Chapter 492 - Sites In Qinglan

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Chapter 492: Sites In Qinglan

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Ling Feng was not loud but everyone present heard it crystal clear. Such words were like cold water thrown over their heads. It made the disciples who had just joined the Holy Land of Qinglan question their future prospects.

The meaning behind Ling Feng’s words was very clear. No matter how good one might be during their trials in the Secret Territory of Qinglan, to compete with the tens of thousands of talented disciples who came from the Magnum Solis would be tough. Only the top seventy-two disciples would be considered, but even then, it was only temporary until someone better came along.

The moment one entered the Holy Land of Qinglan, the cut had just begun.

In order to keep and maintain the rank and one’s position as a disciple of Qinglan, one must rely on their own efforts and strength for ten years.

For those who were in the top thirty-six like Shi Mu, their future may be crueler than the others.

After all, the disciples who were now on the first floor of the Holy Land were all stunned by the upper disciples. As for the disciples who were within the hundreds in rank, not all of them were vegetarian. To snatched the title from them seemed almost impossible, maybe even harder than going to heaven.

Just as Shi Mu and the others looked at each other, after the words were spoken by Ling Feng, the older disciples began to notice them.

“Hey, look… Those who were brought in by brother Ling Feng must have been the disciples of this year’s trials. Hehe, it looks like a slap in the face, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, there are a few from the human race! Ugh, how can such a low-level race be worthy of the Holy Land of Qinglan?”

“It seems that this is really not the case in this session. After ten years, I am afraid that I will roll out and leave.”

“There are a few beautiful women too. Hey, there is a little girl!”

The older disciples all looked at the newcomers and began to point at Shi Mu and the others while judging them. Their words were quite unpleasant.

Some of them could not let go of looking at Ma Long, Jiang Shuishui and some other beauties. Their intentions were obvious.

Hearing the comments made by the older disciples, some of the new disciples were stunned. It hit a spot, especially for an arrogant person like Chi Ni Zi. Where he was from, he was used to being worshipped as a genius. To hear someone judge him this way made his blood run hot, and the situation was awkwardly tense.

If this was not the Holy Land of Qinglan, they would have drawn out their weapons and attacked by now.

Even the young refined man’s expression was slightly sullen. He could not refrain from glancing back and forth.

Shi Mu, who was also from the human race, was examined up and down by the others’ judgemental eyes. However, he remained calm and did not care at all.

Back when he was in Feng City, he already had a firsthand psychological scar when he found out he was of the Stone Monkey Bloodline. Due to his bloodline, he was cast aside and laughed at. At that moment, he almost lost sight of himself and was deep in a depressive state.

However, his mother was what gave him the strength to regain his confidence. After several bumps and sorrows, traveling back and forth from places like the Cerulean Sea Star, across the Dongzhuo Continent and East Continent till the day he arrived her, he was no longer the same man who was once viewed as a genius and praised by everyone. Compared to the judgemental words thrown at him at the moment, nothing would bother him no more.

He knew deep down inside, only proving his real strength would shut the others up. Anything other than that was nothing but empty words.

Whether it was in the Cerulean Sea Star or the Magnum Solis and even such a holy place of cultivation like Qinglan, it was all the same.

“Cultivation is not just cultivation on the martial arts. The higher the cultivation, the more attention should be paid to the cultivation of the heart. Do not be confused by anger and other distractions. Once it has invaded the heart, it will be of no benefit to the future,” Ling Feng advised.

Upon hearing the statement, Chi Ni Zi and the others who were previously glaring at the older disciples suddenly realized and turned their gaze back to Ling Feng.

“Thank you for teaching, brother Ling Feng!”

At this moment in Shi Mu’s heart. Such words seemed to be taken in as some kind of revelation.

“My fellow brothers, let’s go.” Ling Feng did not stay long and soon, the others began to leave.

After a while, he took everyone out of the mysterious ladder, crossing the stone forest to a huge blue stone gate.

The stone gate was 20 feet high and more than ten feet wide. The top was a huge stone plaque with the words “Holy Spirit Pavillion” inscribed on it.

In the middle of the stone gate was a wave of water that looked like a blue light curtain from afar. From time to time, the waves would roll down, adding a bit of a mysterious feel to it.

At certain times, people dressed in the robes of the Holy Land of Qinglan. would be seen walking in and out from the ray of light.

Shi Mu’s gaze lingered on the stone plaque. After a certain analysis, he could roughly guess where this small space was.

“Look at this plaque, you should have guessed what is inside. It’s true that this is where the Holy Land of Qinglan stores its classics. This will be the key to your future cultivation. Now, come with me.” Ling Feng said as he lead the way.

Everyone has brightened their eyes and naturally kept up. Shi Mu too walked into the stone gate along with everyone else.

His body was light. Upon entering, he looked around a few times and his expression suddenly changed.

There was no sky nor ground in this space. The whole space was full of blue light and numerous large and small square white jade slabs were suspended in the space. It seemed to be chaotic but upon closer inspection, every single one of it had his own set of rules.

These slate areas were not small. The big ones were as big as a square of a field while the small ones were of seven feet in size.

There were huge bookshelves on the slate and it was filled with books, jades, bamboo slips and so on.

There were at least thousands of books on each shelf and all of them were covered by various banned rays.

It was unknown exactly how many white slabs were in this space but they were countless above the book shelves. If one insisted on calculating how many books they were, it would have been tens of thousands.

Shi Mu was also a well-informed person. At this moment, he also surprised that his jaw dropped and his eyes were full of amazement.

The huge space was quiet as not much sound could be heard. Only a few disciples whispered back and forth across the slate could be heard but they acted very cautiously. They were afraid of being alarmed.

“So many classical books worthy of the three major cultivation sites of the Magnum Solis…” Shi Mu took a deep breath, trying to calm himself as his heart sighed.

“All the books are in the space of this holy ceremony. It covers almost all kinds of exercises and classics that have been circulated throughout the world. The law is densely packed, down to some superficial methods of breathing and refining. Boxing, swords and martial arts are described. In addition, there is some information about the major stars in the world of stars, such as human geography books are also more or less involved. These are from the ancestors. Countless predecessors have spent a million years of hard work.”

Ling Feng shook his head as he spoke. He seemed to be very proud of it.

Shi Mu heard this and took a breath.

This was such a big sigh of relief. It was unbelievable to say that it covered all the classic literature that had circulated throughout the world.

“Maybe he could find additional information regarding the Phoenix Clan here?” Shi Mu thought to himself.

“I know that some of you might not believe me but the Holy Land of Qinglan comes in second in the entire Magnum Solis for possessing such vast collections, if there is a first place that is…” Ling Feng laughed heartily. His confidence was incomparable upon making that statement.

Everyone looked at each other and they could not believe it. Naturally, no one would say a word about it.

“The practice of this clan is exquisite and unconventional. The three major martial arts do not say that the top ten towns and sects can also break through the realm of the holy order and reach the legendary state.” Ling Feng continued.

Everyone in the audience heard this and their faces showed a hint of excitement.

The Holy Three Great Creations of the ten major towns and sects… These words greatly appealed to people.

Even Zhao Wei, Qing Zhangtian, Zi He and others showed a hint of excitement across their faces.

However, Shi Mu’s feelings were relatively calm. Since he had begun to cultivate one of the Holy Three Great Creations known as the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art, he had little interest in other techniques.

“Brother Ling Feng, I see that these bookshelves are restricted. What if I want to look through them? Will it cost?” Qing Zhangtian suddenly asked.

“The only way to get access to the books here is through the Xuanling Point,” Ling Feng nodded and said.

Shi Mu’s eyebrows arched in confusion, seemingly waiting for further explanation.

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Ling Feng spoke as one of his hands flipped. A palm-sized lizard spirit suddenly emerged from a piece of jade in the palm of his hand, swaying in front of everyone.

“This is the lizard spirit of the jade. Everyone will be given one piece later. This lizard spirit would be stored in it, and they are bound by blood. Hence, only you can use it and can’t be privately given to someone else to use on your behalf. It is not only used in the Holy Spirit Pavillion but various places in the Xuanling Tower too. It is used to purchase medicinal herbs and heavenly treasures too.”

Everyone looked at the mysterious spirit on Ling Feng’s palm and nodded.

However, Zhao Wei, Chi Ni Zi, Qing Zhangtian and some others did not seem to be shocked. It appeared that they already knew about this.

“In addition, the Holy Spirit Pavilion is also the core space of the Xuanling Tower. It is the place where the five-story space of the Holy Land of Qinglan can be accessed without a cross-border interface. Be careful not to cause any conflict in order not to offend those who were of higher rank.” Ling Feng said as his expression suddenly turned firmed and serious.

“Thank you for your help, brother Ling Feng!”

Everyone heard the words and the change in tone and nodded in agreement simultaneously.

Ling Feng did not stay longer and soon took the crowd out again to another space.

There were countless wooden frames. Books are not placed on them, but numerous swords and strange weapons instead.

It was the Dusk Armory of the Holy Land of Qinglan which specialized in the refining and selling of spirit weapons.