Chapter 497 - A Big Heart

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Chapter 497: A Big Heart

Shi Mu looked at his left arm and his heart was moved.

The fire behind him was released and a pair of red fire wings emerged.

A large white flame spiraled up from his left arm, which turned the original red flame white. The wings instantly expanded in length.

Under the fan of the huge white flame wings, he was like a white streamer flying toward the distance.

With the small-scale success and further cultivation, the degree of stimulating the fire-wing flight had also increased greatly. It was still unable to reach the legendary speed of its prime, but with full force, it could still be achieved in more than ten miles. Only a Xian Tian warrior could possibly catch up.

After a few breaths, Shi Mu fell down in a deserted mountain on the edge of the spiritual land of the caving residence. The wings behind him retracted.

Looking around, he suddenly let out a low sigh and the light from his body died down. He gathered all his strength and punched at the mountain peak hundreds of feet high.

In midair, the red flames suddenly burst out, condensing into a huge fist shadow.

The entire mountain peak violently trembled and a round of fire like the sun burst on the surface. Then, numerous stones wrapped in flames smashed toward the surroundings. The middle of the mountain was like a paper paste and a large hole ran through the entire mountain. Within the hole, a faint red light could be seen.

Shi Mu saw this and he was extremely happy.

After completing of the eleventh stage of the Art of Breeding A Strong Evil Ape, the power of just one of his punches was amazing. An attack capable of crushing a mountain could not be underestimated.

After a pause, he flipped his hand and pulled out the Black Meteoric Iron Rod from his back. His body shook slightly and with a swift of the Seven Kill Rod Technique and his Black Meteoric Iron Knife on his other hand, he combined the stances together.

For a time, the shadows of the knives and rod appeared and the layers of the sky were stacked. Shadows of thousands of mountains pressed toward the surroundings.

A roar screamed throughout the air!

The huge stones around him were slashed and smashed under the hurricane, as if projectiles bounced from the ground and flew away in the distance, covering the sky like a rain of stones.

Shi Mu was intrigued as his body began to swell. With a shift of the knife and rod in his hands, the white flame on his left arm flashed and hit the ground.

The white flame rushed out from the left hand and shot toward the sky.

When the white flame touched the ground, it immediately turned into a white-colored scent that was visible to the naked eye and spread out around it. The center was covered by layers of white scents.

There were many plants on the ground nearby. Upon contact with the white flame, it was like a candle that had been lit up by flames. It instantly burned and melted together onto the ground. The area soon transformed into a rolling sea of lava.

Several nearby hills also fell into the magma, sinking quickly and blending into the sea of magma.

According to his estimation, if all twelve layers were completed, one punch could completely defeat a mountain.

Shi Mu saw this. Although he looked calm, he could not hide the shock he felt in his heart.

The first phase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art had been completed, and his left arm’s white flame had greatly increased. He didn’t expect he’d reach this level.

To know that this shot had still spare. If one did it, it was afraid that the earth’s crust could be hit by just one blow.

When Shi Mu’s arm moved and the white flame suddenly converged, the sea of magma on the ground slowly solidified and turned into a black rock.

Suddenly, his face changed slightly and he raised the Black Meteoric Iron Knife in his right hand.

After a shot from his palm, the tip of the Black Meteoric Iron Knife was inadvertently stained with white flame. At this moment, the tip of the knife had melted a little.

“The power of the white flame is so great!” He looked at the Black Meteoric Black Iron Knife as he muttered type.

Immediately, he shook his head and inserted the knife back into his back.

Although the power of his left hand was shocking, he needed to be very careful when he used it. After all, that was what the old azure ancestor in green robe had warned him about. Once it collapsed, the soul lamp that the azure ancestors had left in the Holy Land of Qing Lan would extinguished. It was afraid that those who was intrigued about the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art would find out what they should not know. It would be bad in his case.

Shi Mu had some deep thoughts in his heart. He released the Green-winged Flying Carriage, turning it into a blue light and flew in the direction of the mansion.

As he reached the mansion, a loud noise could be heard.

Shi Mu was on the carriage and his eyes flashed brightly. He saw more than a dozen people dressed in black, surrounding the attendants at his residence. They appeared hostile.

The attendants seemed to be furious as well. Fear could be seen in their eyes but they did not back down either.

It was none other than the tall fat man. The others stood behind him with a pale expression. The small round hat on his head was a little skewed and his expression was not pleasant to look at.

Shi Mu’s brows were slightly wrinkled and the Green-winged Flying Carriage immediately sped up. It slowed down gradually and he descended from midair. At the same time, the mid-stage qi was revealed.

His appearance attracted some attention.

The stuck-up arrogant men in black saw Shi Mu from a distance. When he was close enough that his clothing was visible, they could sense his qi. They immediately knew who Shi Mu was and all of them suddenly kept quiet.

The governors and attendants who saw Shi Mu were full of joy. They quickly came over and bowed to him respectively.

“What happened?” Shi Mu went to the front and asked coldly.

As he walked, he noticed that the clothes on those men was the same style as his own servants. They looked at each other’s eyes and backed up a little, somewhat fearful.

Only one leopard-headed man did not look down. He had his head held high, booming with strong self-confidence.

“Young master, as you can see, these people said Cui Huan owed them a large debt. If she doesn’t pay up, they’ll take her away,” Qi Feng fixed the tiny round cap on his head and replied.

Shi Mu’s brows clustered as he looked around. He could not see Cui Huan among them. Surprisingly, he could not find Cai within the crowd either.

“Where is Cai?” Shi Mu asked.

“Eh…? Cai was here a while ago. How can he just disappear in the blink of an eye…” Qi Feng looked around and scratched his head in confusion as he spoke.

Shi Mu heard the words and he could not help but smile bitterly. He understood that Cai had the tendency of slipping away when things got rough.

He let go of Qi Feng and went back toward those men in black clothing.

Seeing that Shi Mu coming forward, the men immediately stepped back to keep a distance from him.

“Who are you to come to my residence unannounced?” Shi Mu looked at them and said coldly.

The men took a few minutes to swallow their words and hesitated a little. However, the man with a leopard head walked forward. That was all it took for the others to follow behind him.

“Great master, my name is Zhao Sanbao, servant to Zhao Shanlei. I am here for your attendant named Cui Huan. Both her parents owe our clan a large sum of money. As her parents are unable to pay their debts, Cui Huan should take on the responsibility of paying. This is why we have come to your residence when we found out that Cui Huan is a servant here.”

“Ever since Cui Huan sold herself to be an attendant, she no longer has any connection with her biological parents. The debt you crave is no longer related to her. Now leave my residence immediately!” Shi Mu said in a quiet yet stern tone.

The dozens of the men in black robes felt Shi Mu’s anger and began to tremble and back away in fear. However, only the leopard-headed man remained where he stood.

The rest of them saw this and sneaked their eyes on Shi Mu as the footsteps quietly stopped.

“Why?! Do I need to repeat myself again?” Shi Mu’s brows wrinkled.

“It doesn’t matter. My residence is the centennial disciple of Qinglan. Before you even enter the Holy Land, you will have some prestige in the Yellow region. Let me take Cui Huan away. Nothing else would have to happen and both houses can form a beautiful friendship,” the man said.

He was talking about both the houses. It felt like he was attempting to sell Zhao Shanlei’s image. There was a hint of arrogance in his words. To Shi Mu, it was as if they owed his master a great honour.

“Get out of my face!” Shi Mu stood his ground and said coldly.

Leopard-headed man could not believe his ears. It was unbelievable that a new disciple like Shi Mu would dare to save Zhao Shanlei’s image.

The other men in black were scared off by Shi Mu and began to retreat. However, the leopard-headed man did not move at all. He never once backed down when Shi Mu went against his wishes.

Shi Mu no longer had anything left to say. With a flash of his body, his figure suddenly fluttered and a few ambigious figures appeared around them.

“What are you doing?”

“Forgive… Forgive me!”

“You… You will regret it!”

Between the fallen, a dozen of the men in black were like little chicks without resistance. One by one, Shi Mu grabbed them by their collars and threw them out of his residence vigorously. Dozens of them fell heavily on their feet and screamed a little.

Shi Mu clapped his hands and turned back, walking toward the mansion.

This naturally stunned Qi Feng and the other servants, who stood with their mouths hanging open.

They had been staying in the Yellow region for a few months now. It was natural for them to be familiar with Zhao Shanlei. Knowing his identity, it was natural for them to be afraid to speak up.

Due to their bad luck, they had been assigned to this desolate and barren spiritual land. The strength of the previous masters was low, as they themselves were of lower status. Even before the previous masters became leader of the residence, some of them had been directly driven out of the Holy Land of Qinglan.

If the current master was still like that, who knows how terribly the low-ranking attendants would suffer. They always felt a little inferior to other servants.

After all, in this area, the status of the master directly determined the status of the attendant. It was not something out of the ordinary.

However, they did not expect servants with such an ugly attitude would be so courageous to do something like this. He was not only rude to the master of another residence but he had too let down the image of Zhao Shanlei. It would not be a surprise if Zhao Shanlei found out and threw him out of the Holy Land for his actions.

These people had to swallow the aggression. They could not help but feel a little bit of indescribably complex emotions.