Chapter 487 - To Capture The Tree

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Chapter 487: To Capture The Tree

Zi Ling saw this and her eyes flashed. With a wave of her hand, her five fingers were full of colorful light.

Her nails shot out of her fingers and turned into five crystals of different colors. In midair, the living things suddenly flew away like five colored bugs, rushing towards the young man.

The purple ax in the young man’s hands turned into a ray of purple light around his entire body. Suddenly, a few bangs sounded and the five crystals stopped in their tracks.

Zi Ling took advantage of this gap and escaped through it.

The young man was stunned for a moment and flew toward Zi Ling with the giant purple ax in hand. It shone brightly like he was about to attack once again.

“You may appear elegant and refined, but you will never understand the treasure. I will never give it to you!” Zi Ling giggled and threw the tree spirit in Shi Mu’s direction.

The young man did not expect that this woman would make such a move, and it caught him off guard.

Zi Ling’s body was full of colorful light. Her body curved in a way, surpassing the young man, moving toward the Sylvan King.

The young man saw Zi Ling’s light and went away. He was hesitant and decided not to chase after her. Instead, he turned his back and flew toward Shi Mu whom Zi Ling had thrown the tree spirit to. The torn body of the tree screamed as it was thrown.

Shi Mu was surprised at the sudden change, but it was not in his nature to accept it.

As he was about to reach out his hand and guard against the tree spirit, he heard a loud banging sound! A colorful bead appeared beside him.

“This isn’t good!” he whispered. Unfortunately, it was too late to escape. From the corner of his eye, he saw Lu Jingzheng sneer ten feet away.

The five-color beads burst open into five-colored smoke.

The smoke tumbled like an apparition and enveloped Shi Mu who was nearby.

Shi Mu held his breath before the bead burst. But still, he had accidentally inhaled a little of the smoke mist into his nose, making his vision blurry.

“What powerful smoke!!” he said in his heart as his body began to slump.

Fortunately, his body was of the fire attribute. It had a restrained effect on poison gas and suffocation. The faint feeling in his mind quickly dissolved.

However, within this short gap, he felt a tightness and his body was bound by an invisible force.

“This fog has the power of imprisonment too?!” Shi Mu was slightly shocked.

His body emitted a red light to increase his strength to escape from the clutches of the smoke but he was unsuccessful. The invisible force was resilient and he was unable to break free.

Shi Mu’s face sank. Clenching his teeth, he pulled off the leather gloves on his hand and white flames appeared on his left hand.

Outside the fog, Lu Jing saw he had unexpectedly trapped Shi Mu. His body swayed and appeared next to the tree spirit.

The greed in his eyes flashed and he reached out to grab it.

An angry roar was heard. The voice did not fall as the young man appeared beside Lu Jing with the huge purple ax across the sky.

Wherever the purple ax passed by, the surrounding space would immediately fall into distortion. A horror-stricken spirit swept out of it, covering Lu Jing and the tree spirit under it.

Lu Jing only felt a tight breath and a huge force surged from all directions to slow his movement. At this moment, he truly felt what might happen to him and what kind of death would be cast upon him.

He had never encountered this kind of situation. He bit his lips as he gave up trying to catch the tree spirit in front of him.

The surface of the green mist appeared like a green misty ball. It broke away from the space constraints as it was swept away at the dangerous purple ax.

As the ax followed the whistling sound, a white figure appeared. It was none other than the refined young man from earlier.

He looked at Lu Jing with a cold expression. With one wave of his hand, a ray of light caught onto the tree spirit and pulled towards him.

A loud noise rang out through the air. Lu Jing had released five-colored smoked that suddenly burst into flames.

The five-color smoke spread and rolled around but it was too late to dissipate it.

The original red light had turned into five flames of different shades of color after igniting.

The violent wave that had just burst into the smoke slammed and half of the spirit tree that had been caught by the ray of light swayed back and forth.

Within the dissipating five-color smoke, the red light shone and a blurred figure flashed within it and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The next moment, a red figure appeared in the sky with lightning. In an instant, he came to the young man. He stretched out his right arm and explored the ray of light.

The man’s left hand flashed in white flame. Behind the two huge fire wings burning, the red flames flashed. Who could it be if not Shi Mu.

When the young people saw this, they could not help but be furious. In their clear eyes, it turned blood red.

It seemed those bloodshot eyes suddenly turned light blue. The flesh on his forehead began to rip open, revealing a sliver vertical eye in the middle. The eye shot a ray of white light toward Shi Mu.

The young man opened his mouth slightly and spat out a word in a cold tone.

When the words “lock on” entered his ear, Shi Mu felt a tight tension in his brain and there were strange fluctuations around him.

Shi Mu’s heart screamed and he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

However, his fire wing just felt heavy, as if they were covered in thousands of stones. He could not move his body at all.

Not only that, Shi Mu’s feeling at the moment seemed to be that the surrounding air had become stagnant. It was pressing on him like a substance and the wind in the air seemed to stop and stayed stagnant.

Shi Mu was now surrounded by the wind. At this moment, he actually stopped and the fallen leaves between the forests hovered in front of him.

Even the flames on his fiery wing were fixed in the air in a strange form. Although the fire did not sway, it seemed to be frozen by the extremely cold ice.

Time appeared to be still.

Shi Mu’s was stunned. His eyes suddenly lit up with golden light and swept away toward his own fire wing.

Thin silky white crystal lines began to emerge from the air around him. He wrapped his wings with such space fluctuations while trying to fix his wings in the air.

On his body, he discovered that it was too covered with silky crystal lines.

The silky crystal lines wrapped around his body like some rooting plunged into his skin.

These white crystal lines were not covered with the entire space but only appeared in the range around the body. The silk seemed to extend from the invisible void, trapping him in the middle of the body, forming a two-foot spherical area of the square.

Shi Mu was in a hurry. As the golden light in his eyes turned, he realized the silky white crystals had invaded the outskirts of town. Lu Jing was still moving, hence time had not been stopped.

Shi Mu’s eyes were golden and strong. He sighed hard. He raised his arm and held the Black Meteoric Iron Knife at the back of his hand and waved down, slashing into the void before him.

A metal gong sounded and Shi Mu’s long knife bounced back due to the force of a huge impact. Only a few of the silky crystal lines were broken, so Shi Mu’s body was still bound within.

“How dare you take what was mine! Go to hell!!” the sneering young man said rudely as he strode a big step and picked up his purple ax with one hand. He walked toward Shi Mu, wanting to slash him into pieces.

Just as the purple ax blade storm whizzed, Shi Mu’s eyes suddenly lit up in gold.

Hearing Shi Mu scream and watching the golden light in his eyes suddenly burst, his entire body began to stir up the white airwaves.

He clenched his hand into a firm fist with the arm where it had become almost completely black by now. With a slam, reddish runes began to appear on his arm, covering his entire arm, immediately wrapping it in a blazing white flame.

Shi Mu’s tight left fist lifted and deadly aura emerged, wrapping around his whole body. Under the impact of the gas, it gradually began to break.

Shi Mu slammed his fist.

The red lines of his arms lit up and the white flames on his fists were boiling. The fire rushed and rolled, and a powerful unmatched force immediately rushed from his arm to the top of his fist.

The space around it oscillated violently as the force of a more powerful space spread.

As the sound of the broken porcelain sounded, a black crack like a spider web appeared in the air.

The purple ax blade storm arrived, but under the impact of the turbulent flow of space, it immediately collapsed!

At the same time, the light in front of Shi Mu shimmered and the airflow was chaotic.

Under the cutting of the turbulent flow of space, the white crystal lines immediately broke into countless cuts, all scattered in the air!

After breaking the void with a punch, Shi Mu did not stop at all. With two of his flame wings swung aside, there was a huge explosion in the air.

A white airflow could be seen in the air. The image of Shi Mu was as far away as a meteor. It disappeared into the sky between the blinks, which was almost ten times the previous one.

This time, it was not a long story, but it happened in a wink!

The young man was shocked and quickly waved one hand to retire the tree spirit that was on the ray of light.

When he waved away the ray of light, the tree spirit fell into his hands just in time. It was so close to getting snatched away by Shi Mu.