light too. At the same time, he slightly urged the power of the totem and the fierce aura of the golden jiao serpent was released.

Lu Jing’s face changed and his eyes that were looking at Shi Mu became more dignified.

Just as the two of them were about to clash, Qing Zhangtian appeared in the middle, halting the fight.

“Don’t you both dare!”

“Qing Zhangtian, do you want to have a taste of my poison too?!” Lu Jing screamed in rage and anger.

“If Brother Lu insists, you are welcome to try. However, we have a more important task at hand. The Sylvan King has been born. If we continue to drag your childish play on, the Holy Tree Fluid would have been in someone else’s hands right now,” Qing Zhangtian said with a sarcastic tone.

Lu Jing lowered his hands and head and fell silent for a while as if he silently agreed with Qing Zhangtian’s words.

Seeing this, Shi Mu too let out a sigh of relief and the light emitted from his body began to die down and fade away.

“Guys, since the four of us met here, how about we temporarily form an alliance? At this moment, there are certainly a lot of warriors and disciples looking for the Holy Tree Fluid. Aside from the Wu Brothers of the Wu Clan that we know of, there might be other elite warriors. Hence, we need to work together and defeat not only those who are after the Holy Tree Fluid but also the Sylvan King. It is so much better than killing each other here when it is clearly a losing situation. What do you think?” Qing Zhangtian said slowly.

Chi Ni Zi heard the suggestion and his expression moved slightly.

Shi Mu also appeared to be thinking in depth about the offer and suggestion.

“Hey, what about after successfully killing the Sylvan King? How are we gonna distribute the Holy Tree Liquid and the other treasures?” Lu Jing asked.

“When the enemies have been annihilated, it’s naturally obvious that all of us would fight for the things we want. Is this even necessary to ask?” Qing Zhangtian laughed and said calmly.

Lu Jing and Chi Ni Zi looked at each other. Although they were somewhat moved by the idea, there were still some doubts, making it difficult for them to make up their minds.

“Brother Qing, this proposal of yours is good. I stand with your suggestion.” Shi Mu suddenly caught everyone off guard and said.

“Good! Sect Fellow Shi is indeed the best and most sensible one!” Qing Zhangtian said with great joy.

Seeing that Shi Mu had accepted the proposition, Lu Jing and Chi Ni Zi too gave in and nodded in agreement.

“HAHA! That settles it then. With the four of us forming an alliance, it would not be a problem to sweep the secret territory clean!” Qing Zhangtian said in excitement. He could not help but let out a hearty laugh.

“I just hope someone doesn’t double-cross us.” Lu Jing looked at Shi Mu and said coldly.

Shi Mu took a look at Lu Jing and his eyes fluctuated a bit but there was no resentment.

Chi Ni Zi did not say a word. He turned away as his body began to roll in red light and left toward the heart of the secret territory.

“Hehe… It seems brother Chi is anxious. We better hurry and catch up to him!” Qing Zhangtian smiled as his body was lifted by blue light, flying in Chi Ni Zi’s direction.

Shi Mu and Lu Jing looked at each other and left at the same time.

The four of them did not have to conceal where they were going as they all flew toward the heart of the secret territory. It emitted an incredibly huge aura of evil and death to the point that even monsters roaming ahead stayed far away from it.

Upon reaching, they ran into different disciples from the trials who were extremely powerful. They were either alone or in a group of three. However, with the four of them in a team, they could easily defeat anyone who crossed their path.

It seemed some kind of tacit agreement had been reached. Once someone had taken the lead, the others would not step in.

As for the Qingshan Order, they would undoubtedly fight for it instead of distributing it equally.

In the meantime, the points that Shi Mu had obtained in his Qingshan Order had finally reached the top one hundred and eight.

Soon, the four of them had arrived at the center of the secret territory.

Shi Mu’s eyes flashed and he stopped in his tracks.

There was a canyon right in front but the white mist inside could not be seen clearly.

“Sect Fellow Shi, what is the matter?” Qing Zhangtian too halted and asked.

Following was Chi Ni Zi who had to stop. However, Lu Jing not only did not stop but snorted at Shi Mu as he walked past him toward the canyon.

But as Lu Jing was about to fly across the canyon, the white mist suddenly turned over and a narrow yellow shadow flew out of the fog in a flash and slammed into him.

Lu Jing’s face changed and let out a cry. His body immediately began to glow with a green light, forming a protective shield around him.

The yellow shadow slammed on hard onto Lu Jing which resulted in a loud noise echoing throughout the entire secret territory.

Lu Jing was caught off guard and his body was immediately shot and flew out like leaves falling, falling backward.

He whispered as the green light emitted from his body glowed more intensely. He quickly got to his feet to stabilize himself. His face was full of anger and hatred and just as he was about to advance…

“Sect Fellow Lu, you’re too slow!” Qing Zhangtian swayed and appeared next to Lu Jing, reaching out and stopping him.

Shi Mu and Chi Ni Zi both also flew over to their side. Their faces were dull.

Lu Jing looked straight ahead and his heart felt heavy.

Suddenly, the canyon below them began to shake violently. Fogs began to swell around as a huge figure emerged by drilling from beneath the ground. It was a large monster with twenty heads.

These monsters were not of the same kind. Not only did they look strange but they gave off a different aura.

Winged Horn Python, Lion Beast, Butterfly Wolf, Acrodile Boar…

These fierce beasts, which could normally not have coexisted, at the moment seemed not to fight each other. Instead, they had their eyes on Shi Mu and his comrades.

Their faces sank. The qi and aura of these monsters were entirely on another level. Some had even reached its late stage.

To defeat the monsters single-handedly was definitely out of the question. The fact that there was more than one was another matter

“How are there so many monsters at once?” Qing Zhangtian asked as his eyebrows wrinkled in worry and fear.

“Could it be due to the summoning of the Sylvan King?” Chi Ni Zi suggested.

“No. These aren’t monsters but they were shaped by those roots.” Shi Mu explained as he looked at the monsters with his visual powers.

As soon as the voice fell, he clenched his fist and summoned a ring of fire, aiming right at the closest monster. The lightning struck the Wing Horn Python with full force. This was none other than Lu Jing’s sneak attack.

The Wing Horn Python rolled over to avoid the hit but it was no match for the speed of the fire ring. In the blink of an eye, the body of the monsters caught on fire and exploded. Within the explosion, the scaly skin of the python became like black bark on a tree.

The Wing Horn Python let out a painful scream. As its body swayed, it was once again hit with yellow light and turned into nothing but scales.

“Brother Shi is not ignorant of the spirits I see. With just a glance, you were able to determine their real bodies,” Qing Zhangtian said in shock.

There was also a hint of surprise in Chi Ni Zi’s eyes. Only Lu Jing was quite disdainful and had a grim expression.

“On your journey here, had you not encountered such monsters that possessed these five elements?” Shi Mu was dumbfounded and asked.

He had previously dealt with the roots with the Ma Long siblings and the roots were of water element. However, from the current situation, the roots of the Sylvan King must be swayed by the five elements. Not only could it turn human but could also take the form of monsters too.

As a result, they were in deep trouble right now.

“These high-order roots must be able to use the power of the five elements to restrain me and my powers. It is really difficult to deal with,” Chi Ni Zi nodded in agreement as his facial expression sunk.

“Who cares?! If anyone and anything dares to stand in my way, they can go to hell!” Lu Jing snorted in furry and anger as his body that had already been glowing in green light glowed brighter. He proceeded to charge directly head-on.

With a wave of his hands, the green mist flew out and intertwined into a huge green python. It rushed toward the Winged Horn Python that had attacked him earlier.

The Winged Horn Python did not back down and rushed towards it.

The two pythons entangled one another. However, as soon as the Winged Horn Pyhton touched the green python, it immediately screamed in pain. Just one touch would erode the skin and melted everything till it turned to dust.

Lu Jing waved his hand and a green flying sword emerged, revealing a sinister aura to it.

The sword’s light flashed and turned into a dozen small green awns, stabbing the Winged Horn Python to the point that its inner organs could be seen.

The Winged Horn Python had been pierced with a dozen holes with blood pouring out of the injury. Strangely, the surrounding bloody holes turned green, and it was visible to the naked eye.

Its body swayed a little and fell down powerlessly.

Lu Jing waved with both hands and the green flying sword slammed and swept the head of the Winged Horn Python.

Chi! With just one slash, its head fell off its body.

The corpse of the Winged Horn Python that had been slaughtered into two dissolved into the soil under the green mist, turning into pus.

Seeing Lu Jing successfully kill the Winged Horn Python was more than enough to spark the fire within everyone present.

Other monsters that were transformed from the root roared in anger and rushed at Lu Jing.

However, Lu Jing did not fear and screamed back to challenge the monsters. His body suddenly shined with a more piercing light. Streams of green light shot out toward the monsters formed by the roots.

“Guys, we need to do something too. It’s a fight to the death. If we don’t kill them quickly, the Sylvan King will just keep sending more. We need to get to him as fast as we can before he evolves into a more powerful being!” Qing Zhangtian commanded.

As soon as his voice just fell, his body disappeared without a trace. The next moment, he appeared in the sky above the monsters. In midair, a small short-blade light in his hand was released and a dozen bright knives appeared, cutting down the monsters from above.

Chi chi! The sound was so loud.

Though the monsters were bruised, they did not give up. They were fearless and immediately lunged toward Qing Zhangtian.