Chapter 486 - Crossing The Borders

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Chapter 486: Crossing The Borders

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The sound was too loud to ignore!

The roots must have been enchanted by the golden light, but they were smashed in by the purple crescent.

The roots had to burst into enchantment but the crescent had also exhausted its power. It slammed away, forcing the refined youth to retreat a few steps.

The green trees and the Primordial Spirit were finally exposed to the crowd.

Of course, at the moment, the nearest one was actually the young refined man in the white robe.

Looking at the golden eclipse like a silk weaving, it turned into a little light in the air. The young refined man could not hide the joy on his face.

He was carrying a purple ax and was trying to deceive himself. As soon as he saw the silver pillar that had been shot into the vague silhouette of the shadow, it dissipated quickly.

On top of the green tree that was a height of ten feet, a green figure was seen standing there.

The figure was only three feet tall and his entire body shined with green light. The faintly visible runes circulated, covering the body with a huge leaf. Its body looked tender, almost like jade.

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The young refined man cast his eyes on it and saw that the jade-like child seemed to be glazed with glaucoma. Upon realizing it, his expression was strained. With a sway of his body, he appeared beside the child, as if wanting to use the size disparity as intimidation.

The child illuminated a five-color aura circle. As it spread out with the visible fluctuations that could be seen with the naked eye. The breath contained in it was obviously several times stronger than before.

The young refined young was in the midst of this circle of light. As his body began to stagnate, with a flash of his eyes, his actions resumed.

When they felt the five-color aura spread out in midair, the light of the roots under the giant tree pulsated and the figure doubled again.

Among them, the red root giant swung its hand and red flames fluttered as if a mountain swept across. The Wu brothers who had transformed into the yellow hurricane vortex flew more than ten feet. The surface of the light flashed, almost annihilating everything in their path.

The green vines from the green giant’s body surface had more than doubled, becoming dense and almost seamless. The green vines covered their faces and swayed toward Shi Mu and Lu Jing.

Shi Mu groaned and waved the Black Meteoric Black Iron Knife in his hand.

A mountain of thick blades whistled out and a large green vine rolled into it, instantly tearing into pieces.

Lu Jing’s eyes were as green as the vines. The thick green fog lessened, avoiding the vines and the energy ball.

The two of them could continue to resist the attacks launched by the giants but they were eager to leave before things got more difficult for them to handle.

The jade-like child was young and delicate but his voice was like a man in his hundreds. His laughter sounded very hoarse.

After the laughter, his body shook slightly and suddenly appeared in front of the young refined man, right in the trunk of the green tree.

As the blue light shined on the green tree, its original body abruptly shrunk. After a while, it was reduced to less than half a foot. The thickness was no thicker than a child’s arm.

The shrunken green tree shook a few times. As the figure shrank, it was attempting to squeeze into the giant tree below.

“No! The Sylvan King is trying to escape!”

After Qing Zhangtian was forced back by the ax of the young refined man, he was now regaining his body shape and rushing forward again. As he witnessed the scene, his expression changed and he shouted loudly.

Seeing this, his wings extended from his back. A cyan airflow was now visible to the naked eye. It lingered on him, wrapping his entire body.

A gust of wind rolled up, Qing Zhangtian transformed into a ball of blue light, plunging towards the green tree at great speed.

At the moment, the green tree had been retracted into the giant tree, leaving only a small section exposed.

A thumping like a huge drum sounded.

Within a circle of whiteness, there was a substantial space of power that oscillated. It swept through in an instant and the green tree stagnated.

The young man, with a flash of blue light in his head, immediately headed to the tree. At this moment, the flesh on his forehead began to open, revealing a vertical third eye in the middle.

The vertical third eye was flashing in white light, never blinking or had its gaze away from the green tree.

Transforming into a ray of green light, its body was vaguely suspended outside the small tree and half a foot. One hand was still struggling to stretch forward but at that point, it was impossible to move.

The young man had a giant ax over his shoulder and he was expressionless. He took a step forward and raised his hand to grab the half-tree.

However, a change suddenly occurred!

The giant tree below the roots of the small tree suddenly trembled abruptly and then a banging sound broke out.

A colorful satin suddenly emerged from it. However, it was empty. It was robbed before the young refined man and the green tree was entangled in a roll.

At the same time, the dense and colorful light was like a sharp arrow that shot directly at the young man. Due to the close distance, the sudden appearance forced him to stop his body and resist.

The strong force of the colorful satin pulled out the small green tree as an arc was drawn in the air and fell.

The bark of a giant tree broke off from where the small tree originally was. A short figure flew out of it with a handful of colorful satin while the other hand began to explore the air to pick up where the green tree was.

The figure was a short female, almost like a child. She was clothed in a purple dress with two shofars on her head, which made her look very adorable. It struck him that it was Zi Ling, the person he had met earlier during the beginning of the trials.

Only at this moment, a pair of watery eyes with a hint of excitement. A young and tender hand grabbed the upper end of the green tree and had her foot down, wanting to turn and leave.

However, as her body moved, a strong force seemed to be dragging her down, making her unable to move or even leave at this point.

Just now, a blue whirlwind in midair suddenly turned to the blue sky which had been originally imprisoned in the air. Even the blue light flashed, and it appeared strange. At the same time as Zi Ling, it caught onto the green tree on its other end.

The two shouted in unison but neither relented and continued to pull with full strength.

As both of them yelled and shouted at each other, suddenly…

A crisp noise resounded. The small branch of the tree broke open from the middle, tearing it in half.

However, a whooshing sound could be heard from the sky. The small tree spun in the air as its branch was torn.

Qing Zhangtian looked in the direction of the Primordial Spirit. He quickly turned around, becoming a ray of green light with the other half of the branch, and flew in its direction.

Zi Ling’s face became strained and she could not help but wrinkle her eyebrows in anger and disappointment. Dragging the torn branch of the tree with one hand, her body began to emit a ray of purple light and took to the air with rage as she changed her course toward the Primordial Spirit.

A figure emitting a cold light suddenly blocked her way in front of her.

Zi Ling took a breath of cold air and her body suddenly slammed back. She rushed and stopped too fast, which made her somewhat sluggish.

It could be seen that Zi Ling’s small face was red. She had anger and fury painted across her visage, especially her eyes.

The young refined man was carrying a purple giant ax. He looked at the little girl in front of him. His eyes were too filled with anger and hatred. It was obvious something terrible was about to happen

“Hand over the treasure and you will be spared from death.”

The young refined man said. As he was waiting for Zi Ling to agree to his terms, he swung his ax out in an attacking mode as if he knew something was about to go down.

Zi Ling bit on her lip and urged the five-colored flying satin to her side.

At the moment when the Primordial Spirit fled, the Wu brothers, Shi Mu and the others who were initially fighting the giant let out a scream.

His huge body began to wither and in the blink of an eye, it turned into four pieces of deadwood and fell on the ground.

A few figures suddenly shot from the air. As light appeared, it was Shi Mu, Lu Jing, Chi Ni Zi, and the Wu Brothers.

Although Shi Mu and the others had been occupied fighting with giants, they were well aware of the situation above.

The Wu brothers looked in the direction of the refined young man and there was a hint of jealousy in their eyes.

The two men immediately clasped together without saying a word and transformed into the yellow hurricane vortex and flew towards the direction they were at.

They were so extremely fast that in just a flash of light, they swept through dozens of feet. Though they slightly slower than Qing Zhangtian but they were firmly on his tail now.

Chi Ni Zi witnessed this scene and his eyes flickered. With one hand, he retrieved a red shuttle that was four or five feet long.

He flew up. The red long shuttle suddenly trembled, bursting out of the sky, turning into a red rainbow-like bridge, chasing toward Qing Zhangtian.

However, Chi Ni Zi was not slower than Qing Zhangtian or the Wu brothers. The three of them chased one another. In the twinkle of an eye, only the remaining shadows of the distant sky were left.

Shi Mu and Lu Jing looked at each other and flew up towards the same direction, towards Zi Ling.

At this moment, facing the young man, Zi Ling seemed afraid and looked awkward as her face as a pale of a piece of paper.

His colorful silk satins were waving, turning into a circle of colorful light curtains to protect her entire body. She wanted to find a chance to escape but under the intensive ax, the desire collapsed.

The refined young man was like a ghost. With the speed that Zi Ling possessed, it was almost impossible for her to escape.

Seeing that Zi Ling was about to be smashed by the purple giant ax in the hands of the refined young man, two sounds broke through.

It was none other than Shi Mu and Lu Jing coming to the rescue!