Chapter 484 - The Holy Spirit

The Portal of Wonderland Wang Yu, 忘语 2022/9/13 16:48:50

“Good timing!”

Qing Zhangtian screamed, and his body floated like a bee straight toward the monsters. His body dissolved and turned phantom-like as he circled around them with rage.

A ray of bright green light flashed down from the sky. It was hard to pinpoint where it exactly came from but it slammed down on the monsters like raindrops from above.

A few of them screamed in anger as they smashed across everything in their path. They crushed every object they ran into, but none hit Qing Zhangtian.

Shi Mu and Chi Ni Zi both charged at the same time.

Chi Ni Zhi was wrapped in a red-black flame and a horrible heat emitted from it. It was so strong that even the void shivered.

A brilliant fire flew out of his hand but he could not tell what weapon it was. It was aimed right at the mongoose lizard, attempting to decapitate it.

The mongoose lizard opened up its large mouth and spewed out a red fireball of several feet in size toward the weapon that was aimed at him. Wherever it was, even the nearby space appeared twisted and deformed by the heatwave.

The brilliant bright flash of light flashed on the fireball and opened. The next moment, the huge body of the mongoose lizard was left lifeless. Its head had been cut into half from its head to its toe. Under the flames, it began to burn away into ash.

Shi Mu began to spur his secret technique, which was known as the secret totem technique. In an instant, his body was enclosed in a suit of golden armor, like a knight.

As its breath rose, a violent temper spread across the area. Even the surrounding air rang and the bullets exploded.

However, he did not intend to use his Black Meteoric Iron Rod. Instead, he rushed directly in the direction of the Cyan Lion Beast.

The creature screamed and slashed its sharp claws at Shi Mu while sweeping its tail over, creating a loud piercing sound.

On the tiger’s claws, telescopic green awns began to inflate. The squeaking sound of the torn air could be heard.

Shi Mu did not hide. As power surged through his body, his fist began to burst out with golden light and bombarded everything in his way.

Just before the Lion Beast’s claws and tail were able to land its blow, Shi Mu’s fist had hit the monster’s skull.

A cracking sound could be heard and the huge body of the Lion Beast was sent flying from the force of the punch.

In mid-air, its mouth and nose oozed with blood and it let out an agony scream.

Shi Mu’s body shook. After a flash, he caught up with the Lion Beast. With one lift, he punched the beast again with full power on its neck.

The Cyan Lion Beast’s neck had been broken. It crashed into the ground, without breath.

Only two punches were enough for Shi Mu to kill the beast. The other three nearby could not help but be shocked at what they had just witnessed.

This did not stop Shi Mu at all. He immediately rushed toward the other monsters.

The roots were powerful but Shi Mu was the strongest among the four of them. With their combined forces, it would not take long for them to kill all the roots and monsters.

“Fuu! Finally, it’s over. It was really troublesome!” Qing Zhangtian shook his right arm and sighed.

To kill so many roots and monsters consumed a lot of energy.

“I’m afraid that there is no time to rest. Look!.” Chi Ni Zi pointed ahead.

Several of them looked over and saw the forbidden center of the secret territory. There was a silver light column falling from the sky, giving off a touch of brilliance.

Although it was quite a long distance away, a few of them were eager to see it with their own eyes.

“That direction… It seems that the Sylvan King had something to do with it. There really isn’t any time for us to rest. Let’s go, quickly!” Qing Zhangtian said eagerly as his eyebrows wrinkled.

The others had nothing to say and quickly got on their feet and flew toward the silver dawn.

No more roots or monsters were encountered, and the group advanced quickly. After a while, they arrived near the silver light column.

The fierce fighting sound could be heard as they got closer, and so was the surge of mana fluctuations.

“Someone beat us here!” The four men were surprised.

“Don’t panic. It seems the battle isn’t over yet.” Qing Zhangtian said.

The four immediately accelerated and soon arrived near the silver beam.

Shi Mu looked at the tree. It was hundreds of feet taller than a mountain peak around the corner. He could not help but be amazed.

It was unknown when but at some point, this giant tree took on a withered appearance. The green leaves on the branches had fallen, and whatever leaves remained on the tree were pale yellow.

Shi Mu’s eyes swept up and he was suddenly shocked.

On top of the giant tree, there was still a crisp green tree growing. It was rooted in the giant tree underneath. It seemed that this small tree was absorbing the vitality of the whole tree.

Although this small tree was but a small sapling, it was not as simple as it appeared. As a silver light column descended from the sky, the sapling enveloped it, making it suddenly unattainable.

The other three naturally noticed the smaller trees on top of the old tree.

“That thing… It’s the Sylvan King!” Qing Zhangtian said in horror while a look of avarice was painted across the faces of Chi Ni Zi and Lu Jing.

However, the four of them did not continue to approach it.

Due to the vicinity of the giant tree, two intense fights were going on simultaneously.

Shi Mu took a step back to look over the silver light column and examined the two battles. Instantly, his face change slightly.

One of them was a two-headed giant. Its body was yellowish and possessed the properties of soil. It was an earth giant.

On the other side, a blinding red light was visible. The power of flames was palpable. It was a fire giant.

The two roots of the giants were not weak compared to the blue water roots that he had previously encountered with the Ma Long siblings.

One of the people struggling with yellow roots seemed to be a scholar. He was wearing a white robe.

Shi Mu had some impressions of this person. He was the young man that was sent to the same place before.

The yellow roots had huge yellow awns. As the two giant palms stormed toward the refined young man, they were all picked up like they were nothing.

“I never expected this guy could be so powerful!!”

Shi Mu was secretly stunned with the strength that the young man possessed.

The opponent of the Red Root Giant was a yellow hurricane column. As the wind blew, it changed several kinds of attacks, making it hard for the red root to counterattack. Within the yellow hurricane were two shadowy figures in it.

“It’s the Wu brothers from the Wu Clan! Ugh, they arrived too!” Chi Ni Zi said in displeasure.

“Who is the other person? It seems that they’re not weak. Shi Mu, is that person from your clan? What kind of relationship do you have with them?” Lu Jing looked at Shi Mu and said with an aggressive tone.

“There are so many disciples entering the secret territory. Does it mean everyone has a connection with me?” Shi Mu said calmly yet sarcastically.

“Ugh, who knows if you’re telling the truth?!” Lu Jing said coldly.

“Lu Jing, enough nonsense. If you continue to drag this on, who knows what will go down.” Chi Ni Zi looked at Lu Jing and said angrily, which greatly stunned him.

At this moment, the flames on his body had ignited. It seemed that he was about to fight.

Suddenly, the silver light column around the green tree suddenly fluctuated and the light shrank and thinned out. The gap was as small as one squinting their eyes, not to mention silver light began to burst from within.

The scene shocked Shi Mu and the three others. They were so stunned that their movements were stagnant.

Under their watchful eyes, an emerald green tree emerged clearly in the silver light column. A green figure could be seen sitting at the top end. It seemed to be a spirit but the body was too blurry to make it out accurately. Its face was unclear but it was obvious it was looking up at the sky.

The silver light column descended from the sky and turned into a silver stream, flying into the green shadow.

After absorbing these silver streamers, the green silhouette gradually became solid.

“That figure… It should be the Holy Spirit of the Sylvan King… We are doomed. It’s trying to advance the essence of the heavens and earth. Once it succeeds, its strength will increase immediately and a new magical power will be derived. We need to stop it now!” Qing Zhangtian shouted.

The other three people were shocked by the words and they flew together toward the top of the giant tree.

The Wu brothers seemed to have already noticed the arrival of Shi Mu and the others. Seeing the four of them rushing toward the green tree, they looked shocked and were about to stop them.

The vague figure at the top of the green tree suddenly turned around and looked over.

The figure made a sharp scream and the green light emitted from its body flashed brightly as its two fuzzy arms waved.

One gold and one green light beam flew out of it and landed on the ground.

The ground suddenly rolled over and it split open on both sides.

A large root flew out of the ground, half of which were gold and the other half were green.

The roots of the two colors intertwined and entangled into two giant roots of giants, forming a giant that was twice the size. One side of it emitted bright golden light while the other side emitted a strong green light.

Both of them radiated a Heaven-ranked aura as it stopped in before Shi Mu and the others, preventing them from moving forward.

The fuzzy figure at the top of the green tree was faintly swayed. It seemed that the degree of advancement had also been affected.

The green roots must be formed by the giants. The palm was the size of a house but it seemed slow as it tried to violently chase the group. The four of them were able to escape in time.

The faces of the four all changed and did not dare to rush in head-on. All they could do was try to dodge all the attacks from both sides.

The green roots were unsuccessful in catching any of them. It was frustrated and in rage, it let out a scream as it rushed towards Shi Mu and Lu Jing with great speed.

The green light flashed and dozens of green light balls the size of a disc sprayed from the roots and hit their faces.

Every green light ball had a myriad of arcs that produced a sizzling sound. It was the Divine Thunder of Yimu!

Shi Mu and Lu Jing looked at each other and cursed in silence. Both of them prepared secret techniques to protect themselves from the forces.

The other golden roots of the giants stopped in front of Qing Zhangtian and Chi Ni Zi.

The golden roots flashed under the golden light and hundreds of gold wooden thorns flew out from all over toward Qing Zhangtian and Chi Ni Zi. The sound was piercing to the ears.

Qing Zhangtian’s eyes flashed and a layer of strange blue light began to appear around his body.

Wrapped in the blue light, his body quickly shrank. In the blink of an eye, his entire body had actually integrated into his own shadow.

The group of green shadows that had formed were close to the ground. They quickly bypassed the golden root giants and rushed toward the green trees, leaving the golden wood thorns that cover the earth to Chi Ni Zi alone.