Chapter 493 - Xuanling Point

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Chapter 493: Xuanling Point

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Shi Mu was stunned as his vision swept through the pavilion. All items placed here were basically spirit weapons. There were almost no other implements. Some of the deeper shelves were banned, and the weapons in them shone brightly.

Even though a ban was placed but it did not stop the aura fluctuations.

“This is… A legendary weapon!”

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He took a deep breath in amazement.

He had already seen a few legendary weapons when he was in the Cerulean Sea Star, but this was his first time seeing one sold directly as a commodity.

The rest began to look around in different directions. Some whispered to each other in excitement.

Ling Feng did not stay much longer and soon lead everyone away.

After leaving the dusk armory, Ling Feng lead them to the Heavenly Shrine.

Stars appeared to dot the sky above. From afar, there seemed to be large shadows running around.

Shi Mu was surprised that the Heaven and Earth Qi there was extremely strong and rich. It was like the surrounding Heaven and Earth’s aura had convalesced in that single location. This would be a suitable place to cultivate himself.

Everyone else was surprised; it was obvious they all felt the same.

“The Heavenly Shrine gathers the energy of the star from the endless starry sky. This is the most powerful source of chaos in the Star Field Dimension. Under special permission made from keepers of the shrine, training may be conducted here,” Ling Feng said.

Everyone was shocked once again. Many of them immediately began to absorb whatever power they could for the time being.

It was also clear that they did not need any further explanation from Ling Feng. The next time they arrived here, they would have to spend a lot to get to Xuanling Point.

However, they were not allowed to stay for long. Shi Mu and the other newly-introduced disciples, only took a moment to visit and were led away by Ling Feng once again.

Next, everyone visited the rod shop where they sold various types of medicinal herbs and treasures from all continents and rare minerals that were hard to obtain. This truly opened Shi Mu’s eyes. Finally, he had learned what the Holy Land of Qinglan was for and how it became a sanctuary of the Magnum Solis.

Shimu’s eyes flashed with excitement. None of the sects he had seen before compared with the Holy Land of Qinglan, let alone a small group like the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult which was not worth mentioning at all.

This was the real place for cultivation!

After half a day, everyone walked in the circular passageway. Around the passage, separated by a transparent barrier, it was like a scene at the bottom of the deep sea. Giant beasts of different sizes appeared from time to time. However, to those on the passageway, they seemed invisible.

“My brothers, since you have seen so many places, you should have a clear idea about the Holy Land of Qinglan by now, right?” Ling Feng questioned.

Everyone nodded in agreement. After visiting every site there, they had a rough understanding of Qinglan. If they wanted to do something in the near future, they would know where to go.

“Although all of you are now part of the Holy Land, it is not easy to master your cultivation here. You will need to pay for martial arts, medicinal materials or even to meditate in the Heavenly Shrine.”

“Brother Ling Feng, if that is the case, how can we earn points? Please enlighten us,” Zhao Ji who had been silent all these time suddenly asked.

The others looked over.

“There are various ways to earn Xuanling points. If you have some precious medicines, mineral materials or magic weapons, you can go to various places to sell them in exchange for points. Points can also be earned by accepting tasks from the Convention Pavilion. If you make a breakthrough, you will be given extra points as rewards. You can also exchange the spirit stones you possess for points.”

“We can exchange them for spirit stones? That’s great! Would it be alright to ask how much the exchange rate would be?”

Hearing this, some people suddenly rejoiced and could not help but ask.

Most of those present were not of a high position and they did not possess that many spirit stones.

Ling Feng heard that and his mouth was slightly stunned, revealing a crooked smile.

“If you want to exchange spirit stones, let’s say only the best-refined spirit stones can be exchanged for points. They only accept the best spirit stones in the Xuanling Tower, so if you want to exchange mid-grade spirit stones, it’s useless,” Ling Feng said casually.

The words froze the smiles they had across their faces awhile ago.

Only exchanging high-graded spirit stones was restrictive when mid-graded spirit stones were already considered valuable.

“Of course, if you have enough top-grade spirit stones, there is no use for mid-grade ones. There is a temple within Xuanling Tower. You can exchange your mid-grade spirit stones to top-trade for points in return. The exchange rate of top-grade spirit stones is the best.” Ling Feng said.

Shi Mu’s face showed a bitter smile. The spirit stones he had were basically spent a few years ago. It was doubtful the stones he had could be exchanged for anything.

Other spirit weapons and materials could still be estimated, though it would too be limited for him to purchase with the points he gained.

“Brother Ling Feng, how many points does it cost if we want to cultivate in the Heavenly Shrine?” A crystal clear voice emerged within the crowd. It was none other than Jiang Shuishui.

“For the Heavenly Shrine, the lower disciples would need three points a day whereas the top disciples would only need two.”

Jiang Shui Shui looked pale upon the answer. The surrounding disciples began to bicker among themselves. Though the shrine was full of vitality of the Heaven and Earth aura but it was costly.

“There is no need to be anxious. To those who are new disciples, each and everyone will be rewarded a hundred points for free. Disciples who ranked thirty-six and above would receive free points every month. This is the least that I can do to help all of you achieve your best. The rest is all up to you.”

Everyone heard and nodded thoughtfully.

Some of the disciples seemed intrigued. Although top disciples would be rewarded points every month, if one used them accordingly to the spirit stones, it would be equivalent to the best top grade Stone.

As evening approached, everyone followed Ling Feng and entered the place not far from the Xuanling Tower that was standing strong in the tall forest.

“My brothers and sisters, this is the service hall that manages the life of all disciples of the Holy Land of Qinglan. Today’s itinerary is almost over. Come with me.” Ling Feng said to everyone.

After all, he went in first and the others strode forward, following behind one another.

Shi Mu walked in and his eyes swept across the hall. The furnishings in the hall were very simple. There were several ebony bookshelves on both sides with blue and gray boxes on them.

In the middle of the hall, there was a long list of cases and chairs on both sides.

Shi Mu’s sight fell on an old man in the on a chair on his left, wearing a green robe.

The old man was closing his eyes and breathing heavily. The atmosphere was calm and it was hard to tell which level he was in.

“Elder Hou, the new disciples have arrived.” Ling Feng sorted out his shirt and shrugged his hand.

The old man slowly opened his eyes and looked at Ling Feng’s eyes, nodding his head slightly.

“This is the elder who is in charge of the service hall. After this, all of you will follow the arrangements made by the elders.” Ling Feng said to everyone.

“It’s an honor..” Everyone greeted and bowed in respect.

“Elder Hou, I have completed my task. I shall take my leave now.” Ling Feng greeted the old man and turned, walking out of the hall.

After Ling Feng left, Elder Hou looked cold and indifferent. There was no expression on his face and he suddenly swept away from the crowd.

As Elder Hou’s eyes swept across, everyone present felt extremely uncomfortable. Even Qing Zhangtian and the others could not help but frown. With the tense atmosphere, none dared move a single muscle.

At this time, the old man suddenly asked.

With this statement, everyone turned their attention to the refined human youth.

“That would be me,” the young man stepped out of the way and said with a smile.

Shi Mu squinted his eyes slightly.

As Elder Hou’s gaze fell on Zhao Ji, Shi Mu let out a powerful force from his eyes.

This force was very clever that it only fell on Zhao Ji. The others around him could not feel it. If Shi Mu was not that powerful, it would be difficult to hide the force from the others.

The temptation only lasted a moment. As the pressure was covered, it would disappear in a flash.

Throughout the entire process, the young man named Zhao Ji looked casual, like he felt no pressure at all. His eyebrows did not wrinkle under stress either.

“Right, not bad..” Elder Hou said shortly and could not refrain from smiling.

However, this smile soon disappeared. He twisted his palm and a roll of blue jade appeared in front of him.

Elder Hou performed some movements with the fingers of his right hand as he quietly recited a mysterious mantra. He pointed in front of the jade with his fingertips.

When the blue light entered the jade, it slowly rotated. White light sprayed out and a huge light curtain spread out in midair.

Shi Mu’s sight condensed and looked at the light curtain. He was shocked to see a map within the white light.