Chapter 495 - The Servant Named Cui Huan

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Chapter 495: The Servant Named Cui Huan

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On the journey according to the map in the Qinglan manual, everyone separated and headed to their own residences. At the end of the day, only Shi Mu was left walking southwest, to a relatively remote region where his dwelling place was located.

Most of the terrain was flat, and dense forests could be seen everywhere. Each disciples’ residence was surrounded by greenery.

As he went further west, people’s dwellings became less common. Compared with earlier, it looked slightly desolate.

Shi Mu was on the Green-Winged Flying Carriage as he glanced around, appearing comfortable the whole time.

After flying for half an hour, he had finally found his own residence.

It was a quaint building with blue bricks and gray tiles behind a mountain. There were more than a hundred rooms in the house. The main house was located in the deepest part of the courtyard, adjacent to the dwarf-sized mountain.

As Shi Mu urged the speeding carriage to land on the open space where the main house was located. Not many servants could be seen but there were a few of them waiting in front of the door.

“Welcome young governor!”

As soon as Shi Mu landed on the open space, a few of them came up and greeted him respectfully.

“Governor?” Shi Mu heard the words and was slightly stunned.

“You are the governor of this residence.I will be your vassal and naturally respect you as the master,” a fat middle-aged man in charge of the management quickly replied.

Shi Mu turned over and his sight fell on the man.

“Young governor, I am your humble retainer in charge of all local affairs. If you need anything at all, do let me know,” the man said.

“Alright,” Shi Mu said while looking at this person’s eyes. The man looked similar to a human but he was quite tall. His body was fat like a fur ball and he wore a small round cap on his head which gave him a humorous appearance.

However, he had reached the highest realm of a Heaven-ranked warrior.

“Despite being a warrior at the peak of Heaven rank, you’re willing to be a servant?” Shi Mu could not help feeling strange as he observed his every move.

These people were each of a different appearance, clearly not related by blood, but they were all in the middle and late stages of Heaven rank. Several of them were warriors at their early stage of Earth-rank cultivation.

One warrior at early Earth rank was a girl who looked almost like she was 10 years old. Under the maid outfit, she had a slim figure and a beautiful appearance.

“What’s your name?” Shi Mu asked as he pointed at the beautiful servant.

“Cui Huan,” the woman bowed slightly and replied calmly.

Shi Mu nodded. He didn’t pay attention before but at that moment, the woman looked very different from the others. There was a very reluctantly indifferent feeling among them.

Thoughts ran through his head but he did not say anything. He reached out and took off the spirit pet pouch tied around his waist. His fingers rested on the edge of the bag and a golden shadow flew out of it.

“Shi Mu, staying in the spirit pet pouch that long can kill…”

When Cai came out, it could not help but yell. The parrit immediately flew out and landed on Shi Mu’s shoulder, looking at the crowd.

In the moments that followed, Shi Mu indicated that several attendants took the lead and showed him around. He now had a basic understanding of the structure and location of each room in the residence.

Several other retainers nodded at Shi Mu from time to time and introduced themselves. However, the servant named Cui Huan did not say a single word from the beginning till the end. All she did was quietly follow behind.

Occasionally, Shi Mu could even see the unusually cold and indifferent look from the eyes of the servant. He could not help but wonder about this woman.

In the meantime, Cai had now seen the region. At times, Cai would cut in between Shi Mu and the retainers’ conversation.

Upon returning to the main hall of the residence, Shi Mu turned his attention to several things.

“Since I am here, let me say this first. The running of affairs should be as before and no further changes will be necessary. In addition, none may enter the main hall of the residence without my permission. If there is an important matter, notify my spirit animal Cai and he will inform me.”

“Yes! All issues here will be notified to me! Don’t any of you dare break the rules!” Cai said proudly in a high-pitched voice, almost like it was screaming.

A few of the retainers did not dare to answer but only managed to look Shi Mu in the eye.

Shi Mu turned to the eye-catching Cai and he could not help but smile with bitterness in his heart. However, he did not object to what Cai said and nodded in agreement.

“Yes!” everyone present responded unanimously.

“Alright. All of you may leave now,” Shi Mu waved his hand and set off the order.

After several executives left, Shi Mu took Cai through the secret door behind the main hall of the residence. He knew of its existence from the information he had obtained when he chose his residence

Upon entering the door, they arrived at a secret cavern under the dwarf-sized mountain.

“Shi Mu, this place is filled with either mountains or trees. I can’t see anyone at all. This is so boring, nothing like Qinglan City!” Cai stood over Shi Mu’s shoulder and complained.

Shi Mu smiled and took out a few pieces of red spirit stones and threw them over.

Cai’s sharp teeth immediately caught and swallowed them. After eating, the bird licked its mouth in satisfaction.

“For the following days, I will be busy with my cultivation so I might not be able to look for you as often as I used to. If you’re really bored, there’ll be about three hundred servants in the caving residence to serve you,” Shi Mu said.

“Three hundred people? You really think three hundred of them would listen to someone like me? Is it true?” Cai suddenly jumped up with enthusiasm as he waved his wings.

“Yes. Why? Don’t you want that?” Shi Mu questioned.

“No no! How can I not want it? Of course I’m willing! Shi Mu, go cultivate in peace and leave those other troubles to me!” Cai said with great enthusiasm.

“Well, I still have some things to do. Go familiarise yourself with the environment. Remember not to fly into other people’s spiritual territory.”

Cai heard the words and flew out of the secret cavern without waiting for a response.

Shi Mu smiled and sat down at the stone table in the cave room. He took out the handbook of Qinglan and began to read it carefully.

From this point of view, Shi Mu could finally get a general understanding of the overall strength of the Holy Land of Qinglan.

It turned out that other than the Holy Land of Qinglan, in addition to East Saint under its jurisdiction, it also had four major satellites. On these four major satellites, the four influential elders of the Holy Land of Qinglan were in charge of the planet. The business, wealth and resources produced on those planets were generally owned by the Holy Land of Qinglan.

From the perspective of the legendary figure below the Holy Land, in addition to the four elders mentioned above, there was also a huge guardianship and three major towns of the heavenly beast. The top ten disciples in the introduction of the manual were nothing short of stunning.

As for those who came here in order to practice the many magical powers and techniques in the Holy Land of Qinglan and those who voluntarily joined were also those who sold themselves as slaves to enter the Holy Land of Qinglan for various purposes.

There were already more than three hundred servants in his own spiritual territory that belonged to this category.

“The Holy Land of Qinglan is really worth the miracle of the top three in the Mangum Solis!” Shi Mu could not help but gasp.

He shook his head and continued to read through the other contents of the manual. Among them was the current situation of East Saint, sinister places of the localities, distribution of some dangerous monsters, places to hunt, and so on.

After many hours, Shi Mu finally put down the manual in his hand.

Shutting both his eyes and taming his mind to peace, he put away the manual and turned over as he took out the Xuanling Wall. He held it tightly in his hand and sunk into silence.

According to the manual, the cultivation resource system of all Qinglan came from the mysterious Xuanling Point.

However, it was not those of Qinglan who were responsible for the Xuanling Point but the spirits of the Xuanling Tower.

There was not much description of this tower in the manual. It only stated about the mysterious point was in charge of the distribution. The lords of Qinglan would not intervene in this matter.

Shi Mu indulged for a moment and nodded secretly.

According to his understanding, this tower spirit should be similar to a kind of spiritual existence.

Since any person in the Holy Land of Qinglan would not intervene in the allocation of the point, this would almost eliminate any cheating that may be related to the human condition and could help achieve absolute justice.

All the disciples of Qinglan who wanted to learn high-level martial arts or to redeem rare materials must first earned a large amount of Xuanling points. The acquisition of Xuanling points was linked to their own realm strength. The stronger it was, the more naturally the magical points can be won.

Shi Mu’s thoughts turned. Combined with his own conditions, he thought for a long time and made arrangements for future cultivation.

Whether in the Star Field, East Saint or the Holy Land of Qinglan, strength was everything.

He intended to cultivate the first phrase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art as soon as possible. After that, he would start studying how to cultivate the second and third phase, and at the same time trying to redeem the set of high-level martial arts.

Till he was strong enough, he would be able to head over to the Convention Pavilion to pick up various tasks in order to earn enough Xuanling Points in exchange for cultivating the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art.

After Shi Mu arranged a plan for cultivation in his mind, he relaxed a little.

He breathed deeply and his spirit sense began to emerge, spreading to all corners.

After a while, his face moved slightly and a smile could be seen at the corner of his mouth.

Here, the aura of Heaven and Earth were extremely rich. According to the situation described by the Azure Ape King, the Heaven and Earth aura here was more than enough to support him to cultivate his Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art.

However, Shi Mu did not start practicing immediately. He lay down and closed his eyes to rest.

After exhausting all his strength during the trials, he finally had the opportunity to take a rest. The feeling of fatigue finally came to the fore and soon, Shi Mu had fallen deep asleep.