Chapter 501 - Wandering Endlessly

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Chapter 501: Wandering Endlessly

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“Who are you?!” Shi Mu calmly asked without answering the other person.

The young man in the green robe heard the questions and his eyes flickered. His pupils’ eyes flashed green and green light shot out from them into two green swords. The green sword flashed and stabbed into Shi Mu’s chest at lightning speed.

Shi Mu was shocked and his body tumbled to the side. He could not completely dodge it as it was unexpected. The blood from the cut on his shoulder due to the attack began to pour.

An agonizing pain could be felt from the wound on his shoulder. This pain seemed to be deep in the depths of the spirit sense hence it was a hundred times more painful than any average cut. However, Shi Mu did his best to toughen up in front of the young man.

Shi Mu’s body flashed a few times before his body teleported to the corner of the space a few hundred feet away from the other side. He chanted a soul comforting spell and the pain slowly subsided. The pale expression across his face began to fade as well.

The green youth looked at Shi Mu and by the looks of his gaze, it seemed that he was a little surprised.

Shi Mu took a deep breath and pulled out the Heavenly Meteoric Knifing Stove from his back, He held it in his hand and stared at the young man in green, assuming a combat posture as if he was anticipating a battle.

“It turned out to be the soul comforting spell… You are the successor of the Azure Ape I presume. There had not been any sign of movement here for almost thousands of years now. I thought he had totally forgotten about this place,” the young man said in a casual yet mocking manner.

“Thousands of years?” Shi Mu heard the young man’s words and thought to himself.

“Hehe… Since you arrived here, have you not guessed my identity?” the young man in green smiled shyly.

“Oh, you must be the one who had a bet with the azure ape ancestors!” Shi Mu blinked and said.

His expression was calm, but he could not believe what was unfolding in front of him. According to the cyan azure, this bet had been placed for almost a thousand years ago. How can someone’s spirit sense be here for that long?

The thought of it was ridiculous to begin with. How could anyone’s spirit sense be out of their body for so many years and still seem perfectly fine?!

“Oh, you’re right. My name is Jiang Beidao. What’s your name, kid?” the man asked.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Shi Mu said coldly.

“Forget it, it’s fine if you don’t want to enclose your name. However, I am interested to know how you managed to break through the Seven Stages of Prohibition,” Jiang Beidao’s eyes suddenly became cold as ice, like a snake.

Shi Mu felt his back straighten upright, as if he had been locked on by a giant python looking at its prey.

Speaking of which, he had studied the prohibition spells placed in the labyrinth for a long time now. After some time he realized the prohibition spell had been placed by someone of Xian Tian level.

To break through the prohibition spell, one would have to go through the eight passages without making the slightest mistake midway. Otherwise, their spirit sense would be trapped in the ever-changing environment and die.

Shi Mu was able to learn the truth about the labyrinth through his spiritual magic. Although the eight passages were identical at first glance, there were subtle differences.

Under such an accidental incident, he recalled an elder who had once been taught by someone of Xian Tian level back in the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult. Shi Mu had overheard the elderly gossiping about the rituals and mysterious changes of the prohibition spells.

Combined with his spiritual magic, only he was able to break through the Seven Stages of Prohibitions and arrived here.

The youth who claimed himself to be Jiang Beidao obviously did have any luck. Although not everyone was able to remain there for a thousand years in the form of their spirit sense, perhaps due to the prohibition spell, he persevered and broke through the labyrinth. It was eye-opening and extraordinary.

It was obvious that this person had been trapped once again hence setting his sight on Shi Mu.

His thoughts were spinning fast. “How I got here has nothing to do with you!” His face showed no emotion but he spoke coldly.

“Kids these days don’t know how to behave, huh? If you don’t want to tell me, then I would just have to capture you and use the Art of Soul Hunting on you!”

Jiang Beidao’s eyes were wild and flashing. With a grab of his hand, green light began to emit around him, blinding Shi Mu. As the green light faded a little, he now had a scimitar in his hand. Its shape was identical to a python, emitting a fierce aura.

Without a word, he flung himself at Shi Mu. The scimitar in his hand suddenly dissolved into a smokey green shadow with a jerk of his hand, aiming at Shi Mu’s neck.

The golden light in Shi Mu’s eyes glowed, making it possible for him to pinpoint the trajectory of the green scimitar clearly. With the Heavenly Meteoric Black Iron Knife in his left hand, it transformed into a ray of black shadows launching a counter attack.

The two long-handed knives collided, and the piercing sound echoed in all directions. Shi Mu overpowered the youth, and the scimitar flew out of his hand.

At the same time the Heavenly Meteoric Black Iron Knife collided, the Black Meteoric Iron Rod in Shi Mu’s right hand smashed into the ground. It turned into layers of shadows, going after Jiang Beidao.

The criss-crossing shadows whistled, and the power fluctuations were of heavy mountains. It almost surrounded the space in front of Jiang Beidao.

Jiang Beidao had a nervous look. A glimmer of light emerged in his eyes.

As the green light rolled, a large green shadow quickly materialised. It was the tail of a giant python, smashing into the shadow of the sky.

Seeing layers of shadows collapsed, Shi Mu’s expression changed. He quickly stumbled backwards but it was a little too late.

The python tail smashed the seven killer shadows into pieces and even landed a blow at Shi Mu’s chest at lightning speed.

Shi Mu could only feel a huge force on him, as if his body were broken sacks. He was knocked out in midair and landed heavily. Blood begin to spout out from his mouth.

The clothing on his chest had been ripped into pieces, revealing golden scales beneath. Some of the scales broke open as well.

Fortunately, the totem had been transformed in the midst of the attack, otherwise it would have been terrible.

Shi Mu jumped off the ground. His body shone brightly as golden scales began to appear around him.

“Oh… The Ancient Barbarian Totem Technique. Not bad,” Jiang Beidao snorted with a cold expression.

The lower half of Jiang Beidao’s body had already turned into that of a snake. A thick snake tail entangled in the upper reaches of the ground and headed for Shi Mu.

At the same time, Shi Mu’s lower body had been covered by golden scales. His totem transformation completed and his aura was of ten folds.

“I originally intended to let you live but since you are a descendant of the ancient barbarian, I won’t let you go!” Jiang Beidao shouted as his head bolted upright and green light began to appear on it.

The next moment, countless greens came alive, turning into green pythons rushing toward Shi Mu.

They came in all sizes, even as thick as a bucket.

Shi Mu was shocked and suddenly Jiang Shuishui popped up in his mind.

This woman had once applied the same technique back in the trials in the secret territory of the Holy Land of Qinglan. However, her strength and power were not the same standard as the young man in the green robe.

Between the thoughts, the huge wave of snakes swooped in front of Shi Mu with their mouths wide open.

Shi Mu was surprised but he did not panic. His body glowed a bright piercing red light, and with a bang of his left arm, layers of white light rippled around the void.

He shouted as he clenched his right hand into a fist and punched towards the incoming pythons.

A large white light surged out like a fire wave rolling toward the front line.

The white flames of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art were so powerful and strong that even the Heavenly Meteoric Black Iron Knife could melt under the heat. As soon as the green pythons got in contact with the white flames, they began to melt. Before the pythons could even scream in agony, they had already been reduced to dust.

Under the white light, several breaths had broken the youth’s secret technique. Seeing that the green pythons had been annihilated, there was only Shi Mu who was now charging at him in full force.

“First phrase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art? I should’ve known!”

Jiang Beidao snorted and clutched his right hand into a fist.

On his arm was a large white flame shining exactly the same as Shi Mu’s left hand.

With a slam of his fist by Jiang Beidao, a sea of white light formed and collided with the white flames of the wild.

Two white lights clashed with each other. Under the collision, a tsunami-like rumble echoed out of the mountain. Even the white pupils of a naked eye were swayed. The whole space was shaken to its core. It trembled fiercely to the point that it seemed as though it might collapse at any moment.

After a loud bang, the two white lights dissipated at the same time. The power was equal, hence offsetting each other’s attack.

“You also know about the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art!” Shi Mu was stunned in his tracks.

Since the test on the Seven Stages of Prohibition could only be touched by those who had cultivated the first phrase of Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art, it would necessarily mean Jiang Beidiao had already reached that level.

As soon as the thought raced through his head, he was a little gloomy.

Fate was obviously against him. He originally thought that he used the great power that the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art posed to change the world around from disadvantage. However, seeing someone else also possessed the strength of the first phrase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art, his chances were slimmer than ever.

Shi Mu’s thoughts turned sharp when he began to consider whether to temporarily retreat or continue the fight.

At this moment, Jiang Beidao swayed across from him. He was squatting back a few steps. The green light of his body and the white light of his right arm quickly dimmed. Only a thin layer of white light remained.

“How could this be… There could have been more…” Jiang Beidao was confused as to what was going on with his body.

Seeing this, Shi Mu was suspicious too. Upon quick realization, he immediately understood.

“You may be strong and cultivated the first phrase of the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art, but being trapped in the labyrinth for almost a thousand years now is your downfall. Your Primordial Spirit is at its end!” Shi Mu laughed mockingly. He quickly picked up his pace toward Jiang Beidao with his left arm that was still shining bright with white light, about to land a final blow.

The white light rushed down and turned into a white fire dragon with its claws flying toward Jiang Beidao.

At the same time, the red light on his body shined brighter than ever as the Crimson Ape Energy Construct emerged into Shi Mu, giving him extra strength.

The Crimson Ape Energy Construct grabbed with its two shining hands. It merged into giant swords of a sort and charged at Jiang Beidao.

He did not want to waste too much time, so he combined all his attacks into one.

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