Chapter 502 - Five Lines of Tes

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Chapter 502 Five Lines of Tes

“No! How can I, the Demon King of the North Island be defeated by a mere peasant from the Ancient Barbarian tribe!”

Jiang Beidao’s eyes were full of despair, almost like he was on the verge of madness.

He soared to the sky and his body flashed in blazing green light, transforming into a forty- or fifty-foot cyan python. Two coral-like horns grew on his head and four bulges appeared in the lower abdomen.

Although the body of the cyan python was huge, there was not much aura to it. It gave off the feeling that it was easy to defeat, outwardly appearing strong but weak in reality.

Jiang Beidao who had now transformed into a giant python was lunged by the white light, slamming into the belly of the cyan python.

With a flash of white light, the belly of the python was burnt through.

The white light had squeezed itself into the crack on the belly of the cyan giant python.

The cyan giant python was in pain and let out an agonizing scream at the top of its lungs.

However, under his cold eyes, he instantly pushed the pain aside and turned away to look at Shi Mu. Regardless of how much pain he was in, he lunged his huge body straight at Shi Mu.

However, it did not fly far. The Crimson Ape Energy Construct had already taken its effect on his body.

Two flaming swords smashed into the cyan python. The flames of the sword blazed with both red and white flames. In the blink of an eye, it rent the body of the giant snake into two pieces.

At that moment, a loud bang could be heard! The Primordial Inferno slammed onto the head of the python.

The creature’s head was shaken, and fell to the ground like a meteorite. The scales on the head were broken, as were its horns. The fallen scales were all black and smoky.

In a flash of light, Shi Mu appeared atop its head.

He smirked slightly as his left arm rapidly began to glow with white light. It became like a white shadow as it smashed the skull of the cyan giant python with just one punch.

The head of the cyan python burst open and its body jerked a little before laying lifeless without a single movement.

Shi Mu’s body slowly fell. With one stroke of his hand, Crimson Ape Energy Construct together with the white light blended into the beast’s belly.

The corpse flashed with green light and began to shrink in size. In a matter of minutes, it turned into a myriad of green light spots, which later became a human-sized cyan point of light.

Amidst the light was a miniature cyan python.

“It seems that this should be the last bit of his Primordial Spirit…” Shi Mu looked at the blue light and sighed softly.

He began to chant some spells. The golden light on his body flashed and a seven-headed snake shadow appeared behind him, rushing toward the blue light and quickly swallowing it.

Shi Mu shut his eyes and the totem behind began to shake slightly. The shadow of the snake trembled and stopped.

He slowly opened his eyes and shook his head as the golden light dissipated. The seven-headed snake shadows merged into his body as the totem turned out.

Jiang Beidao was undoubtedly of Xian Tian level. However, being trapped in this maze for nearly a thousand years had exhausted his Primordial Spirit. There was a only a little left to use the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art. After the last point of his Primordial Spirit had been exhausted, he immediately died and faded away.

Shi Mu sighed with relief and calmed his emotions down. After awhile, he regained himself and looked at the eight passages ahead.

The golden light in his eyes flashed, and there was a word in his mouth, which was carefully calculated.

After almost a day, Shi Mu’s eyes showed a glimpse of hope as his eyes fell on the rightmost channel. He quickly stepped into it without any hesitation.

The light around him flashed as he set foot on the golden passage leading him on.

Shi Mu’s heart was relieved. According to previous experience, this choice should be correct.

Thinking about it in his heart, he strode ahead. After half an hour, there was a black exit door in front of him.

As he was about to head through it, a change suddenly occurred.

There were countless golden lights in the front channel. As the lights flashed down, the solidified into golden swords.

Countless golden swords flew down like rainbows aiming at Shi Mu’s head. It was inevitable.

Shi Mu’s expression changed as hidden traps appeared in the passage.

This was the first time such an incident happened along the way.

Could it be that he had chosen the wrong passage?

His thoughts turned over but the movements of his hands were not sluggish. The golden light was put down as the totem transformed. Golden scales appeared and covered his entire body.

As soon as the totem transformation completed, countless golden swords flew and hit him.

A burst of loud noise caused Shi Mu’s body to tremble.

The golden sword was surprisingly strong. Although it could not break through his golden scales, the enormous force had a stinging sensation.

His eyes flashed for an instant and his left hand ignited a thick white light wall, blocking over the top of his head and emitting a hot aura.

The golden sword fell on the white light wall and was immediately melted by the hot aura.

Shi Mu sighed and was about to move forward against the white wall.

Just then, the light in the passage suddenly changed and disappeared instantly. The swords that were in the sky had also disappeared without a trace.

A large blue light appeared in the passage.

There were countless blue waves and a huge water ring in front of him. They swarmed toward Shi Mu, drowning him with the white light wall above his head.

The blue light flashed in the wave and countless water scorpions emerged, hitting the light wall at full force.

It seemed as if there were countless tumultuous explosions.

The surface of the light wall violently swayed, and mist appeared around him.

Shi Mu’s complexion changed. He gritted his teeth and cursed silently as he waved his hand to recall the white light. The golden light condensed into a thick egg-like shield.

He chanted and waved his hand to form an array. The egg-shaped shield now had a scale-like pattern, making it look bold and strong.

Numerous water scorpions bombarded the shield, causing it to tremble violently.

Shi Mu was composed and gripped his hands close to the shield. He steadily used some of his aura and qi to stabilize the shield.

Although the water scorpions were strong, they were currently not strong enough to overpower Shi Mu’s qi or shatter the shield.

After a quarter of an hour, the waves in the passage gradually disappeared.

Shi Mu’s face was faint and pale. He just went through a life-and-death battle with Jiang Bridal, then faced hidden traps and now the waves. He had depleted a large amount of strength.

Before he could even catch a break, a green light appeared in front of the passage.

A large round bar appeared out of thin air, and its surface was filled with crisp green light. It was slamming toward Shi Mu.

Shi Mu’s face was heavy and he could not take it into account. With a wave of his hand, a golden sword flew out. In the twinkle of an eye, the sword became ten feet long.

He waved both of his hands and shot a sword out.

The golden light emerged with a dazzling sword and flashed into ten handles. It rotated and cut into a golden sword net.

A green log was cut and shredded by a sword net, bursting into pieces.

“First was the golden blade, then the water wave attack and now a wood attributed attack…” Shi Mu blinked and his mind shuffled, trying to make sense of all the hidden traps.

More logs emerged in the air. One by one, they were getting bigger in size. The golden sword net had gradually been compressed and deformed with all the logs lunging at it. By the looks of it, it might break into pieces any time.

Shi Mu gritted his teeth as his body began to emit a red light. He had once again channeled the Crimson Ape Energy Construct.

The Ape Construct roared and channeled flaming red energy into its hands.

It swayed its arms and began throwing punches with both fists, hitting all logs from the air.

After a while, the logs were crushed by the fist shadow attack of the Crimson Ape Energy Construct. The pressure on the sword net had been greatly reduced.

After a quarter of an hour, the green logs that fell into the air disappeared. The green light in the surrounding passage had dissipated as well.

Shi Mu sighed. Before he could even catch his breath as the green light had disappeared, a brown light appeared in the passage. Above his head, a yellow cloud had appeared.

There was a thorny yellow awn in it, from where disc-shaped stones rained down hard.

Shi Mu was caught off guard. The Primoridal Spirit left in his body was at the lowest. He no longer had the energy to stand it.

Once his Primordial Spirit had been exhausted, he would fade away like Jiang Beidao who he had fought previously.

He turned his head and waved his hand to recall the Crimson Ape Energy Construct once again. He groaned in determination and unleashed the Heavenly Meteoric Knifing Stave from his back.

With one arm moving, rays of knives appeared and fell from the sky. Some were crushed even before they even landed on Shi Mu’s body.

After a bit of time passed, the yellow obstacle in the passage disappeared, as did the yellow cloud that was in the air.

Shi Mu was drained. His scales were broken, especially the ones covering his face. Some parts of his body were swollen but his eyes still had a faint light.

He was able to completely resist this round of hidden traps, hence his primordial spirit was hardly consumed.

“The prohibited spells placed here should be based on the five elements. The last one should appear any time soon…” Shi Mu secretly guessed.

His mind turned as the large red light echoed with a piercing whistle through the passage from ahead.

Shi Mu’s face changed as he witnessed countless dark red tides in the front of the passage. It surged and completely filled the entire passage to the point that it was inevitable.

In Shi Mu’s eyes, golden light flashed and the essence of the dark red tide was instantly visible. It was like magma. Red flames burned in the water.

Shi Mu shouted and his body emitted red light. He raised his left hand in front of him, and it burned with bright white light, mixing together with the red light.

Dark red tides began to drown Shi Mu but the white protection light and the red aura kept the burning water out.

The dark red tide continuously slapped against the red aura.

Mixed with the white light of his left arm, the red aura vibrated from time to time, allowing it to withstand the tides.

Shi Mu’s face turned red as a shock of heat came in through the protective aura barrier. It would not hold for long.

For the time being, he was able to bear the heat. However, the Primordial Spirit within him quickly depleted. All he could do was clench his teeth hard and hope to hold out until the tide was over.

As time passed, Shi Mu’s expression was of agony. His face went from blood red to pale white and then to sick green.

The red barrier that protected Shi Mu was getting thinner by the minute. At this point, there was only a thin layer left and it could break at any time.

As everything was going south for Shi Mu, the red light in the passage suddenly flashed, turning white. The dark red tide had disappeared out of thin air.